Dressage Rider

Ian Whitaker

Ian Whitaker is one of the four brothers John, Michael, Steven and himself, between them they are the four cornerstones of a showjumping family dynasty second to none. Although Ian didnt have the jumping career of his three brothers his children are proving to be among the worlds showjumping elite. His eldest son william has won world cup qualifiers, hickstead derby and other top grand prix`s and competitions.

Ian Whitaker

Andalusian Colt Foal For Sale, sired by Argento :- Llanfyllin, Powy

Andalusian Colt Foal For Sale

Argento - colt foal - can be gelded. He will be grey and will make 16-16`1hh Very sweet nature, very well handled and very use to children. Available for viewings. Deposit will secure. Argento`s sire Kaiser is grandson of the infamous Judio, son of multi champion Fabulosa. His Ddam is Calificado status and is one of the best horses in the UK and has competed at the world championships in Seville coming 9th out of 35 winning mares. Please contact for more information.

CALL : 07581 786368 :- £3,500

Tatianna Turcotte

Tatianna Turcotte - Canada

Choosing a Location
Selecting the right place to groom your horse helps make bath time more enjoyable.

Always follow rule #1: Safety First!
The most well-known motto in real estate is location, location, location. This advice also holds true for horse grooming and it is probably the most important step of the planning process.

A non-slippery location
When you choose a location to wash your horse, your first decision needs to center on safety. A bath rack with cement floors at your stable should be adequate, but be careful, since shampoo residue can build up and become slippery. If you donít have access to a bath rack, hard-packed dirt, cement, or grass are all acceptable surfaces. However, any surface will become wet and slippery when drenched with water, so be careful.

A secure structure
Is there a secure place to tie your horse? If you fear your horse will start to pull away, tying him up will keep him in one place. The structure you choose must be able to hold your horse if he starts to pull away. If you are uncertain of the security of the structure, loop the rope over a rail and donít tie a knot at all. If the horse happens to pull back, the rope will simply unwind. With this method, there is less chance of a serious injury.

Gianfranco Nassini

Gianfranco Nassini - Italy
Gianfranco Nassini

Kilian Schepers

Kilian Schepers - Belgium

Ian O`grady

Ian O`grady - Ireland

Florian K√£‚ÄďHler

Florian K√£‚ÄďHler - Germany

Tresaison Diva

Black based few spot mare - April 2005

Sire: Xquisit Middelsom KNN

Dam: Skovlys Dana KNN 2210

KNN Registered and Passported. Diva stands around 15.3hh and should mature to 16hh. She has a bold, inquisitive nature and an easy, trainable attitude. Fabulous paces and correct, compact conformation. She carries some of the very best Knabstrupper and Warmblood lines going back to Ramiro Z. She is eligible for KNN grading on the main register.

Diva is SCANNED in foal to DANCE WITH WOLVES due April 3rd 2009 and this should be a stunning sport horse foal with guaranteed colour! Following this she could progress to a ridden career or continue to be a valuable brood mare.

Stefano Bibbiani

Stefano Bibbiani - Italy
Stefano Bibbiani
Stefano Bibbiani

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Gillian Bilbrough

Gillian Bilbrough riding Mayflower Vd Breemeersen

Gillian Bilbroughp>

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Gillian Bilbrough

Marianna-Alexandra Paraschi

Marianna-Alexandra Paraschi is a showjumping rider from Greece who competed at the European young rider championships. Horses competed by Marianna-Alexandra Paraschi include Calysta, Carmen Lou and Clear The Way.

Marianna-Alexandra Paraschi
Very handsome 14.3hh coloured cob gelding
Forward going, well mannered 10 yr old. Jumps, hacks alone or in company. Good to box, shoe or clip. passport and microchipped. Superb temperament, very reluctant sale, £2900 Tel: 01463 831349 Scot...

