Lia Nydes

Lia Nydes is an event rider from the USA, below you can watch Lia Nydes in action riding Big Bad Ed in action at Rebecca Farm in the cross country section.

Lia Nydes
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Quatoubet du Rouet

Stallion - Quatoubet du Rouet (Galoubet A x Quastor SFA) | Showjumping stallions At Stud | Buy Show Jumping Horses sired by Quatoubet du Rouet |…
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Julia Kayser

Julia Kayser is a showjumping rider from Austria who competes successfully at many of the worlds top showjumping events. Below you can watch Julia Kayser in action riding Valdato at Olympia International Horse show.

Julia Kayser - Valdato - Olympia

Julia Kayser

Julia Dammer

Julia Dammer - Germany - Horse Vaulting

Nicholia Zamora

Nicholia Zamora is a dressage rider from the USA


Andrew Welles & Boo Van Het Kastanjehof finished second in the 2013 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon.

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Nicholia Zamora
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Cecã­Lia Gazola

Cecã­Lia Gazola - Brazil

Cellia Marot

Cellia Marot - France

Cilia Wernli

Cilia Wernli - Switzerland

Conerlia Estell Stebbing

Conerlia Estell Stebbing - South Africa

Maria Amalia Viquez

Maria Amalia Viquez is a showjumping rider from Costa Rica, email us at to submit news, images, information and videos on Maria Amalia Viquez and the horses Maria competes.


Andrew Welles & Boo Van Het Kastanjehof finished second in the 2013 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon.

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Maria Amalia Viquez
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ArcEquine tissue repair system is a drug free, non-invasive, affordable and easy to use system that can be used in the stable and on the lorry.

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Prevent daily micro tissue tears - from developing into major tissue issues

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Eliminate pain - whatever the cause

Reduce pre-existing scar tissue - replacing it with original tissue

Boost the immune system - Reduce anxiety and stress - and so eliminating many behavioural problems

ArcEquine has been developed after many years of academic and practical research, and with the help of successful National Hunt Trainers, leading riders from all Olympic disciplines and a multitude of other specialists. ArcEquine has proved highly effective throughout all UK equestrian disciplines and members of the British Olympic equestrian team.

Dehlia Burdan

Dehlia Burdan - USA

Dehlia Oeuvray

Dehlia Oeuvray - Switzerland

Dehlia Oeuvray Smits

Dehlia Oeuvray Smits - Switzerland

Julia Krzyzanowska

Julia Krzyzanowska is a showjumping rider from Poland who also competes in the sports of dressage and eventing, help us expand our rider profile, please email us at


Andrew Welles & Boo Van Het Kastanjehof finished second in the 2013 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon.

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Julia Krzyzanowska
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Alia Soraya Putri

