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Natasha Baker

Natasha Baker is a Grade II Para-Dressage rider who has suffered from transverse myelitis from an early age, Natasha has fought against her illness and has achieved great things in the sport of dressage, below we you can watch a documentary detailing her story from a child through to equestrian champion

Natasha Baker
Natasha Baker, Paralympics Grade II freestyle Dressage
Below you can watch Natasha Baker winning gold and breaking the freestyle record at the 2012 paralympics in London.

Natasha Baker
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Natasha Baker
ContentAdvert Paralympic Dressage Champion Natasha Baker

Natasha Baker

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02 - Scope, Tiny Tots Consolation - 31/08/2003 - My Little Hero
02 - Scope, Tiny Tots Consolation - 31/08/2003 - My Little Hero

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11 - Scope, Junior British Novice Preliminary Round 1 - 02/09/2005 - Miss Marmalade

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02 - Scope, Tiny Tots Consolation - 02/09/2006 - Tullibards Finisk Aero

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