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Richard Linley

Richard Linley - Jockey

Richard Linley is a champion jockey who had numerous wins, below you can watch Richard riding Gala`s Image to victory in the Arkle Challenge Trophy Chase at Cheltenham.

Richard Linley
Below you can watch Richard Linley in action riding Half Free to victory in the 1984 Mackeson Gold Cup Handicup Chase

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Richard Linley Horses

Decent Fellow, Fighting Fit

Richard Linley Competition Results

01 - Newbury, Hennessy Gold Cup - 11/02/1979 - Fighting Fit
01 - Leopardstown, MCR Hurdle - 16/01/1977 - Decent Fellow

Richard Linley

Cayla Richards

Cayla Richards - USACayla Richards

Blair Richardson

Blair Richardson - New ZealandBlair Richardson

Richard Lochon

Richard Lochon - France - Showjumping Rider Richard Lochon

Richard Nelson

Richard Nelson - GermanyRichard Nelson

Richard Rinehart

Richard Rinehart - Richard Rinehart

Richard Vannerot

Richard Vannerot - France

Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson - UK - Showjumping Riders

Richard Robinson Horses

Carlucci (Capitol I), Chaplin. Jalisco II (Voltaire, 1990), Olli Pop

Richard Robinson Competition Results

04 - Dortmund, 1.45 Against the clock - 15/03/2008 - Olli Pop
08 - Dortmund, 7/8 Years Against the clock - 14/03/2008 - Carlucci
07 - Dortmund, 7/8 Years Against the clock - 13/03/2008 - Carlucci
10 - Hamburg, 1.45 Against the clock - 25/05/2006 - Olli Pop
10 - Hamburg, Volkswagen Championat of Hamburg - 1.55 Mixed comp - 25/05/2006 - Chaplin
7 - Hamburg, Preis der Eurogate Container Terminals - 1.40 Against the clock - 24/05/2006 - Chaplin
40 - Frankfurt, Grand Prix - 18/12/2005 - Olli Pop
8 - Frankfurt, Velux Preis - 1.45 Against the clock - 16/12/2005 - Chaplin
2 - Bramham, Grand Prix - 12/06/2004 - Jalisco II

Richard Green

Richard Green - South Africa - Endurance Rider

Richard Hills

Richard Hills - usa

Richard Gardner

Richard Gardner - New Zealand - Showjumping Rider Richard

Richard Hannon

Richard Hannon Race Horse TrainerRace Horse Trainer Richard HannonRichard Hannon Horse Trainer
Richard Hannon
Richard Hannon

Richard Lhafiane

Richard Lhafiane - France - Showjumping Rider Richard

Richard Carruthers

Richard Carruthers - UKRichard Carruthers

Richard Maxwell

Richard Maxwell - uk have been around horses since a young age but didn`t start to ride until I was 9 yrs old. I was 11 when I got my first pony Flicka. Flicka and I spent the best part of the first six months on the floor but once I managed to establish a relationship, we became quite a team. This is where I caught the competitive bug that was to remain until one of my sons took up competitive riding and took over from me.

When I went to join the army at the age of 17, I really wanted to join the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillary. Unfortunately the local recruiting office in Yorkshire was pushing for the regional regiment 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards which was a tank regiment based in Germany. I became a full crewman on tanks, but the attraction of the regimental stables was too much and I ended up being a groom at the Rhine Army Polo Assocaition (RAPPA). This led me to join the Household Cavalry where I became a Military riding instructor.

Whilst I was in the Household Cavalry I evented and showjumped and was part of the riding staff, a team of instructors responsible for starting and training the young horses that came from Ireland every year to become part of the ceremonial team. Whilst I was in the Household cavalry I met Monty Roberts who was ultimately responsible for me leaving the army and forging a career with horses outside of the military environment.

Monty opened my eyes to see that there was more to horses than traditional military ways, although over time I realised that there was a lot of good in the traditional ways and my aim was to find a good balance between both traditional and natural horsemanship approaches which, as a competitive rider, was important to me. Natural horsemanship has changed in meaning over the years. When it was first introduced to the UK it had come primarily from cowboys, horseman that made their living working horses. It was a very tough but fair system of training. However, in the UK, I feel it has lost that meaning and has become a very wishy washy - a form of training that leaves horse owners confused about what is right and wrong when it came to discipline and setting boundaries.

It took me a good ten years to marry conventional and natural methods and this now sets me apart from many of my contemporaries. Both are ultimately always about improving performance....whether that performance is competitive or not. A horse that performs with a happy and willing mind is a safer and much more enjoyable horse to be around. I take inspiration from many people, and never stop learning. This is so that I always have something new to bring to the table and gives rise to insight I can disseminate through my training clinics. I believe I can show my methods to riders and owners who can take the learning and use it in a practical sense straight away to improve the relationship with their horses. For me, this is real empowerment and what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Richard Maxwell

Richard Eichenlaub

Richard Eichenlaub - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Richard Soen

Richard Soen - France - Eventing RiderRichard Soen

Richard Hook

Richard Hook Horses

Going To America

Richard Hook Competition Results

10 - Scope, Gents - 27/08/2003 - Going To America

Richard Moore

Richard Moore - UK - Showjumping RiderRichard Moore

Eloise Richard

Eloise Richard - France - Show Jumping RiderEloise Richard

Richard Daphne

Richard Daphne - Canada - Endurance RiderRichard Daphne

Richard Burns

Richard Burns - UK - Eventing

Sandrine Richard

Sandrine Richard - France - Showjumping Rider Sandrine Richard

Sara Richardson

Sara Richardson - USA - Eventing RiderSara Richardson

Richard Hoare

Richard Hoare Horses


Richard Hoare Competition Results

01 - Sandown Park, Tingle Creek Chase - 11/12/1979 - Artifice
01 - Sandown Park, Tingle Creek Chase - 11/12/1979 - Artifice