Super Cute Rare Zebra Foals

The black zebra get`s it`s unusual colour from a genetic abnormality that affects the pigmentation of the fur- Interestingly this mean that a donkey is black with white stripes not the other way round!
Black Zebra
Spotted Zebra
This adorable spotted zebra foal has the same abnormality affecting it`s skin pigmentation making it really stand out for the herd.
This beautiful blonde looking zebra foal was spotted in the Maasi Mara in Kenya, It`s head, neck tail and legs are striped but the rest of it`s body is more of a blonde tone and the hair is much longer.
Blonde Zebra
This teeny tiny baby is a zebra crossed with a Shetland Pony - a `Zony`
Zony Zebra
This cute but very rare little fella is a `Zonkey` and is the offspring of a female zebra and a donkey who met after a female donkey wandered off the Kenyan national park that is her home.
While we are on the subject of Zebra foals check out this super cure video of new-born zebra foals taking their first steps as mama watches on.

Annemette Mortensen

Annemette Mortensen - Denmark - Dressage Rider
Annemette Mortensen