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The Bashkir Curly Horse

@Hidden Cave Ranch Curly Horses, breeders hypoallergenic American Bashkir Curly Horses. Below you can see video of some of the stunning Bashkir Curly horse foal.
Bashkir Curly Stallion, DurangoBashkir Curly Stallion, Durango @Fotografie Sonja Wilde
The Bashkir Curly Horse
This curly little buckskin filly is named IM Kahlua on the Rocks. She is out of IM Champagne on Ice ABC 2437 and WW Peters Lakota ABC 3638 and ICHO 870-D. The Bashkir Curly Horse
Dry Creek`s El Tigre - 2016 ICHO pending dun tobiano curly colt. By Mr. Perfect x Dry Creek`s Tiger Lilly. Nice colt by a curly and out is a Sulphur x Belsky mare. The Belsky line was bred by Ilo Belsky who popularized his horses as working ranch/cow horses. This guy should be stout! Would make a great ranch/trail horse. dun tobiano curly colt

The Bashkir Curly Horse - Extraordinary Gorgeous and Beautiful Horse Breed


Hardscrabble Farm are breeders of the American Bashkir Curly Horse and the Native American Curly Horse. Hardscrabble Farm were the first registered breeders in New York State. We also imported the first Curly Stallion.

Twenty Five years ago we discovered this Rare Breed of horse with the Hypoallergenic coat needed people to help it gain in numbers to be a viable breed. Hardscrabble Farm joined the existing registry and started to breed this teriffic horse. Hardscrabble Farm have had great success in our efforts and have many curly horses on the farm now and through out the world.

We are in Minerva New York and further information can be had by e-mailing us at

The Bashkir Curly Horse