Spanish Jennet Horse

A modern horse breed from America the Spanish Jennet horse is usually has a pinto or leopard spotting colouring, a modern riding horse breed its natural gait resembles that of renaissance Europe The traditional Spanish Jennet horses of Renaissance Spain is now extinct with the breed being absorbed absorbed into what is now the Pura Raza Española breed. The modern Spanish Jennet horses of America is a breed trying to recapture this lost horse type, with strict restrictions and checks on any horses registered with the new breeding society.

All That Jazz - Red Leopard Spanish Jennet Stallion All That Jazz - Spanish Jennet Horse
Spanish Jennet Horse
Spanish Jennet Horses
Painting by 18th century artist, John Wooten, featuring a leopard spotted horse specifically titled “Lady Conaway’s Spanish Jennet”. Spanish Jennet Painting
Spanish Jennet Horses For Sale
Spanish Jennet - Tiger Horse - Walkaloosa Gelding Spanish Jennet - Tiger Horse - Walkaloosa Gelding
The Spanish Jennet Horse Society is re-creating the rare and exclusive horses that courageously glided through the reclamation of Spain and the discovery and exploration of the New World. The Spanish Jennet was a horse of beauty, style, and refinement, blessed with stamina, a smooth gait and splashed with a rainbow of colors and a multitude of patterns.

We invite you to join us in the rediscovery of the Spanish Jennet; the horse of the Middle Ages ages, the breed of the future.

Pintado Spanish Jennet
Pintado Spanish Jennet

Atigrado Spanish Jennet
Atigrado Spanish Jennet
Paso Fino gait - HRH All That Jazz - Spanish Jennet Horse Below you can watch a video of the Spanish Jennet Stallion HRH All That Jazz, note the distinctive gait.


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