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The Equestrian Benefits Of Being A Member Of A Club And Practising With Friends

A great way to practise your horse riding is by organising to meet with friends and practise together, or attend a group clinic or workshop with a group and trainer (You will meet like minded friends there, who are interested in developing their horse riding ability and skills like you!). This way you can watch and observe how other riders demonstrate their training moves and perceive their strong or weak points understanding how to correctly implement a movement and then practise it yourself. Being with a trainer gives you the extra benefit of getting precise assistance and guidance that you need and it is well worth the investment to accelerate your training.

Us humans learn socioculturally from each others ideas, which we convey to each other through written, spoken and body languages - we copying moves - Your horse knows the moves innately - it’s up to YOU to learn how to communicate with your “aids” and to learn the language of `equus` - then encourage your horse into a correct riding frame so they can make their innate natural moves with you on board - as the Spanish riders do with `Lizzipaner Horses`.

If you live miles from anywhere or don’t have transport, talk with others on the phone and internet, send each other videos - there`s so many communication tools available nowadays! If you do live near others you could arrange a “friends” training day and nominate someones property or a convenient training area to meet at. You will be able to discuss your training success / needs with others and also see how your friends are developing and discuss what has helped them with their equestrian advance, as you support others with their training and they also support you to accelerate your equestrian training!

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