Impressive Performance And Majestic Lipizzaner Stallions

Lipizzaner Stallions own a breath-taking beauty, but they also are highly intelligent creatures. When you first meet a Lipizzaner you`ll notice its wide, deep chest, muscular shoulder and of course the long head. They also have a straight convex profile and are part of the Baroque-type horses.

In the video below you can see the most famous Lipizzaner Stallions and you can enjoy in their one of a kind pure beauty. For decades this royal horses entertain their audience all around the world. The performance in the video is simply majestic and will impress you for sure. It was created by a team acrobats, so have a look and share it with other horse lovers!
Lipizzaner Stallions


Nicola Ohnemus

Nicola Ohnemus - Germany - Endurance Rider - Competition results from German endurance rides as well as endurance rides from around Europe…
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