Florian Meyer zu Hartum

Florian Meyer zu Hartum - germany

Florian Meyer zu Hartum

The family Meyer zu Hartum is a real horse family. Florian`s father Gustav is the chairman of the Westfalian breeder association and rode himself up to big classes. Florian`s mother Christine is a riding instructor and competeted on shows in dressage and show jumping classes.
Nevertheless Florian prefered to play soccer in a club up to an age of 17. He even played as a soccer player for his region Westfalia.

Of course Florian sat on a horse from time to time though he loved soccer. In 1992 he was already Westfalian champion of the junior show jumpers. From 1994 to 1995 he was a soldier in a special company for succesful athletes (riders) in Warendorf. Though he was already quite succesful as a show jumping rider he didn`t want to make the riding to his main occupation. Therefore he started in 1995 to study mathematics in Bielefeld. But beside of the university the riding took more and more from his time so he quit university in 1999 and started to work with horses full time.

Florians main aspect is a solid and gentle training of his horses. All his Grand Prix horses Larius W, Waldrose and Champion are already ridden of him for many years. His good training especially for young horses can be seen each year at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf. Since 1993 he qualified horses for this event and each year he had at least one in the final class. 1998 he won the Bundeschampionat with Fibonacci.

Florian also trains young riders. Since 1999 he is the regional trainer for young riders in Detmold.

A succesful year for Florian was 2000. He was appointed to the German Team and got a special decoration of the german federation for his succes in the show jumping sport.

2001 he was for 6 months in the United States. He worked for the Family Saperstein in California as a rider and a trainer. He worked together with the nations cup rider Ray Texel. During this time he was quite succesful on shows in the United States and in Canada.

After his return to Germany he started to run his own business on the farm of his parents in Herford, Westfalia. 2003 he passes the exam as an professional rider with a decoration.

Since March 2007 Florian is working for the Varster Pferdezucht GmbH in Blender close to Verden.

Results 2001:

4. Place Grand Prix of Los Angeles, CSI
13. Place Queen Elizabeth Cup, Spruce Meadows, CSIO
6. Place Canada National Grand Prix, Spruce Meadows, CSIO
2. Place Cup of Hannover, CSI
3. Place im Gold Cup, Munich, CSI
10. Place Grand Prix of Gijon, CSIO
5. Place Nations Cup, Gijon, CSIO

Results 2002:

5. Place Kings Cup Madrid, CSI
6. Place Nations Cup, Lisboa, CSIO
2. Place Westfalian Championships
5. Place Nations Cup Gijon, CSIO
1. Place Masters, La Coruna, CSI

Results 2003:

1. Place Grand Prix of Lisboa, CSIO
3. Place Nations Cup, Lisboa, CSIO
3. Place Grand Prix, Paderborn, CSN
9. Place Grand Prix Gijon, CSIO
7. Place Nations Cup Gijon, CSIO
12. Place German Championships, Gera
1. Place Cup of Hannover, CSI

Results 2004:

2. Place Grand Prix Braunschweig, CSN
10. Place Grand Prix Herford, CSN
5. Place Championship of the professional riders, Bissendorf
3. Place Nations Cup Linz, CSIO
10. Place Cup of Linz, CSIO
12. Place Grand Prix Linz, CSIO
11. Place Cup of Munich, CSI
10. Place Grand Prix Munich, CSI
14. Place German Chamionships, Balve
6. Place Nations Cup Hickstead, CSIO

Results 2005:

8. Place Grand Prix Bremen, CSN
4. Place Grand Prix of NRW,Dortmund CSI
7. Place Grand Prix Herford, CSN
3. Place Nations Cup Linz, CSIO
8. Place Grand Prix Linz, CSIO
8. Place Grand Prix Pforzheim, CSN
11. Place Grand Prix Balve, CSI
3. Place Grand Prix Nördlingen, CSN
10. Place Grand Prix Gera, CSI
8. Place Grand Prix Hachenburg, CSI
3. Place Championat M√ľnster, CSI
2. Place Grand Prix Munich, CSI
Results 2006:

10. Place Grand Prix M√ľnster, CSN
3. Place Grand Prix Herford, CSN
9. Place Kings Cup Madrid, CSI
10. Place Grand Prix Nörten-Hardenberg, CSI
Results 2007:

3. Place Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur, CSI

Florian Meyer zu Hartum Horses

† † † Alvaro
† † †† † †Argentinus x - (01/01/1997)
† † † Cassis
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Champion
† † †† † †Contender x - (01/01/1996)
† † † Oxygene
† † †† † †Rocadero x - (01/01/1999)
† † † Waldrose
† † †† † †Cantus x - (01/01/1993)

Florian Meyer zu Hartum Competition Results

05 - Wiesbaden, Viebrock Preis - 1.45 Against the clock - 05/06/2006 - Cassis
35 - Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden Grand Prix - 05/06/2006 - Alvaro
07 - Wiesbaden, Preis der Firma Sprehe Feinkost - 6/7 Years Against the clock - 04/06/2006 - Oxygene
04 - Wiesbaden, Preis der Dyckerhoff AG - 1.45 Against the clock - 03/06/2006 - Cassis
07 - Wiesbaden, Championat von Wiesbaden - Riders Tour Team - 1.50 Against the clock - 03/06/2006 - Alvaro
9 - Madrid, Kings Cup - 21/05/2006 - Alvaro
23 - Madrid, Grand Prix - 20/05/2006 - Alvaro
5 - Madrid, 1.45 Fasi cons. - 18/05/2006 - Cassis
2 - Munich, Grand Prix - 04/12/2005 - Waldrose
7 - Munich, 1.45 Speed and handiness - 03/12/2005 - Cassis
21 - Munchen-Riem, Grand Prix - 08/05/2005 - Waldrose
02 - Lisbon, Premio Repsol 1.45 Against the clock - 06/06/2003 - Champion
Florian Meyer zu Hartum

Alessandra Momigliano

Alessandra Momigliano - Italy

Shane O`reilly


Gianfranco Forcella

Gianfranco Forcella - Italy - Endurance Rider

Carine Gagliani

Carine Gagliani - France

Carine Gagliani

Posted by Stable Express

Carine Gagliani

Ian Wright

Ian Wright -

Ian Wright Horses

Ashdale Montgomery

Ian Wright Competition Results

12 - Scope, Pairs - 27/08/2003 - Ashdale Montgomery

Gianmarco Rosati

Gianmarco Rosati - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gianmarco Rosati

Florian Massard

Florian Massard - Italy - Showjumping Rider Florian Massard

Giandomenico Mariano

Giandomenico Mariano - Italy - Showjumping Rider / Horse Rider profile of Italian endurance rider / Stable Express.com

Carola Giuliani

Carola Giuliani - Italy
Carola Giuliani
Carola Giuliani

Carole Balian

Carole Balian - France

Caterina Ciani

Caterina Ciani - Italy

Catherine Balian

Catherine Balian - France

Ceci Mourkogiannis

Ceci Mourkogiannis -
Ceci Mourkogiannis
Ceci Mourkogiannis

Celso Luis Camargo Ariani

Celso Luis Camargo Ariani - Brazil

Cerian Kear

Cerian Kear - UK

Chance Arakelian

Chance Arakelian - USA

Charmian Moulin

Charmian Moulin - France

Chiara Parmegiani Palmieri

Chiara Parmegiani Palmieri - Italy
Chiara Parmegiani Palmieri
Chiara Parmegiani Palmieri