Alia Soraya Putri - Malaysia

Alia Humaid Bin Drai

Alia Humaid Bin Drai - UAE

Ana Lia Mendez

Ana Lia Mendez - UAE

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Amalia Alfano

Amalia Alfano - Belgium

Amalia Boyles

Amalia Boyles - USA

Ana Emilia Miã‘O

Ana Emilia Miã‘O - Ecuador

Anna-Julia Kontio

Anna-Julia Kontio - Finland

Elia Giovagnoli

Elia Giovagnoli - Italy

Emiilia Johansson

Emiilia Johansson - Finland

Emilia Vã„Ttã–

Emilia Vã„Ttã– - Finland

Emilia Bozanska

Emilia Bozanska - Poland

Emilia Dumitrescu

Emilia Dumitrescu - Romania

Emilia Sammarco

Emilia Sammarco - Italy

Eulalia Gonzalez Guardia

Eulalia Gonzalez Guardia - Spain

Julia Reischl

Julia Reischl - Germany - Showjumping

Jãšlia Sohajda

Jãšlia Sohajda - Hungary

Jitendarjit Singh Ahluwalia Ahluwalia

Jitendarjit Singh Ahluwalia Ahluwalia - India

Julia ÖHner

Julia ÖHner - Austria

Julia Anderson

Julia Anderson - New Zealand
Online Dressage

Julia Beckfeld

Julia Beckfeld - Germany

Julia Bickmann

Julia Bickmann - Germany

Julia Bonder

Julia Bonder - France

Julia Braun

Julia Braun - Germany

Julia Bulterman

Julia Bulterman - South Africa

Julia C. Foss

Julia C. Foss - Denmark

Julia Calza

Julia Calza - France

Julia Campbell Spatt

Julia Campbell Spatt - USA
Horse Themed Earings

Julia Carter

Julia Carter - USA

Julia Chassigneux

Julia Chassigneux - France

Julia Chevanne Gimel

Julia Chevanne Gimel - France

Julia Coppard

Julia Coppard - UK

Julia Coutinho Gonã‡Alves Ferreira

Julia Coutinho Gonã‡Alves Ferreira - Brazil

Julia Dã„Hne

Julia Dã„Hne - Germany

Julia Davis

Julia Davis - UK

Julia Doublet

Julia Doublet - France

Julia Ellsã„Sser

Julia Ellsã„Sser - Germany

Julia Fãœntmann

Julia Fãœntmann - Germany

Julia Frosch

Julia Frosch - Austria

Julia Gauster

Julia Gauster - Austria

Julia Alfthan

Julia Alfthan - Finland

Julia Bartmann

Julia Bartmann - Germany

Julia Biddle

Julia Biddle - UK

Julia Blanke

Julia Blanke - Germany

Julia Bordonado

Julia Bordonado - France

Julia Brauweiler

Julia Brauweiler - Germany

Julia Grãœnewald

Julia Grãœnewald - Austria

Julia Gson

Julia Gson - Sweden

Julia Hadley

Julia Hadley - New Zealand

Julia Haeberli

Julia Haeberli - Switzerland

Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy - UK

Julia Hargreaves

Julia Hargreaves - Australia

Julia Helm

Julia Helm -

Julia Helten

Julia Helten - Austria

Julia Hensel

Julia Hensel - Australia

Julia Hitt

Julia Hitt - Germany

Julia Jimenez Bechold

Julia Jimenez Bechold - Spain

Julia Jylas

Julia Jylas - Luxembourg

Julia Kãœbler

Julia Kãœbler - Switzerland

Julia Kaplan

Julia Kaplan - USA

Julia Kay

Julia Kay - Germany

Julia Keller

Julia Keller - Germany

Julia Aladushkina

Julia Aladushkina - Russia

Julia Angemeer

Julia Angemeer - Germany

Julia Bauereiss

Julia Bauereiss - Germany

Julia Bernshausen

Julia Bernshausen - Germany

Julia Bieler

Julia Bieler - Austria
Online Dressage

Julia Bogatyrjova

Julia Bogatyrjova - Russia

Julia Bowman

Julia Bowman - USA

Julia Briskin

Julia Briskin - USA

Julia Burtt

Julia Burtt - USA

Julia Curry

Julia Curry - Canada

Julia Dix

Julia Dix - Germany

Julia Eichner

Julia Eichner - Austria

Julia Fairbank

Julia Fairbank - UK

Julia Filippova

Julia Filippova - Russia

Julia Gasiglia

Julia Gasiglia - France

Julia Gorski

Julia Gorski - Germany
Showjumpers For Sale

Julia Gross

Julia Gross - Germany

Julia Guy

Julia Guy - France

Julia Handt

Julia Handt - USA

Julia Held

Julia Held - Germany

