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Rancho La Querencia

Rancho La Querencia means "Favorite Place." When you see it, you will know why horses and people love to come here. It is not a fancy showplace, but it has a special horse-friendly atmosphere, which is felt by all visitors.

At RLQ all horses live outside year-round in 200 acres of shady, irrigated pastures and a fairly mild climate. Running free in large fields makes strong and sound sporthorses. Horses which are raised in small areas will always have soundness issues and it will be evident in their x-rays from a very early age. Weanlings (up to approximately age one) are dewormed every month. Their feet are first trimmed when they are one month old. They are trimmed regularly as needed from that time. They are groomed from time to time and learn to tie, clip, and load while growing up. The older horses are dewormed every two months and have their feet trimmed or are shod on a regular basis.

For more than 30 years, we have started numerous young horses. We take special care in this process, and continue to learn more techniques to make this process easier, more relaxed, and safer for both horse and rider. Our goal is to produce a relaxed, happy, safe horse that is willing to work throughout its training and show career. The training provided here is based on correct and confirmed dressage basics: forward, relaxed, light, balanced, and rewarded. Our horses are very easy and pleasant to ride. Because they are rewarded by the relaxation of the aids they understand right from wrong and are eager to please. During training sessions, we do not protect our horses from outside stimuli; they are ridden in many different environments and regularly see Jack Russells, sandhill cranes, fillies and colts running around, farm equipment, golf carts, motor bikes, jumps in the woods, foxhounds, and plastic bags. You will enjoy riding horses trained in this way.

In the 22 years that we have been in business, our breeding program has produced numerous dressage, hunter, and jumper champions, such as Castille 2000 AHHA Champion A/0 Hunter, Hortensia 2000 Reserve Champion A/A Jumper, Charboneu 2000 AHHA Reserve Champion Prix St. George, Jolie 2000 AHHA Champion First and Training Level Dressage, Courchevel 2000 AHHA A/O Jumper Champion, Mozart 2000 AHHA Fourth Place Second and Third Level Dressage, and Corazon del Oro 2000 AHHA Fourth Place Preliminary Jumper. Holsteiners from Rancho La Querencia are famous for international talent and movement, coupled with a high degree of trainability, making them suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.

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Rancho La Querencia