Quidam de Revel

Nabab De Reve

An international showjumping stallion Nabab de Reve is sired olympic stallion Quidam De Revel out of an Artichaut mare, below you can watch Nabab de Reve in action.

Nabab De Reve - Showjumper
Nabab De Reve

Nabab de Reve - La Baule 2003

One of the world`s most spectacular sires of the last ten years is undisputedly Nabab de Reve. Unfortunately, he retired from the breeding stage in 2015. With a flawless Selle Franšais pedigree, he leaves behind successful offspring worldwide when used in Belgium. A look at his pedigree is particularly informative and describes French breeding history.

Nabab De Reve


Nabab De Reve x Ile De France, -

Billund D`Arsouilles

Nabab De Reve x -, -

Glasgow van `t Merelsnest

Nabab De Reve x -, - Dutch KWPN Breeding Stallions