Julia Henning

Julia Henning - Germany

Julia Hofbauer

Julia Hofbauer - Germany

Julia Kã„Ther

Julia Kã„Ther - Germany

Julia Kappel

Julia Kappel - Germany
Showjumpers For Sale

Julia Keimer

Julia Keimer - Germany

Julia Kipka

Julia Kipka - Germany

Julia Koetting

Julia Koetting - USA

Julia Kringstad Hã…Kansson

Julia Kringstad Hã…Kansson - Sweden

Julia Lee

Julia Lee - UK

Julia Meller

Julia Meller - Germany

Julia Bychkova

Julia Bychkova - Russia

Julia Caille

Julia Caille - France

Julia Capalino

Julia Capalino - USA

Julia Chertkova

Julia Chertkova - Ukraine

Julia Crowson

Julia Crowson - UK

Julia Duderstaedt

Julia Duderstaedt - Germany

Julia Ennis

Julia Ennis - USA

Julia Fellhauer

Julia Fellhauer - Germany

Julia Garcia Guerra

Julia Garcia Guerra - Spain

Julia Gerhardsen

Julia Gerhardsen - Norway

Julia Greifeld

Julia Greifeld - USA
Horse Themed Earings

Julia Gundlach

Julia Gundlach - Brazil

Julia Mol

Julia Mol - Ireland

Julia Muth

Julia Muth - Germany

Julia Navrã‰N

Julia Navrã‰N - Sweden

Julia Neumann

Julia Neumann - Austria
Online Dressage

Julia Niermann

Julia Niermann - Germany

Julia Nyberg

Julia Nyberg - Sweden

Julia Peirce

Julia Peirce - Canada

Julia Piepgras

Julia Piepgras - USA

Julia Platzeck

Julia Platzeck - Germany

Julia Plungy

Julia Plungy - USA

Julia Popp

Julia Popp - Austria

Julia Potier

Julia Potier - France

Julia Puig Cabane

Julia Puig Cabane - Spain

Julia Rã–Mmich

Julia Rã–Mmich - Germany

Julia Resch

Julia Resch - Austria

Julia Richards

Julia Richards - Australia

Julia Ritzerfeld

Julia Ritzerfeld - Germany

Julia Russett

Julia Russett - UK

Julia Schã–Nhuber

Julia Schã–Nhuber - Germany

Julia Schmid

Julia Schmid - Germany

Julia Schmieder

Julia Schmieder - Germany

Julia Schwanbeck

Julia Schwanbeck - Germany

Julia Schwarz

Julia Schwarz - Germany

Julia Siesslack

Julia Siesslack - Germany

Julia Soriano

Julia Soriano - France

Julia Steinberg

Julia Steinberg - USA

Julia Steiner

Julia Steiner - USA

Julia Strauss

Julia Strauss - Austria

Julia Suess

Julia Suess - Austria

Julia Taubken

Julia Taubken - Germany

Julia Taurel

Julia Taurel - France

Julia Tomczyk

Julia Tomczyk - Poland

Julia Kemmler

Julia Kemmler - Germany

Julia Knickenberg

Julia Knickenberg - Germany

Julia Krajewski

Julia Krajewski - Germany
Horse Necklaces

Julia Kruszyniewicz

Julia Kruszyniewicz - Poland

Julia Kube

Julia Kube - Germany

Julia Mackerodt

Julia Mackerodt - Germany

Julia Maske

Julia Maske - Germany

Julia Menshicova

Julia Menshicova - Russia

Julia Morgillo

Julia Morgillo - Australia

Julia Nã–Bauer

Julia Nã–Bauer - Austria

Julia Klausmeier

Julia Klausmeier - Germany

Julia Krã„Tschmar

Julia Krã„Tschmar - Germany

Julia Kriventzova

Julia Kriventzova - Russia

Julia Lang

Julia Lang - Germany

Julia Malakhova

Julia Malakhova - Russia

Julia Mcgeoch

Julia Mcgeoch - UK

Julia Mestern

Julia Mestern - Germany

Julia Mustoe

Julia Mustoe -

Julia Nairz

Julia Nairz - Austria

Julia Norman

Julia Norman - Canada

Julia Piatkowska

Julia Piatkowska - Poland

Julia Plate

Julia Plate - Germany

Julia Ponsonby

Julia Ponsonby - Ireland

Julia Pouille

Julia Pouille - France

Julia Raymond

Julia Raymond - France

Julia Retz

Julia Retz - Sweden

Julia Rode

Julia Rode - Germany

Julia Scharbach

Julia Scharbach - Austria

Julia Schneiders

Julia Schneiders - Germany

Julia Senoner

Julia Senoner - Italy

Julia Spilker

Julia Spilker - Germany

Julia Storm

Julia Storm - Germany

