This fuzzy little horse is smaller than a golden retriever

Below you can watch the story of the dwarf miniature pony that is smaller than a Labrador, Martha is under 2 feet tall, we leg problems, Martha was rescued from Craiglist and given her forever home, to be loved and cared for.


This fuzzy little horse is smaller than a golden retriever 💖

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Siobhan Carroll

Siobhan Carroll - Ireland - Eventing

Mohammed Alnabolsi

Mohammed Alnabolsi - Saudi Arabia

Juli Lefebvre

Juli Lefebvre - France - Showjumping

Megan Atkins

Megan Atkins - Australia - Eventing

Angela Bader

Angela Bader - Germany - Dressage Rider
Angela Bader

Nicolas Roques

Nicolas Roques - France - Showjumping

Dariusz Pietrowski

Dariusz Pietrowski - Poland

Sucre de Pomme

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Young Gun

Sport Horse Database - Young Gun

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Michaela Edlinger

Michaela Edlinger - Austria - Showjumping