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Little Girls Dancing, But The Horse Steals The Show

Watch below the video of two girls getting down and dancing with this horse, showing off there moves, shimmering and grooving along with the tunes.

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Little Girls Dancing, But The Horse Steals The Show

Andries Gafediwe

Andries Gafediwe - South Africa

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Mateo Laverde Roldan

Mateo Laverde Roldan - ColumbiaMateo Laverde Roldan

Sarah Stump

Sarah Stump - SwitzerlandSarah Stump

Julio Paliz

Julio Paliz - Ecuador Julio

Renato Quagliato Almeida

Renato Quagliato Almeida - Brazil

Nora Pocek

Nora Pocek - Serbia - Showjumping Rider Nora Pocek

Sh. Noora Bint Salman Al Khalifa

Sh. Noora Bint Salman Al Khalifa - Bahrain

The Legendary and Ultimate Pony - Paint People always ask - why do you like coloured horses and how long have you had them? I shall explain...

As far as I can remember, there were always horses in my life. My father had racehorses, his father had them and I inherited the disease. I was born on the back of a horse - we had the farm horses, race horses and our first ponies were home broken welsh mountain ponies - section a`s and b`s. My first coloured pony was Paint and I was very fortunate that my cousin Sonia had outgrown her fantastic 13yo pony. Most of our ponies were passed down through the family and Paint was no exception. She was very unusual in the fact that she was coloured. Coloured horses in New Zealand were few and far between some 30 years ago. Paint was most certainly an acquired taste back in those days and any showing/dressage class with a coloured in was frowned upon. Showing was not our thing and jumping was. Her turn of speed and ability to jump was unreal - she had Arab blood and was feisty, but sane. Originating from the King Country region which is very rough, tough terrain, Paint was certainly sure footed - she could walk on a goat track on the steep side of a mountain and never miss a step.

When Paint came to us, I promptly took her to Pony Club - our first lesson of the day was jumping - she was very good and fast - in fact, so fast, she bolted with me twice around the showground and there was no way I could stop her. Our DC promptly told me that I needed a grackle nose band - from that moment on, we never looked back. There was nothing Paint couldn`t do - she was unusual in the fact that she truly could turn her hoof to anything. Back in NZ, she was used as a vehicle for my friend and self to get around, she could burn off any thoroughbred in a sprint, was a fantastic barrel racer, could jump 5`5 with me on for fun, played Polo Crosse for the Poverty Bay team at county level, and could teach the smallest children to ride.

This pony could jump - in the whole time I had her, she never knocked a fence. She represented my county at National Championship level for Eventing and Polo Crosse. She was never ever out of the rosettes and no one could beat her in jumping. She was, truly, a legend and much admired for her brave heart and talent. She earned respect through serious results. After my years with Paint, she was passed on through the family again and went to Sonia, my cousin`s children. She died at the grand old age of 35, still ridden and giving 100% to the very end. Paint was unique and she formed a strong bond and love for me of the wonderful, multi talented coloured horse. Thanks Paint, you are unforgettable and still make me warm and tingly inside. The best pony I could have ever had.


- x -, Akhal-Teke - Akhal-Teke Stallions At Stud

Claudiu Gheorghe

Claudiu Gheorghe - Romania - Showjumping RiderClaudiu Gheorghe

Julie Lecleir

Julie Lecleir - France - Showjumping Rider Julie

Saeed Mohd Suhail Al Amri

Saeed Mohd Suhail Al Amri - UAE - Endurance RiderSaeed Mohd Suhail Al Amri

Candido Tardio Moscoso

Candido Tardio Moscoso - Spain - Dressage Rider Candido Tardio Moscoso

Cody Boskovich

Cody Boskovich - USA - Horse Vaulting

Nina Vukoje

Nina Vukoje - Serbia - Showjumping Rider Nina Vukoje

Nicolas Jehle

Nicolas Jehle - France Nicolas

Willem Stolz

Willem Stolz - South Africa

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Mohd Sanijir Salim Al Waheibi

Mohd Sanijir Salim Al Waheibi - UAE - Endurance RiderMohd Sanijir Salim Al Waheibi