John Whitaker


Born in 1975 Hopscotch participated successfully in show jumper competitions in many equestrian events, with both Michael Whittaker and John Whitaker, Hopscotch had many excellent results with wins at the horse of the year show (hoys), hickstead, Amsterdam, spain and many other classes. Below you can watch John Whitaker and Hopscotch at the world equestrian games at Aachen in the speed section of the competition.

Hopscotch - John Whitaker


Silvia Marchi

Silvia Marchi - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Palvinder Singh

Palvinder Singh - India - Eventing Rider

Anne Chapron

Anne Chapron - France - Dressage Rider

Lisanne Roesink

Lisanne Roesink - Holland - Showjumping RiderLisanne Roesink

Dominic Waldron

Dominic Waldron - UK

Ensuring Peace Of Mind With An Automatic Gate

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Of course there is no denying the element of cool that an automatic gate can bring to your home. In a manner akin to the slickest, hi-tech secret agent in the movies, an automatic gate allows you to coast in and out of your home without any more thought than pressing the button. It is a trivial enough concern for some, and the novelty may likely wear off with time, but there is no denying that an automatic gate is simply more fun than a boring old traditional gate design.

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Josephine M Carr

Josephine M Carr - UK

Cumbria Terrisa
4Yrs old Bay filly 15.1hh.

This elegant three quarter Egyptian filly is a grand daughter of black Fahim Hisan (exported to U.A.E. 1990). She is full of presence and has strong paces - a great ridden prospect as well as a valuable brood mare. P.O.A.

Phone Fiona on 01750 21281 or 07799186070 (mob)

Abdul Rahman Al Hamad

Abdul Rahman Al Hamad - Qatar

I do clinics locally

(MUST sign release of liability)

I DO accept demo horses during clinics free to the owner

Any and all issues or requests are generally excepted. I do not abuse horses period. I reserve the right to NOT train a horse toward say the Big Lick, horse racing, and ANY other areas wherin I feel it places too much physical or mental stress on the horse due to age, character or training and fear level. I will refuse.

My focus is natural horsemanship, increasing acceptance and awareness of how smart the horse really is (folks still think horses are stupid) My focus is on humane natural horsemanship, no gimmicks, no tricks, no `special` tack is ever required. I am hands on, quiet, slow, patient and gentle but also persistent.

Sarya Saleh Alabady

Sarya Saleh Alabady is a showjumping rider from Saudi Arabia, we have limited information on Sarya Saleh Alabady, please help us grow our rider database, to become a stableexpress editor please email

Milton - ShowjumperMilton Showjumper