Chiara Vingiani

Chiara Vingiani - Italy

Cian Melia

Cian Melia - Ireland

Cian O¬īConnor

Cian O¬īConnor - Ireland

Cinzia Cruciani

Cinzia Cruciani - Italy

Ciren Bianba

Ciren Bianba - China

Cl√£¬ĀUdio Costa Bianchini

Cl√£¬ĀUdio Costa Bianchini - Brazil

Claudio Vingiani

Claudio Vingiani - ItalyClaudio Vingiani

Con Bouzianis

Con Bouzianis - Australia

Conde de Galiano

Conde de Galiano - Spain

Corine Biannic

Corine Biannic - France

Cristian Ceausescu

Cristian Ceausescu - Romania - Dressage Rider

Holly Miller


Cristian Del Canto

Cristian Del Canto - ChileCristian Del Canto

Cristian Gozzini

Cristian Gozzini - Italy

Cristiano Avoli

Cristiano Avoli - Italy

Cristian Grosso

Cristian Grosso - UruguayCristian Grosso

Bastian Konzag

German showjumping rider Bastian Konzag, we need additional information on this rider. If you can help please email us at info@stableexpress.com


Bastian Konzag

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Bastian Konzag

Florian Le Roy

Florian Le Roy - France - Endurance Rider Florian Le Roy

Gillian Duke

Gillian Duke - Canada - Dressage Rider Gillian Duke

Gian Michele Minardi

Gian Michele Minardi - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gian Michele Minardi Horses†- Carlos.
, Galoubet de Guldenboom

Gian Michele Minardi Competition Results

29 - Massazza, Grand Prix - 05/10/2003 - Carlos.
47 - Giubiasco , 1.40 Two phases - 30/08/2002 - Galoubet de Guldenboom

Gianflavio Galli

Gianflavio Galli - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gianflavio Galli