Julia Tallberg

Julia Tallberg - Finland

Julia Thiel

Julia Thiel - Germany

Julia Van Schaik

Julia Van Schaik - Holland

Julia Ward

Julia Ward - USA

Julia Weiser

Julia Weiser - Germany

Julia Wittig

Julia Wittig - Germany

Julia Zawada

Julia Zawada - Poland

Julia Zorab

Julia Zorab - UK

Julia Urich

Julia Urich - Austria

Julia Vincenz

Julia Vincenz - Austria

Julia Voigtlã„Nder

Julia Voigtlã„Nder - Germany

Julia Vortmann

Julia Vortmann - Germany

Julia Warstler

Julia Warstler - USA

Julia Weinhandl

Julia Weinhandl - Austria

Julia Wendell

Julia Wendell - USA

Julia Werning

Julia Werning - Germany

Julia Wollenhaupt

Julia Wollenhaupt - Germany

Julia Zanussi

Julia Zanussi - Italy

Julia Zhilina

Julia Zhilina - Russia

Julia Zimmermann

Julia Zimmermann - Germany

Korn悌Lia 脕Cs

Korn悌Lia 脕Cs - Hungary

Julia Vorotnikova

Julia Vorotnikova - Russia - Dressage Rider

Lia Kaeppeli

Lia Kaeppeli - Switzerland

Lia Rehder Toledo

Lia Rehder Toledo - Brazil

Lia Zaccariotto

Lia Zaccariotto - Italy

Lia Mazur

Lia Mazur - Germany

Lia Staudt

Lia Staudt - Germany

Marã­A Julia Sciaroni

Marã­A Julia Sciaroni - Argentina

Maria Amalia Brenes

Maria Amalia Brenes - Costa Rica

Maria Emilia Bastidas

Maria Emilia Bastidas - Ecuador

Maria Julia Blauth

Maria Julia Blauth - Portugal

Maria Julia Galeazzi Soares Silva

Maria Julia Galeazzi Soares Silva - Brazil

Maria Jãºlia Vasconcelos E Sã

Maria Jãºlia Vasconcelos E Sだ- Portugal

Maria Julia Vasconcelos E Sã

Maria Julia Vasconcelos E Sだ- Portugal

Maria Emilia Chapellin

Maria Emilia Chapellin - Venezuela - Showjumping Foals

Natalia Zuk

Natalia Zuk is a dressage rider from Poland | Natalia Zuk - Poland - Dressage Rider | Equine Website

Natalia Sinilnikova

Natalia Sinilnikova - Russia
Horse Videos

Natalia Sinilnikova

Posted by Stable Express

Natalia Sinilnikova

Natallia Hancharenka

Natallia Hancharenka - Belarus

Nathalia Vasques Sang

Nathalia Vasques Sang - Brazil
Online Dressage

Lia Giliotti

Lia Giliotti is a dressage rider from the USA


Andrew Welles & Boo Van Het Kastanjehof finished second in the 2013 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon.

Posted by Stable Express

Lia Giliotti
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Foaled - 2009
Hurree SHF
Mare foaled May 18, 2009. (Estuardo MC x Jenna)
Huree is a very pretty, correct young filly. She has a long, floaty stride which she inherited from her sire. She has a great temperament and has had all her ground manners taught to her. She has had regular foot care, likes to be groomed, and has was very well behaved to be clipped in the summer. Huree is registered with IALHA. Priced at $7,000.

Marã­A Emilia Sciaroni

Marã­A Emilia Sciaroni - Argentina

Priscillia Moissonnier

Priscillia Moissonnier - France

Alia Hall Al Howati

Alia Hall Al Howati - Saudi Arabia

Another important aspect to consider is frequency and ad size. When planning your marketing strategy and determining your budget, consider how often you can afford to run your ad or how large an ad you can run. Marketing and advertising experts suggest that it takes at least 13 exposures to start seeing response, depending on the life of the publication. Newspapers and weeklies have a very short life (until the new one comes out), but an annual publication has a very long life, may be used several times during the year by different people (e.g.: directories) in the household or office. In this case, a larger ad probably makes more sense.

