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​​ ​238 Waimaori Road,RD2 Raglan, New Zealand

Ratamill farm online, is owned and operated by Michael Carter, located in Raglan, New Zealand. Ratamill Stud endeavours to produce traditional New Zealand sport horses to meet the demands of the modern international rider. 6-10 trained horses are marketed from Ratamill each year.

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Ratamill Stud

The majority of Ratamill horses are engaged in competition show jumping. However, Ratamill horses are also suitable for harness and recreation. Rata Mill Farm is a traditional horse breeding property situated in coastal hill country at Raglan, New Zealand. It is 500 acres of rolling hill country. Less then 10 acres are flat. Over the last two million years dozens of volcanic eruptions have mantled the landscape with ash giving the hills a soft contoured appearance.

Horses have been bred and trained at Rata Mill for over 100 years. The lush rolling grassland was 150 years ago an undeveloped wilderness. A combination of horse-drawn cultivation, grass seed and fertilizer began the transition to now what is high producing farm land. Copious rainfall and a mild marine climate means all animals can be kept outside all year round living on grass alone.

The horse breeding operation consists of 8 purebred Clydesdale and 3 halfbred mares which are mated to two Thoroughbred x Arab stallions. A small number of 1/4 bred horses are sold unbroken and the balance are fully trained at Rata Mill up the stage that they are ready to embarked on a competition showjumping career. The horses do not start training until 4.5 years old, at which time the influence of life on hills ensures the remarkably high durability of Rata Mill horses. A small number of horses are trained specifically for harness.

238 Waimaori Road,RD2 Raglan, New Zealand

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Ratamill Stud, New Zealand - Sport Horses For Sale