Florian Pesquet

Florian Pesquet - France - Endurance Rider Florian Pesquet

Florian Paoli

Florian Paoli - France - Showjumping Rider Florian Paoli

Cristian Ruiz Dias

Cristian Ruiz Dias - Argentina

Delfina Giuliano

Delfina Giuliano - Argentina

Delphine Falciani

Delphine Falciani - Belgium

Deodato Cianfanelli

Deodato Cianfanelli - Italy
Deodato Cianfanelli
Deodato Cianfanelli

Diana Abakumova

Diana Abakumova - Russia

Diana Aponte

Diana Aponte - Puerto Rico

Diana Arango Macafee

Diana Arango Macafee - SpainDiana Arango Macafee

Diana Bartoloni

Diana Bartoloni - Italy

Diana Brown

Diana Brown - USA

Diana Callahan

Diana Callahan - USA
Online Dressage

Diana Catalan Nielsen

Diana Catalan Nielsen - Spain
Horse Themed Earings

Diana Dusevic

Diana Dusevic - CanadaDiana Dusevic

Diana Eberhardt

Diana Eberhardt - Germany

Diana Fairclough

Diana Fairclough -

Diana Gonzalez-Villamil

Diana Gonzalez-Villamil - Puerto Rico

Diana Grant

Diana Grant - UK

Diana Hofer

Diana Hofer - Denmark

Diana Josã© De Mello

Diana Josã© De Mello - Portugal
Diana Josã© De Mello
Diana Josã© De Mello

Diana Koebel

Diana Koebel - USA

Diana Kramer

Diana Kramer - Denmark

Diana Lynn Vilardo

Diana Lynn Vilardo - USADiana Lynn Vilardo

Diana Man

Diana Man - UK

Diana Mars√£¬Ā-Lafarge

Diana Mars√£¬Ā-Lafarge - SpainDiana Mars√£¬Ā-Lafarge

Diana Mclaren

Diana Mclaren - UK

Diana Miller Howard

Diana Miller Howard - USA

Diana Moore

Diana Moore - Argentina

Diana Mukpo

Diana Mukpo - USA

Diana Origgi

Diana Origgi - Italy

Diana Ostariz Oliver

Diana Ostariz Oliver - Spain
Diana Ostariz Oliver
Diana Ostariz Oliver

Diana Piera Salamero

Diana Piera Salamero - Spain
Diana Piera Salamero
Diana Piera Salamero

Diana Rey

Diana Rey - Columbia

Diana Rich

Diana Rich - USA

Alexiane Lecroq

Alexiane Lecroq - France - Showjumping Rider

Diana Stewart

Diana Stewart - USADiana Stewart

Diana Untermeyer

Diana Untermeyer - USA

Diana Van Der Spek

Diana Van Der Spek - Holland

Diana W√£Ňďnschek

Diana W√£Ňďnschek - Austria

Diana Washington

Diana Washington - Diana Washington

Diana Wucher

Diana Wucher - NamibiaDiana Wucher

Diana Zajda

Diana Zajda - uk
Diana Zajda
Diana Zajda

Diane Albertini

Diane Albertini - France

Diane Barlow

Diane Barlow - UK

Diane Barrett

Diane Barrett - New Zealand

Diane Berkovits

Diane Berkovits - SwitzerlandDiane Berkovits

Diane Dawson

Diane Dawson -
Diane Dawson
Diane Dawson

Diane Dechelle Guichard

Diane Dechelle Guichard - France

Diane Denayer

Diane Denayer - FranceDiane Denayer

Diane Dupont

Diane Dupont - MON

Diane Erpelding

Diane Erpelding - Luxembourg

Diane Gauffreteau

Diane Gauffreteau - France
Selle Frncais Horses For Sale

Diane Gilder

Diane Gilder - New Zealand

Diane Kastama

Diane Kastama - USA

Diane Keenan

Diane Keenan - New ZealandDiane Keenan

Diane Lamarche

Diane Lamarche - France

Diane Palfray

Diane Palfray - France

Diane Robert

Diane Robert - France
Horse Necklaces

Diane Rodich

Diane Rodich - USA
Diane Rodich
Diane Rodich

Diani Lee Cheng Ni

Diani Lee Cheng Ni - Malaysia

Feed hygiene Hygienic quality is one the most important parameters to consider when judging the standard of feed Ė the other parameter is the nutrient composition of the feed. A bad quality feed can result in negative health effects eg: diarrhea, behavioural problems, cholic, fertility issues, lowered immune defence, loss of appetite, respiratory illness, poisoning etc.

Diane Savatier

Diane Savatier - FranceDiane Savatier

Diane Trundle

Diane Trundle - CanadaDiane Trundle

Diann Roffe

Diann Roffe - USA

Diana Bauer

Diana Bauer - Germany

Diana Dinslage

Diana Dinslage - Germany

Diana Korbut

Diana Korbut - BelarusDiana Korbut

Diana V. Rose

Diana V. Rose - USA

Diane Mcbroom

Diane Mcbroom - USADiane Mcbroom

Diane Woodward

Diane Woodward - USA

Dianna Lange

Dianna Lange - Australia
Online Dressage

Diane Kiss

Diane Kiss - New Zealand

Diane Metra

Diane Metra - France

Diane Ritz

Diane Ritz - USA

Diane Ross

Diane Ross - UKDiane Ross

Diane Senigallia

Diane Senigallia - FranceDiane Senigallia

Diego Fiandra

Diego Fiandra - Uruguay

Diana Lovasova

Diana Lovasova - Slovakia - Horse Vaulting

Kerri Hourihan


Domiziana Cardinali

Domiziana Cardinali - ItalyDomiziana Cardinali

Dorian Perron Pette

Dorian Perron Pette - FranceDorian Perron Pette

Dorian Auzou

Dorian Auzou - France

Dorian Lagarnaudie

Dorian Lagarnaudie - France
Online Dressage

Dorianne Picavet

Dorianne Picavet - Austria

Christian Motzet

Christian Motzet - Germany

ACPS Inspected & approved - 1997 grey mare. infoal due Jan. 2008. trained english - $8000. a lovely kind hearted mare.

