Knabstrupper Horses

Knabstrupper Horses

The Knabstrupper come from Denmark, where the origins of their breed can be traced back in the broadest sense to the crossing of a Fredericksborger mare and a black Andalusian in the middle of the 16th century.

The actual time when the Knabstrupper came into being did not take place until 1577 - 1648 under Christian IV, who led the royal stud Fredericksborg founded by his father Frederick II to great fame. It was he who, as the "Sun King of the North", tended more and more to the rare colors of the Fredericksborg breed. A tabby stallion is mentioned for the first time in 1660. Later a stallion named Rantzou, who was used in tiger piebald breeding, was mentioned. Much more important at the time, however, were the white Fredericksborges, which were supplied to royal families "all over the world".

Christian the V and the VI. had a predilection for colorful horses, so that the breeding of the tiger piebalds was pursued in a targeted manner. (It should be mentioned very briefly that the now so famous Lippizaner were also co-founded by the Fredericksborger, through the dam line "Deflorata" and the stallion "Pluto", which was sold to Austria in 1771.)

The Knabstrup estate in Denmark, which gave the breed its name, was taken over by Major Lunn in 1798, who tried to preserve old Fredericksborg lines. It was a complete success. He selected based on quality and performance. Above all, the mare "Flaebe" should be mentioned here, which was an old Spanish breed and had shown through performance in the war that she was "worthy" to become the parent mare of the Knabstrup breed.

At the beginning of the 20th century, however, due to some strokes of fate, the breeding of Knabstrup horses at Gut Knabstrup was discontinued. It was not until the beginning of the 1970s that Denmark became more active again to try to keep this cultural asset of the "Knabstrupper" and an association "Knabstrupper foreningen for Danmark" was founded. The rest of the horses, some of which had already reached a great age, were laboriously gathered together. Today it is their offspring who are trying to preserve or breed back the old lines and the old Knabstrupp type in Denmark, but even more so in Germany and some other countries, in order to counteract the impending extinction of this cultural breed. Unfortunately not always with success. Too much foreign blood was mixed in

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