Kambarbay is a Perlino Akhal Teke Stallion, an Akhal Teke stallion with all the best speed, scope and agilitiy to excell in any equestrian sphere. Kambarbay has himself competed in showjumping, dressage and eventing. His progeny have fantastic metallic coats and inherit his stamina, athelticism and his amazing temperament. Below you can watch the video of Kambarbay.

Kambarbay - Akhal Teke Stallion

Kambarbay - Akhal Teke Stallion Akhal Teke Horses Zack The Jumping ZebraZack The Jumping Zebra

Dutch Akhal Teke Stud

Akhal-Teke studfarm in the north of the Netherlands. A few years ago we fell in love with the beauty and the grace of the Akhal-teke breed.

Graffiti was born in may of 1998 from the stallion Gapur of the Peren sireline and the mare Alizee of the Gelishikili sireline.

He is a pureblood Akhal-teke stallion. His character is typical Akhal-teke. He is loyal, full of temperament, independent and trustworthy.

Graffiti competed in the sport of Endurance riding in the Netherlands.

Gipsy was born on April 4, 2000 from the Stallion Gapur and the Mare Satine. Gipsy is like his mother a Grey horse. Although Gipsy is a half brother of Graffiti his character is totally different.

Gipsy is a one master horse ( a typical Akhal-teke trait), very sensitive and intelligent.

Gipsy descents from the Dor Bairam bloodline. There are several famous horses in the line as well. There is Absent, gold medal winner on the Olympic games of Rome and winner of Bronze on the Tokyo games and Arab, who was one of the horses that made the legendary journey from Turkmenistan to Moscow.

Ghengis Khan
Ghengis Khan was born in April 2001 from the pureblood Akhal-teke stallion Gargantuar and the mare Boeganvilia (1/4 akhal-teke and 1/4 Thoroughbred). Ghengis` Grandfather is Mamuk from the Ak Sakal sireline. He is well balanced, attentive and obedient. Ghengis` trot is extraordinaire. His gaits are regular, supple and relaxed.

Akhal Teke Horses For Sale

Amir has strong and flexible body of Gelishikly line Akhal-Teke. He has excellent conformation, style, strong bones and endurance. He`s got good temper and the character of a winner. Try him for show-jumping, endurance or eventing!

Amir has excellent colour - silver buckskin and good height for his 3,5 years old - 156 sm. He is broken under saddle, enjoys work under our young riders. Amir has impressive strong natural jump, now he jumps 120 cm. We do not speed up his training and prefer to go slow but steady.

Murgab took part in the III World Championship of Akhal-Teke horses, Moscow, August 2001. He got a diploma of III degree in the ring of young stallions... and gold medal in evaluation of movements! Great prospect for breeding and sport, a stallion to be proud of! He is very typy and very elegant, but not tall - 152 cm. We have used him for breeding and expecting a foal in Spring. For sport I`d recommend him for show-jumping and endurance. He won 1 place in movement evaluation in Moscow - 2001 among 2 year olds.


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Marena Mãœller

Marena Mãœller - Switzerland - Dressage Rider

Constant Van Paesschen

Constant Van Paesschen - BelgiumConstant Van Paesschen

Alienor Linotte

Alienor Linotte - Belgium

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Alice May Walker

Alice May Walker - UK

Cã‰Sar Altierie Calchi

Cã‰Sar Altierie Calchi - Brazil

For Sale- Own son of Wilywood out of a mare with winnings in excess of 50,000. Three year old stallion ready to start and be your next great athlete, definite calf roping prospect but dam was also a great barrel horse. Don`t have space for 2 studs and he`s awfully nice to geld so priced to sell at $7000. Call 563-652-3180 or 563-212-5593 or e-mail siemen15322@msn.com for more info A few mares and colts also for sale 5/06


Atamekan Akhal-Teke -Atamekan

Tiphaine De Grakovac

Tiphaine De Grakovac - France - Horse Vaulting Tiphaine De Grakovac

Robin Dorchester

Robin Dorchester - Canada
Robin Dorchester
Robin Dorchester

Susan Treabess

Susan Treabess - USA - Para Equestrian Dressage Susan Treabess


Stallion Djasman is one of the most sought after sires of our time. For some years he stood at the Shael stud farm, where he sired several magnificent broodmares. His daughters now make up the basis of that farm. One of his sons - bay stallion Arkadi is standing at stud in Italy. Djasman is a large, typical representative of the Gelishikli line, and he has inbreeding in the third generation from the great gold stallion Garem. Djasman`s sire gold-buckskin champion of the breed Yasman, was considered one of the finest horses of the Akhal-teke breed. Yasman represented the very ideal of his owner, Vladimir Shamborant. Unfortunately, Jasman left only nine foals, but all of them have been assigned for breeding.

Djasman`s dam - bay mare Damdja was used for a long time at Shael, and gave progeny of high caliber who are all active in breeding today.

Djasman moves very beautifully and jumps impressively as well. He is a strong, powerful and extremely fit stallion.

Akhal- Teke - Akhal Teke Horses Akhal Teke Breeding Stallions

Annika Hillemann

Annika Hillemann - Germany - Dressage Rider Annika

Nathalie Zoomers

Nathalie Zoomers - Holland Nathalie

Roberta Zubiran

Roberta Zubiran - Mexico< - Showjumping Rider Roberta

Matthew Body

Matthew Body - Showjumping Rider

Matthew Body Competition Results

09 - Scope, 4 Year Old Preliminary Round 1 - 31/08/2006 - Dior Addict Matthew

Stefan Gruber

Stefan Gruber - Austria - Showjumping Rider Stefan Gruber

Umit Naz Gumusel

Umit Naz Gumusel - Turkey

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Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan Al Nahyan

Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan Al Nahyan - UAE - Endurance Rider Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan Al Nahyan

Juliane Senker

Juliane Senker - Germany - Eventing Juliane

Aunkaar Singh Doongar Singh

Aunkaar Singh Doongar Singh - UAE

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Sara Umphenour

Sara Umphenour - USA - Eventing Rider

Stephanie Wilkinson

Stephanie Wilkinson - Bermuda - Showjumping Rider Stephanie Wilkinson

Rosario Lopez -Zubiaurre

Rosario Lopez -Zubiaurre - Argentina Rosario Lopez -Zubiaurre

Tihomir Dyankov

Tihomir Dyankov - Bulgaria - Showjumping Rider

Zach Stanton

Zach Stanton - Australia - Eventing Zach Stanton