Jin-Kyung Lee

Jin-Kyung Lee is a showjumping rider from South Korea Jin-Kyung Lee

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Linda Schklar has built and sold 8 equestrian facilities. She currently owns and operates a warmblood horse breeding farm and was named national breeder of the year.

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Jin-Kyung Lee

Ann Jobson

Ann Jobson - UK

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Sibylle Veigel-Hollmann

Sibylle Veigel-Hollmann is a horse rider from Lithuania, we have limited information on Sibylle Veigel-Hollmann and the horses that they ride, if you can help us expand this rider profile please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Pablo Edgardo Camps

Pablo Edgardo Camps - Uruguay - Eventing Rider | Stableexpress Equestrian Classifieds - Find Horses For Sale, Uruguay, South America

Therese Olsson

Therese Olsson - Sweden - Eventing | Stable Express Horse Classifieds | Horses For Sale, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe

Susanne Gielen

Susanne Gielen - Sweden - Dressage Rider
Susanne Gielen

Russell Truesdell

Russell Truesdell - Canada - Horse Reining - Western Horses For Sale, Canada, North America

Justine Armstrong-Small

Justine Armstrong-Small - UK Working Hunter Rider Justine Armstrong-Small, Well known in the showing world as regular competitors on the County circuit, team Armstrong-Small have enjoyed many successes at HOYS & RIHS. From our Essex base we provide a wide range of services from livery and individual lessons to production, breeding, riding school activities and horse & pony sales.

Our well equipped equestrian facility located in Epping Forest is just five minutes drive from junction 26 of the M25 - between the M1 & M11. Further details about our facilities can be found on our facilities page.
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Juan Queipo de Llano

Juan Queipo de Llano - Spain | Juan Queipo de Llano & Capote Juan Queipo de Llano Horses - Jasmine la Gravelle, Milton de Chanay

Juan Queipo de Llano Competition Results

10 - Barcelona, 1.30 Against the clock - 04/06/2006 - Milton de Chanay
03 - Barcelona, 1.45 Mixed comp. - 02/06/2006 - Jasmine la Gravelle
24 - Barcelona, Grand Prix - 11/12/2005 - Jasmine la Gravelle

Renate Steiger

Renate Steiger - Germany - Show Jumping | Stable Express Equine Classifieds - Horses For Sale - Germany, Europe

Laurens Vanderbeeken

Laurens Vanderbeeken - Belgium - Dressage RiderLaurens Vanderbeeken

Zoe Gullett

Zoe Gullett - UK - Dressage Rider | Horses For Sale, Stable Express Horse Classifieds

Sarone Du Toit

Sarone Du Toit - South Africa - Para Dressage Rider
Sarone Du ToitSarone Du Toit

"Fab" - SOLD
5 year old 16h Oldenburg gelding. Very successful show record at novice and training level. This is one who is always in the top few after dressage and virtually guaranteed to go double clean. He is a machine - never looks at anything and never pulls. A dream amateur`s horse to collect many ribbons with the option of going up the levels. This horse is as sweet and calm as they get. Recent clean vetting. $45k

Angela Lueder

Angela Lueder - Germany - Horse Vaulting | Stable Express Equestrian Classifieds - Horses For Sale, Germany, Europe

Valentin Mainier

Valentin Mainier - France - Show Jumping RiderValentin Mainier

Victoria Heurtematte

Victoria Heurtematte is a showjumping rider from Panama, horses competed by Victoria Heurtematte includes Uptimes (Goodtimes x Jasper, KWPN studbook)

Coloured Sport Horse Foals For Sale - Panama Equine Classifieds, Horses & Foals for sale in Panama & South America.

Therapeutic Riding for New Beginnings
Horse riding therapy for the disabled is recognized as one of the more progressive forms of therapy. The ability of the rider to control a horse as well as one’s own body inspires self-confidence, responsibility and teamwork. Best of all, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which creates a special relationship between rider and horse and promotes personal challenges. Therapeutic riding is a shared “gift” for rider and horse – no words are needed, it comes from the heart. The horses used in the riding therapy programs are sensitive and able to have a special connection with the riders special needs and in return the horse asks for nothing more than love.

If you ever have the opportunity and time to volunteer, you will not be disappointed. You can help with tacking up the horses, putting on the saddle, bridles and reins or grooming and cleaning the stall. If you do not have the time to share, consider making a donation.