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Natalia Tomaszyniec

Natalia Tomaszyniec is a young rider based in Norfolk, United Kingdom and I have been riding since the age of four. Natalia am interested in my chosen sport of showjumping and eventing for many years and always wanted to ride at the top 4* events such as Badminton and Burghley. Natalia is passionate and dedicated to my sport, regularly train and compete .

I am also a member of the Riding School, receive training and work very hard for my goals. If you would like to join my team please contact me ntshowjumping@gmail.com.

I own Christopher for over 2 years,he is a 6 years old,registered 13.2 hh New Forest gelding which i believe to be special and i have enjoyed producing him myself up the levels. With the help of my coach we have achieved a huge amount in such a short space of time.Christopher has huge potential and I am really excited about our success . I have had some great feedback from my coach who always challenge Christopher and me to keep improving and helping us develop as a team and achieve our goals. Our journey continues and is set to be a very interesting one !

Lou is a 9 years old registered 14.2 hh welsh section c, owned by my coach . I am So lucky to ride and compete this such a beautiful honest horse that always try his best for me. Our riding facilities include a 200 ft x 70 ft indoor heated arena with a 15 stall attached barn and a 230 ft x 116 ft outdoor arena.

Terry and Beryl Jarrett have been in the reining horse business for over 13 years, successfully training, showing and breeding performance reining horses.

Natalia Tomaszyniec