Alia Mohd Abbas Al Balooshi

Alia Mohd Abbas Al Balooshi - UAE

How to make better advertising and marketing decisions Part II: Purchasing advertising space


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Yulia Printseva

Yulia Printseva - Russia
Horse Videos

Yulia Printseva

Posted by Stable Express

Yulia Printseva

Amalia Gnecchi Ruscone

Amalia Gnecchi Ruscone - Italy

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Emilia Kaikkonen

Emilia Kaikkonen is a successful dressage rider from Finland, who has success nationally and international. As a key member of the Finland national team she has represented her country at the 2007 European championships as well as the Nordic-Baltic Championships from 2006 through to 2010.

Emilia Kaikkonen

Emilia Kaikkonen.jpg
Fly Repellent For Horses

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Julia Clarke

Julia Clarke - UK

Yulia Gafni

Yulia Gafni - Israil - Dressage Rider


Yulia Gafni

Posted by Stable Express

Yulia Gafni

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Natalia Umansky Casapa

Natalia Umansky Casapa is a showjumping rider from Argentina, we have limited information on Natalia Umansky Casapa if you can help us expand our profile please email us at


Natalia Umansky Casapa

Posted by Stable Express

Natalia Umansky Casapa

Juulia Savonlahti

Born 23rd August 1991, eventer from Finland Juulia Savonlahti has competed internationally under FEI rules representing Finland at junior level. We would like additional information on Juulia Savonlahti, if you can help send us pics, videos and additional information to

Juulia Savonlahti

Natalia Shadrina

Natalia Shadrina is a dressage rider from Russia, below you can watch her in action riding Rubi Brus Vom Rubinstein, other horses competed by Natalia Shadrina includes Indigo and Zantos B.

Natalia Shadrina

Posted by Stable Express

Natalia Shadrina

Julia Hallberg

- x -, -

Natalia Verbitzkaya

Natalia Verbitzkaya - Russia

Fun winter schooling show

Took my young stallion to a fun, winter show hosted by our local horseman`s association on Feb 19. It was just a place to get your horses out for the day, do some fun classes and have fun!

Had a great time and the showgrounds were also hosting a carnival at the same time, so I had to ride my boy past the amusement rides to get from the pen I was using to the arena. The carnival was literally right beside the warm up arena and the pens. On the way back from the arena after the show, the rides had started up, complete with screaming/laughing kids. He went past it all with just a little bit of trot, no spooking, spinning, running off, etc. It really reinforced my appreciation of these horses Smile

Jeez, I must get the oddballs. I took my then two year old PRE mare to a dressage show just to get her used to leaving my farm. Did didn`t have to do anything but stand in a stall and eat hay but that was hard for her. We had to have someone stand with her the whole time or she`d throw a whinnying tantrum which set off the horse I was showing - my 3/4 andilusian gelding who wasn`t so sure he liked this show stuff as it was.

This mare is now three and is showing a great deal more maturity. I`m hoping her next show goes more smoothly. Encime

Well, my Andalusian mares are in foal and due sometime in March - so no open shows for us right now. But I did take my Spotted Draft mare, mother of my half-Andalusian- to our first show of the year. It was held in Sanger, Texas at the Double JP Livery on I-35. For those of you who ever travel through this way, you may remember the gigantic unfinished mansion on a hill north of Sanger - that looks partly burned down now. The riding club Stable Strides, whose focus is on helping disabled kids learn to ride, is located at this property and has a nice indoor barn and arena.

We entered the walk-trot division because my horse is green - and there were only 2 adults (myself included) competing plus about 6 kids. We won 1st place in Adult Engl Equitation, 2nd in Adult Engl Pleasure and then with kids combined, we won the Equitation championship and placed 2nd in baby poles. Fun time overall and thanks to Kim Shogren for coming by and being the photographer!

Stable Strides will be holding open shows monthly this year. I recommend it to all horse people, except it may not be a good location to bring a stallion due to the large number of kids participating in the classes and the small arena size.

