Miniature Horses

Miniature Horse Breeds - Small Horse And Pony Breeds From Around The World

Small horses are oh so cute, here we look at some of the many different breeds of miniature horses and ponies from all around the world.

Falabella - The Falabella is a miniature horse from Argentina standing at around 8 hands (32 inches) in height. Falabella horses are very veratile and hardy and used for number of different purposes, Falabella horse make exceptional driving horses.
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Noma - A breed of small horse that originated on the Island of Shikoku, the smallest principal island of Japan. The Noma horse breed is critically endangered with numbers dropping as low as six horses, a careful breeding program has helped increase the number of Noma horses but there are still very few Noma horses left. Noma Small Horse Breed
Lendorfs Mini Appaloosa`s - Lendorfs Mini Appaloosa is a breeder of Appaloosa miniature horses for more information contact them via email on or visit the Lendorfs Mini Appaloosa website Lendorfs Mini Appaloosa Pony
Guoxia - Originating from Southern China in around 960 AD, during the Song dynasty, was historically used for carrying small baskets for fruit pickers. The Guoxia stands at just 10 hands in size, it was believed the breed was extinct, but in 1981 a herd of over a thousand was found living wild in the rocky parts of China. Guoxia Small Horse Breed

Shetland Pony - A pony breed that originates from the cold, harsh climate of the Shetland Isles to the north of Scotland, they are known to be a tough, strong and hardy breed. Shetland ponies have been used over the years as pit ponies, pulling carts and plows, they are one of the best known small breeds and loved all around the world. Shetland Pony
Norwegian Fjord - Another hardy small horse breed the Fjord is a native horse from the mountains of Norway, making them sturdt with a coat that protects them from the cold. Standing between 13.1hh and 14.2hh they were used primarily for agriculture, their calm temperament now makes them ideal horses for riding schools. Norwegian Fjord

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Miniature Horse Breeds - Small Horse And Pony Breeds From Around The World