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RandR Ranch Miniature Horses, Missouri

RandR Ranch Miniature Horses, Missouri

RandR Ranch Miniature Horses, Missouri

Alejandro Corbo

Alejandro Corbo - Uruguay

Our mission at Tree Frog Stables is to offer horses that possess intelligence, trainability and beauty.

Our first Morgan horse C Vale Crystal Belle (Chrissy) has touched our hearts so much that we felt compelled to breed her and share that intelligence and beauty with others.

Contact Information You are welcome to reach us by using any of the below options

Telephone 315-524-2734

Cyril Maret

Cyril Maret - Switzerland - Horse Driving

Melanie Carter

Melanie Carter - Malaysia - Eventing

Yvonne Fletcher

Yvonne Fletcher - UK

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Stevie Murphy

Stevie Murphy - Ireland - Eventing

Peter T. Flarup

Peter T. Flarup - Denmark - Eventing