Donna DeYoung

Natalia Martyanova

Natalia Martyanova - Russia

CBS Rahz - (Bahz x Top Kat) 1997 H/A Bay Mare. Sweepstakes Nominated. This mare is a half sister to the 1999 Reserve National Champion Jr. Horse and 2000 two time Canadian National Champion H/A Western Pleasure Jr. Horse/AAOTR, CBS Top Dog. Her sire has been U.S National Top Ten, Region 15 Champion, Scottsdale Champion Halter Horse, and a western pleasure champion as well. She stands at about 15.3 hands and has a wonderful neck and front end. She should mature to be a great western pleasure mare.

Julia Wãœrfel

Julia Wãœrfel - Germany

Tooravale My Philadelphia (pic below) was placed 2nd in the 2 year old filly class, Tooravale Crisiant and Weston Park Vanilla were placed 3rd and 4th in the yearling filly class under judge Beate Reipen (UK)

Weston Park Vanilla (Steehorst Kyro x Weston Park Venus) (pic below right) won the yearling filly class and went on to be reserve champion filly under judge Greg Crocker (SA)

Tooravale Highlander (Weston Manhattan x Imperial Honora) owned by Delia Murdoch of Glenire Stud won the yearling colt class and went onto to be Champion B Colt

Julia Batho

Julia Batho - Uk

Cecilia Tangfelt

Cecilia Tangfelt - Sweden

Giulia Battistutta

Giulia Battistutta - Italy

Talia Wells

Talia Wells - Canada - Eventing
Talia Wells

Malia Orr

Malia Orr - Canada - Eventing
Malia Orr

Natalia Irsetskaya

Natalia Irsetskaya - Russia - Dressage Rider
Natalia Irsetskaya

Natalia Leshchiy

Natalia Leshchiy - Ukraine - Dressage Rider
Natalia Leshchiy

Emilia Malmi

Emilia Malmi is a showjumping rider from Finland, we would like to expand our profile of Emilia Malmi, if you can help please email us at

Dressage Videos

Emilia Malmi

Julia Cleeland

Julia Cleeland -
Julia Cleeland

Natalia Aschmutat

Natalia Aschmutat - Poland - Showjumping
Natalia Aschmutat

Natalia Ciesielska

Natalia Ciesielska - Poland - Horse Vaulting
Natalia Ciesielska

Natalia Alvarez

Natalia Alvarez - Argentina - Horse Vaulting
Natalia Alvarez

Natalia Juelle

Natalia Juelle is a showjumping rider from Puerto Rico | Natalia Juelle - Puerto Rico - Showjumping

Othilia Petersson

Othilia Petersson - Sweden - Showjumping
Othilia Petersson

Yulia Aliseyko

Yulia Aliseyko - Russia - Dressage Rider
Yulia Vinnitskaja

LOGO DESIGN Seeing not just looking

An important part of logo design and design in general is exposing yourself to great designs. No matter what area of design you are interested in, be it logo design, posters, or interior design you need great references like books to draw inspiration and ideas from. Inspiration and ideas does not mean to copy though. It means you become connected to trends, styles and techniques. Looking at great design will ex pose you to what is possible and open the gate to your creativity. Just like the people we interact with in our daily lives influence us, the designs that we interact with also influence our design. When you look at logos for inspiration and ideas you cant just look. What does this mean? It means you have to see what is there, you need to critically look at the logo in depth. An important skill for artists is learning to see, not just looking. An artist will see the detail, the nuances, the hidden message. The next time you look at a logo, really see it. What is the quality of the line, is it angular or flowing. How is the type spaced, is it close together or spread apart. What colors have been used, are they appealing. These are just a few of the considerations that go into logo design. A great logo is timeless, not trendy. A logo designed using traditional, proven techniques will be just as compelling 20 years after it was designed. Don`t confuse a logo with branding, the Nike swoosh is not a great logo, it is a case of great branding.

Lilia Kendri

Lilia Kendri - Algeria

If you are the kind of person that wants to look at the barn before you see the house, then this is the web site for you!

