Pierre Durand

Born 16th February 1955, Pierre Durrand is a French showjumping rider who among other things won the individual gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics in 1988 with the legendary Jappeloup. As well as his partnership with Jappeloup he is also known for riding the talented stallion, Laudanum.

In 1993 Pierre Durrand became president of the French Equestrian Federation and spent five years in the position.

Pierre Durand
Pierre Durand Jappeloup 1988 Pierre Durand

The smallest has the biggest heart. Jappeloup with Pierre Durand ... Pierre Durand

Pierre Durand & Jappeloup Pierre Durand

Pierre Durand

Olympic Gold Medal WinnerPierre Durand

1988 Seoul Olympics - Individual Gold Medal Pierre Durand

Pierre Durand
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