Bamdad Memarian

Bamdad Memarian - Germany


Bamdad Memarian

Posted by Stable Express

Bamdad Memarian

Bernard Briand Chevalier

Bernard Briand Chevalier - France

Bernard Briand Chevalier

Posted by Stable Express

Bernard Briand Chevalier

Adrian Lopez Diaz-Pavon

Adrian Lopez Diaz-Pavon - Spain

Adrian Lopez Diaz-Pavon

Posted by Stable Express

Adrian Lopez Diaz-Pavon
Showjumping Horses For Sale

Adrian Buzzard

Adrian Buzzard - UK

Adrian Gandila

Adrian Gandila - Romania

Adrian Little

Adrian Little - UKAdrian Little

Adrian Maguire

Adrian Maguire - Ireland

Adrian Unzeitig

Adrian Unzeitig - Austria

Adriana King

Adriana King - Barbados

Adriana Vacca

Adriana Vacca - Italy

Adrianna Halabuda Krzanowska

Adrianna Halabuda Krzanowska - Poland
Horse Themed Earings

Adrianne Ryan

Adrianne Ryan - USA

Adriano Cristiano

Adriano Cristiano - Portugal

Adriano Gigli

Adriano Gigli - Italy

Adriano Melosi

Adriano Melosi - ArgentinaAdriano Melosi

Adriane Jimenez

Adriane Jimenez - USA

Adrianna Stasiniewska

Adrianna Stasiniewska - Poland

Adriano Meacci

Adriano Meacci - Italy

Adriano Prisco

Adriano Prisco - Italy
Horse Themed Earings

Alex Lothian

Alex Lothian - New Zealand

Training and board are due and payable in advance each month. Other expenses are due when billed. All charges must be paid on a current basis. Accounts 30 days past-due will incur a finance charge of 1-1/2% per month (18% APR). Horses will not be released from the stable unless bills are paid in full. Chapter 87 of the Oregon Revised Statutes will be followed in cases of accounts that are seriously delinquent. This procedure allows the attachment and foreclosure of a lien against the horse and the sale of the horse upon foreclosure of the lien.

Horses in training should have the following equipment, plainly marked as your personal property:


Show tack and equipment ~ owners are to furnish their own show tack and equipment. This includes a show bridle, saddle, tail brace, driving harness, show card or viceroy, show blanket and leg wraps, etc. These items can be rented from JAKE PRICE STABLES for a reasonable fee.

Alberto Graziani

Alberto Graziani - Italy

Coveca Andalusian Horses, Madrid - Spain

Coveca Andalusian Horses is a company created with the aim of offering the world of purebred horses and Spanish sport horses a platform through which we can offer and provide a series of services that we consider essential and necessary at the present time and which the sector very much needs.

COVECA is situated in the ďFinca el QuintoĒ, Crta. Aranjuez - Toledo , CM-4001 Km 34, in the municipality of Borox, Toledo. It is 48 km from Madrid, 10 km from Aranjuez and 28 km from Toledo. COVECA has some magnificent and extensive installations that allow it to offer all the services we describe below with the highest guarantee:

Coveca Andalusian Horses

Email : internationalsales@covecapre.com

International Sales Centre

Everyone is aware of the great difficulty faced by the majority of breeders in commercializing their products. There are all kinds of problems , including the actual location of properties and the lack of human means and installations to make a proper presentation of the animals that each breeder might offer for sale. The cost of promotion, so that all potential buyers are familiar with the stud farms and travel to them in search of their products, would be unbearable for breeders acting on their own. With Coveca all this is simplified in a radical way. We have the best location, extensive and functional installations (more than 300 stalls), qualified staff and international promotional advertising that is sufficient to ensure that potential buyers, both national and international, visit us. Coveca tries to have a large number of animals from various stud farms available for sale at all times Ė an attractive proposition, which means that any buyer, anywhere in the world, knows of our existence and feels obliged to visit us before taking any purchase decision.

