Vladimir Heavy Draft

Vladimir heavy draft horses for sale!
Vladimir heavy draft horses are the pride of Russia. We offer for sale beautiful horses from horse farms and leading private farms. Let`s talk about each horse in detail, provide a video.

There is a unique opportunity to purchase adult mares and stallions.

It is possible to select a pair for breeding, compiling a breeding plan, selecting livestock for beginners. Ride under the saddle and in the harness (pairs & more)). Organization of delivery.

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Vladimir Heavy Draft

Vladimir Heavy Draft

"This breed was developed in Ivanovo and Vladimir regions [of Russia] on the basis of large native horses through crossbreeding with various draft breeds, such as the Percheron and the Suffolk, and later with the Clydesdale and, to a lesser extent, with the Shire. The latter was in wide use only from 1919 through 1929. The aim was a horse of medium draft power or less which would have rather high speed. In the formation of the breed, a particular role was played for more than a hundred years by Gavrilovo-Posad breeding station, previously a stud farm and a state breeding stable.

Its experts invested no small effort in the creation of horses of uniform type in the region. In 1946 the new heavy draft breed was recognized ... Vladimir drafts combine ample size, stout build, speed and an energetic temperament. Compared to the Clydesdale, the Vladimir has a more developed chest and cleaner and more solid build. The average measurements (in cm) of the stallions are: height at withers 160, oblique body length 165, chest girth 196, cannon bone girth 24. The stallions live weight is 750-800 kg. The mares` measurements (in cm) are 157, 162, 188 and 23.0 respectively. The inadequate size of Vladimir drafts is due to their being reared in simple management conditions at collective farm studs." Vladimir Heavy Draft

Vladimir Heavy Draft

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