Nicole Wolters

Nicole Wolters - Germany - Dressage Rider / Nicole Wolters & Sharom - K+K Munster - Dressage Competition S


Nicole Wolters
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Ayman M. M. Sbetan

Ayman M. M. Sbetan - Jordan

Sandy Dono owner of Equus Stables. As a small child growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., I would dream of the day of owning my own pony. My poor father would have to take me to Coney Island every Sunday to get my "fix" of horses for that week. He always promised me a retired police horse when I was old enough to care for it. Instead of a big bay gelding I wound up with "Honey" a brown and white paint pony mare. She went for hours upon hours similar to the energizer bunny. As I said she was a mare, so at a very young age I became a "pony" breeder and I had my first experience with raising a colt. Taurus named for his birth sign was the hottest toy in my neighborhood. Everyone knew him especially at 3:00 AM in the morning when he and all of the rest of the horses would "escape" from their corral and run freely across the newly sodded lawns carrying grass pieces away in their mouths. Oh well Taurus soon became "Stormy" with a new address. So much for raising ponies, I thought. At this time S.I. was still a child`s wonderland. Even though times have changed I still wish that all of the little girls and boys dream could come true just like mine did. That is why I enjoy teaching so much.

After growing up around horses, breeding horses, training racehorses and competing for many years I decided to become a certified riding instructor. I am certified in both hunt seat and stock seat which makes me a good "all around" instructor. For the past 20 years I have instructed both children and adults in both English and Western riding styles. I am asked to judge at numerous horse shows when time permits. My students compete in all levels of English and Western riding. Please visit the Equus Family album to see some of them. I am hoping that you will be part of our team when the next show season starts.

Nicole Jã„Ger

Nicole Jã„Ger - Austria

Nicole Kuster

Nicole Kuster - Switzerland - Eventing