This is a very distinctive real estate web site especially for equestrians. Whether you are considering buying or selling a horse farm, ranch, training facility, or just a few acres for you and your horses to call home, Kandis is definitely the Realtor for you.
Lilia Kendri

Natalia Falbo

Natalia Falbo - Argentina

22nd July - Angel is inseminated with semen from the fantastic and very promising young Westphalian stallion Showmaker. Subsequently scanned not in foal so we will call it a day this year and try again early next year.

21st & 22nd July - Our two boarders foal down with their ET twins. An exquisite chestnut filly with a blaze and white socks and then a very smart bay colt with one sock. Their owner Vicky is delighted with them and hopes that they will both be as successful as their mother.

12th July - TRESAISON HOLOGRAM (Yellow Gram / Nobody`s Harlequin) does us all proud by winning the Spotted yearling, two and three year old class at Liskeard Show in good company with some very favourable remarks from the Judge who told his owners Amelia and Linda James that they `could look forward to a very exciting future with him`!
Natalia Falbo

Natalia Bonavito

Natalia Bonavito - USA - Dressage
Natalia Bonavito

Dalia Al-Zahem

Dalia Al-Zahem - Kuwait - Showjumping - Dalia Al Zahem - Corina

Dalia Al-Zahem

Illia Todorov

Illia Todorov - Bulgaria - Eventing
Illia Todorov

Julia Binder

Julia Binder - Germany - Eventing
Julia Binder

Talia Bazo

Talia Bazo - Peru - Showjumping
Talia Bazo

Talia Bazo Rubini

Talia Bazo Rubini - Peru - Showjumping
Talia Bazo Rubini

Natalia Tomaszyniec

Natalia Tomaszyniec is a young rider based in Norfolk, United Kingdom and I have been riding since the age of four. Natalia am interested in my chosen sport of showjumping and eventing for many years and always wanted to ride at the top 4* events such as Badminton and Burghley. Natalia is passionate and dedicated to my sport, regularly train and compete .

I am also a member of the Riding School, receive training and work very hard for my goals. If you would like to join my team please contact me

I own Christopher for over 2 years,he is a 6 years old,registered 13.2 hh New Forest gelding which i believe to be special and i have enjoyed producing him myself up the levels. With the help of my coach we have achieved a huge amount in such a short space of time.Christopher has huge potential and I am really excited about our success . I have had some great feedback from my coach who always challenge Christopher and me to keep improving and helping us develop as a team and achieve our goals. Our journey continues and is set to be a very interesting one !

Lou is a 9 years old registered 14.2 hh welsh section c, owned by my coach . I am So lucky to ride and compete this such a beautiful honest horse that always try his best for me. Our riding facilities include a 200 ft x 70 ft indoor heated arena with a 15 stall attached barn and a 230 ft x 116 ft outdoor arena.

Terry and Beryl Jarrett have been in the reining horse business for over 13 years, successfully training, showing and breeding performance reining horses.

Ilia Lisin

Ilia Lisin - Russia - Showjumping
Ilia Lisin

Ioulia Kyriaki Koudouni

Ioulia Kyriaki Koudouni - Greece - Dressage
Ioulia Kyriaki Koudouni

Natalia Barosz

Natalia Barosz - Poland - Showjumping

Natalia Barosz

Natalia Simonova

Natalia Simonova - Russia - Dressage Rider
Natalia Simonova

Natalia Czernik

Natalia Czernik - Poland - Showjumping | Chuck Bass II Natalia Czernik MŚMK Lanaken 2018

Natalia Czernik

Natalia Domanska

Natalia Domanska - Poland - Dressage Rider
Natalia Domanska

Natalia Wild

Natalia Wild is a showjumping rider from Chile | Stableexpress Show Jumping Results

