Geoff Billington

Its Otto

Geoff Billington is most famed for his partnership with his horse of a lifetime It`s Otto. Geoff Billington began riding Its Otto as a six year old, he was originally meant to be sold but after failing a vet after an injury Its Otto would stay with Geoff for the rest of the horses life. Over the years Geoff and Its Otto won over £650,000 representing the UK at the Sydney and Atlanta olympics.

Its Otto

Geoff Billington - It`s Otto - World Cup 1996 G÷teborg

Geoff Billington - It`s Otto (Atlanta Olympics, 1996)

Its Otto

Benigno Aguirre

Benigno Aguirre - Spain

Benigno Aguirre Horses


Benigno Aguirre Competition Results

01 - Barcelona, Grand Prix - 15/06/1927 - El├ęctrico

Benedicte Potel

Benedicte Potel - France - Eventing

It`s Otto

Watch Geoff Billington riding It`s Otto in the 1996 world cup

Its Otto - Showjumper

It`s Otto

Great Britain Win European Team Bronze

Great Britainĺs show jumping team out in Mannheim, Germany today won the European Team Bronze Medal.

Team members consisted of:

Geoff Billington and Virtual Village Its Otto - 4 / 0 faults

Michael Whitaker and Virtual Village Ashley - 8 / 4.25 faults

Robert Smith and Senator Tees Hanauer - 4 / 0 faults

John Whitaker and Virtual Village Welham - 8 / 5 faults

Following the first round speed competition Great Britain`s total penalties stood at 14.61 penalties. This was carried forward to the Team Competition over 2 rounds where the best 3 out of 4 scores in each round were added.

Final Team Medal placings:

European Team Gold Medal - Germany (Total Score 15.75)

European Team Silver Medal - Netherlands (Total Score 21.61)

European Team Bronze Medal - Great Britain (Total Score 34.86)

Benedikt Rohlmann

Benedikt Rohlmann - Germany - EventingBenedikt Rohlmann

Benedikte Serigstad Endresen

Benedikte Serigstad Endresen - Norway - Showjumping

Benedikte Serigstad Endresen

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Benedikte Serigstad Endresen

Jan Andreas Viebrock

Jan Andreas Viebrock - Germany - Dressage Rider

Benedicte S Lunde

Benedicte S Lunde - Norway - Dressage RiderBenedicte S Lunde