British Showjumper

Sam Hutton

Sam Hutton has loved showjumping since he was a kid watching the big horse shows being broadcast on the TV. Sam is based in Holland at Stal Tops, he has competed at the horse of the year show and won the leading rider in 2011, other successes include a win in the Drachten Grand Prixand, 2nd in the La Boissiere Grand Prix.

Sam Hutton

Sam Hutton

Samuel Cochini

Samuel Cochini - France - Showjumping Rider / Horses competed by Samuel Cochini include Ritamitsou (I Am Boy x Prince D`Elle)

Sammy Seigers

Sammy Seigers - Belgium
Sammy Seigers
Sammy Seigers

Tereza Mrazkova

Tereza Mrazkova - Czech - Eventing | Horses competed by Tereza Mrazkova include Farnley and Whitehall Tereza Mrazkova

Sam Wright

Sam Wright - Hong Kong - Show Jumping Rider

Sammy Barnett

Sammy Barnett - Showjumping Rider

Sammy Barnett Horses

Cote D`Azure

Sammy Barnett Competition Results

06 - Scope, Junior British Novice Consolation - 03/09/2006 - Cote D`Azure

Samoan Chief

SAMOAN CHIEF was a Five Year Old Jumper Classic winner in 2002. His sire South Pacific was the Champion Stallion of the North American Holsteiner Breeding Program in 1984. In 1994, he won the $20,000 ESSO Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows and placed in 16 other national and international jumping competitions, including fifth in the $100,000 Grand Prix of Indio, and ranked seventh in the EMO Agency, Inc. 1994 PCHA Grand Prix Horse of the Year standings. His dam Alitalia was an International Grand Prix Jumper Champion, winning the $50,000 Pulsar International Challenge at the North American Horse Show at Spruce Meadows in 1994.

Samoan Chief is a full brother to Jumper Champion Superman and a full sister to Hunter Breeding Champion Polynesia. Samoan Chief`s brothers and sisters-in-blood have won and consistently placed in all levels of jumper competition, the Hunter Divisions, and the International Jumper Futurity. They include, among others, Grand Prix winner South Shore, Grand Prix placed Ocean I and Surprise, Derby winner Sydney, and Jumper Champions Ocean II, Southern Flight, Sahara, Sierra, Giselle, Southern Breeze, Sea Spray, Shaman, South Beach, Saveur de Cour, Lu Lu Belle, Sail Away, Starbuck, Shamu and Southern Pride; the 2000 IJF Western Most Grand Prix Potential Champion South Bay; Hunter Champions South Sea, Sebastian, Island Queen, and Summer Tan; the 2001 USA Equestrian Zone 10 and Zone 10 PHR/Silver Stirrup Two Year Old Hunter Breeding Champion and 2000 Zone 10 PHR/Silver Stirrup Yearling Hunter Breeding Champion Ondine; the 2001 Zone 10 PHR/Silver Stirrup Two Year Old Hunter Breeding Reserve Champion and 2000 Zone 10 PHR/Silver Stirrup Yearling Hunter Reserve Champion Oahu; the 1997 AHSA Zone 10 Three Year Old Hunter Breeding Champion Johanna; and Hunter Breeding Champions Gabreal, Good & Plenty, Southern Cross, Romantic Affair, Reina Del Mar, Over the Rainbow, and Pacifica.

Samoan Chief is nominated to the International Jumper Futurity.

Sameh Mahmoud Al Khatib

Sameh Mahmoud Al Khatib - Jordan

Western Stallions - You want to breed a future performance horse and you are looking for a proven stallion with a performance record?

This stallion`s directory should make your search for the right stud horse easier a little and give a summary of all those stallions which have a serious show record in western divisions. Here you will find mainly European located stallions but also some great sires from the US which are available here via frozen semen. If you should know further stallions which are not listed here, please send me the necessary information.

If you want to breed Arabians for performance you should please consider that the stallion alone cannot make any miracles happen !!! You always should judge the mare as well and evaluate whether she really can produce the kind of foal you hope to get. A good mare is just as importantly as a good stallion !!!

Samantha John

Samantha John - Showjumping Rider Samantha

Samantha John Horses


Samantha John Competition Results

08 - Scope, 1.25m Consolation - 03/09/2005 - Eliska De River

Samuel Cuartas

Samuel Cuartas - Columbia - Showjumping RiderSamuel Cuartas

Sameer Mohammed Aljuaid

Sameer Mohammed Aljuaid - Saudi Arabia - Endurance RiderSameer Mohammed Aljuaid

Rashad Samadov

Rashad Samadov - Azerbaijan - Showjumping Rider / Horses competed by Rashad Samadov include D`amour, Zidane D and Cera 59

Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris - UK - Eventing

Wisam Abdulhamid Sendy

Wisam Abdulhamid Sendy - Saudi Arabia

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Hussam Mohammed Daghistani

Hussam Mohammed Daghistani - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping Rider

Usama A. Bella

Usama A. Bella - Sudan - Showjumping Rider Usama A. Bella

Osamah Mohammed Noor Makhloutah

Osamah Mohammed Noor Makhloutah - Qatar - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Osamah Mohammed Noor Makhloutah include Al Wathba Maghi #, Caruso Des Pins and Hboob Alreeh.

Samuel Dewar

Samuel Dewar - UK< - Eventing RiderSamuel Dewar

Sarah Samuelson

Sarah Samuelson - Sweden - Showjumping RiderSarah Samuelson

Osama Ismail M. Haidar Ali

Osama Ismail M. Haidar Ali - UAE

Oasis, this place where breeders, owners and fanciers of the Egyptian Arabian Horse gather to discuss their favorite subjects in our forums, to ask questions and share information. Please visit our breeder`s farms to see many outstanding programs breeding Kuyhalan Jellabiah and Rodan, Abayyan Um Jurrays, Saqlawi Jedran, and Dahmah Shahwaniah strains! See the foals, find the horse you have dreamed of, or the perfect stallion for your special mare.

More and more the world of Egyptian Horses is turning to Sport Horse Riding and Events. The Pharaoh`s Horses is proud to feature breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses of size, substance, athletic ability and wonderful minds, horses imminently suited to the fun new world of Sport Horse. The Straight Egyptian Arabian horse combines the beauty of the traditional show horse, the intelligence and stamina of the true Desert Bred Arabian Horse with the athletic ability, stamina, heart and courage needed for top performance. Please visit the breeders in our farms section to see some of these incredible horses!

Check the Calendar page to find out what`s going on in the Egyptian Arabian world or post your own event, look for a name for that new foal or check the reference page to look for its ancestors! Shop or list your horses for sale in the free classifieds. See the reference horse pictures and check the Arabic names for your foal! Most of all, join us, you are welcome to share our site and our resources. It is a pleasure to have you visit!

Husam Mislem Fayyad

Husam Mislem Fayyad - Jordan - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Husam Mislem Fayyad include thoroughbred endurance horse AL BATAL

Samantha Wirdnam

Samantha Wirdnam - UK - Eventing Samantha Wirdnam

Samuel Simier

Samuel Simier - France - Showjumping Rider

Samia Saffar

Samia Saffar - Bahrain - Showjumping RiderSamia Saffar

Leila Arsamekova

Leila Arsamekova - UAE - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Leila Arsamekova include Shamrock Hill Shahtihr, Splendacrest Larabee & Steel Ya Heart

Samantha Buirs

Samantha Buirs - Canada - Showjumping Rider Samantha Buirs

Samantha Laack

Samantha Laack - Germany - Horse RiderSamantha Laack

Samir Mammadov

Samir Mammadov - Azerbaijan - Showjumping Rider