Natalia Walteros

Natalia Walteros - Columbia - Showjumping
Natalia Walteros

Malia Chappel

Malia Chappel - Australia - Eventing
Malia Chappel

Talia Laghzaoui

Talia Laghzaoui - UK - Eventing

Talia Laghzaoui

Mandy-Julia Mansmann

Mandy-Julia Mansmann - Germany - Dressage
Mandy-Julia Mansmann

Natalia Balcazar

Natalia Balcazar - Columbia - Endurance Rider
Natalia Balcazar

Natalia Berezhnaya

Natalia Berezhnaya - Russia - Dressage Rider
Natalia Berezhnaya

Natalia Golarte

Natalia Golarte - Uruguay - Showjumping
Natalia Golarte

Natalia Kopylova

Natalia Kopylova - Russia - Dressage Rider
Natalia Kopylova

Natalia Prudnikova

Natalia Prudnikova - Russia - Dressage Rider
Natalia Prudnikova

Natalia Stopa

Natalia Stopa - Poland - Showjumping
Natalia Stopa

Natalia Escario De La Vega

Natalia Escario De La Vega is a showjumping rider from Spain | Natalia Escario De La Vega Horse Rider Profile

Natalia Budilina

Natalia Budilina is a showjumping rider from Russia | Stable Express Equestrian Sports Website

Natalia Valenzuela

Natalia Valenzuela is a show jumping rider from Costa Rica | Stable Express equestrian news & results

Natalia Zurcher

Natalia Zurcher is a showjumping rider from Costa Rica | Stable Express Horse Website

Natalia Dranczarek

Natalia Dranczarek - Poland - Showjumping | Natalia Dranczarek - W Natal

Natalia Fernandez Valdes

Natalia Fernandez Valdes - Spain - Showjumping Rider - Competition News & Results

Natalia Gildisch

Natalia Gildisch is a dressage rider from Russia, help us expand our rider database please email us at, if you have pics or videos of Natalia Gildisch.

Natalia Golding

Natalia Golding is a showjumping rider from Spain, horses competed by Natalia Golding includes Vanina De Pience, Verdinka De Torres and Conrad.

Natalia Kaczorowska

Natalia Kaczorowska is an event rider from Poland, horses competed by Natalia Kaczorowska include Lewus (Akcept xx x Parysow)

Natalia Gurmankin

Natalia Gurmankin - USA - Eventing

Natalia Gurmankin

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Natalia Koziarowska

Natalia Koziarowska - Poland - Showjumping

Natalia Koziarowska

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Natalia Simonia

Natalia Simonia - Russia -Showjumping

Natalia Wrona

Natalia Wrona is a dressage rider from Poland, horses competed by Natalia Wrona include Tacyt, Blyskawica, Sportsfield Ptibaby and Toledo II

Natalia Kryna

Natalia Kryna is a showjumping rider from Belarus | Stable Express Competition News & Results

Natalia Markowska

Natalia Markowska is a dressage rider from Poland - Competition News & Results | Natalia Markowska

Natalia Martin

Natalia Martin - Puerto Rico - Dressage Rider
Natalia Martin

Natalia Pavlikova

Natalia Pavlikova - Slovakia - Horse Vaulting - Competition News & Results | equestrian news

Natalia Pecherkina

Natalia Pecherkina is a Russian endurance rider, horses competed by Natalia Pecherkina includes Motus Armor & Rubio.

Natalia Radionova

Natalia Radionova is an eventer from Russia, horses competed by Natalia Radionova includes Pascal, Marseille De Lux and Kapers | Natalia Radionova - Russia - Eventing

Natalia Rodeta Ruffino

Natalia Rodeta Ruffino is an endurance rider from Spain | Stable Express endurance website - Competition news & results.

Natalia Shipova

Natalia Shipova - Russia - Showjumping

Natalia Sjardin

Natalia Sjardin is an eventer from New Zealand | Natalia Sjardin - New Zealand - Eventing

Vitalia Boltunova

Vitalia Boltunova - Russia - Horse Vaulting
Vitalia Boltunova

Yulia Naumovitsch - Shvabovskaya

Yulia Naumovitsch - Shvabovskaya is a dressage rider from Ukraine | Yulia Naumovitsch - Shvabovskaya - Ukraine - Dressage

Yulia Davydova

Yulia Davydova from Russia competes in the equestrian sport of horse vaulting