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Keep up to date with information, news and results from the world of national hunt point to point. View profile information on point to point jockeys and successful point to point national hunt race horses, below you can watch a video of point to Point racing in Lemonfield, Crecora, Limerick.

Point to Point racing in Lemonfield, Crecora, Limerick.

Point to Point
How to Get Started in Point to Point Racing

Racing from point to point is the amateur equivalent of steeple chasing, which was historically performed with horses that had been specifically bred for and trained in hunting. This sport began when hunters would seek diversion from the hunt by racing their hunting steeds across the English countryside, usually from one landmark, such as a church steeple, to another.

- Rather than a real countryside, a racetrack today is a predetermined course set with man-made obstacles. This course is generally a length of five kilometers, although there are races that are slightly longer and slightly shorter for different classes of horses, and the obstacles are fences made of birch measuring about one and a half meters in height.

For point to point racing, you can use a horse that you own or one that you own jointly with other people. To qualify for these races you have to be over 16 years of age and hold an active membership in some way of the organisation that issued your horse its Hunter Certificate even though formal registration for the point to point racers doesn\ít exist in reference to racehorse ownership.

If you are racing your horse in a point to point event with a group of other people, you need to appoint one person to be the leader of ownership. When choosing an official group name, remember that you are required to end the name with either partners, partnership, family, friends, or group.

Designing your horse\ís colours is one of the steps of point to point horse racing. Because it is an amateur sport, colours don\ít have to be registered. This means that you can use as wonderful or weird a colour combination as you can dream up for your team. You can add whatever you want, whether it\ís your favorite cartoon character, a picture, or something else that holds meaning for you. When completing the race entry form, be sure you describe the team colours very accurately so there isn\ít room for confusion.

When entering a horse race, remember there is a deadline to submit all entries. Entries for some races can be submitted by phone, but no entries are accepted online. Even though you can\ít submit entries on the Internet, you can use the phone to submit some race entries.

If you have a passion for horseracing and would like to have further involvement then racehorse trainers can provide you with the vital next step.

Point to Point