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Sales Funnel

Good Design + Clear Call to Action = Conversions!

In the Internet world you have only a fraction of a second to appeal to a visitor`s interest, and then 4-6 seconds to capture their attention. It is crucial to make your home page appealing to the eye, and compelling enough to make a person travel through your conversion process. We achieve this through the harmonious balance of gripping Design, effective Ad Copy and strong Call to Actions techniques.

Visualize how a funnel looks. It`s wide and broad at the top, becomes narrower down the middle and tapers for precision at the bottom. Targeted visitors need to be drawn to your sales funnel by first attracting them to a web page. Then, through strategic marketing messages and call-to-actions, visitors will be led through stages that ultimately convert into sales or leads.

We develop Sales Funnel Strategies by SHOWING visitors exactly what they want to see. Here are some techniques that we USE:

Display intriguing designs to catch the eye of your visitors and draw them to your sales funnel.

Present a clear and effective marketing message communicating your value proposition that can`t be refused by your target market

Strategically positioned Call to Actions that will lead visitors through stages of the sales process and ultimately converting into a sale or lead for your business.

Elite Online Marketing Promotion will work with your management to achieve a successful Sales Funnel for your business using these steps:

Research and Discovery

Funnel Assessment

Funnel Steps Documented

Funnel Development and Approval


You can increase your website`s sales or leads volume without spending any more money on traffic. An optimized Sales Funnel will yield better results from your existing traffic.

Are you ready for a review of your sales funnel strategy? Contact us today and see how easy it is to get started!

Sales Funnel