The terms of sale are always established directly between the owner of the animal and Coveca. In every case a contract is signed by both parties.

International auctions

Auctions for PRE (purebred Spanish) horses that have been carried out in Spain to date have had little success. Our understanding is that, if this medium works in other countries and with other breeds of horse, then it ought to function here too.

Coveca is trying to undertake a series of auctions carried out with total seriousness, organisation and effectiveness. We count on the most modern means of communication and we also try to ensure that, as well as those who attend the auction physically, people can also place bids via a webcam from any point in the world in real time. Such bidders would be able to know in real time what is happening in the presentation arena as well as to know on the spot the bids that are being placed.

The animals to be auctioned will have been selected and clinically accredited so that the buyers have a proper knowledge of each individual so that they can place their bids. A complete catalogue is published with the auction terms, together with details of the animals to be auctioned.

Organisation of classical, haute ecole and cowboy dressage
Coveca will undertake the organization of competitions of the indicated disciplines and already has sufficient installations and arenas. These competitions will be held in the most professional manner and each one will be announced with sufficient notice.

Organisation of morphological competitions
As in the previous section, Coveca wants to undertake the organisation of morphological competitions of PRE (purebred Spanish horses) and CDE (Spanish sport horses). We aim for this to become an international-level competition that will be among the most important that are staged in Spain. We will do all that is necessary so that our competitions attract the largest possible quantity of foreign breeders. In organising these competitions we are able to draw on the experience of having been the organisers of ECUMAD for seven years. These competitions will be called the "Villa de Borox Morphological Competitions".

Organization of clinics for dressage and training horses
This is another of the activities which Coveca intends to roll out. These clinics Ė covering the disciplines of classical dressage, haute ecole and cowboy dressage Ė will be given for riders with basic experience as well as for those of intermediate and advanced levels. Our installations and our experience allow us to offer these clinics with the highest degree of efficiency and to the satisfaction of student riders.

These courses can cover a large number of concepts and activities, from courses for keepers of breeding mares, grooms, farriers, equine health staff, and handlers for morphological or functionality competitions or any other specified didactic need that is related to the equine world. We make our commitment based on our experience and on the suitability of our installations to achieve the greatest efficiency and to provide satisfaction to our student clients.

Coveca is an officially approved reproduction centre and is authorized for the manipulation of refrigerated and frozen equine semen, and for the manipulation and transplanting of equine embryos. This accreditation allows us to send semen or embryos to any country in the world. Both Coveca`s veterinary and its auxiliary staff have high levels of experience. Our staffís experience combined with the quality of our equipment, allows us to offer a service of the highest quality and assurance.

Coveca also offers the option of accepting male and female horses to carry out examinations or to apply fertility treatments.

Coveca has in its possession various stallions of recognized quality. These stallions can be used to cover our clientsí mares and can be visited by appointment.

Commercialisation of semen and equine embryos
Coveca has a store of frozen semen in which we maintain a large quantity of doses to send to breeders who request them. Here we store many doses of our horses and of horses from other stud farms. Information and conditions are available on request.

Centre for the recuperation of sport horses
Coveca can also offer services of recuperation for male and female animals, both breeding stock and sports horses. Our prices are affordable.

Equestrian exhibitions for groups and businesses Coveca can offer exhibitions and shows or groups of people, mainly in the tourism sector, we have an area for shows with stands for 250 people. As well as the show, we can offer lunch, an afternoon snack, or dinner.

Coveca Andalusian Horses

Diane Amendolara

Diane Amendolara - Argentina

Oh, they will definitely bug it, no doubt about it. Expect them to chew and rub on the pole- if your horse doesnít, it is probably sick, lol. We have 10 acres of alfalfa pasture and 1 cedar post in the middle of it Ö..it has been rubbed to the ground already- even 24/7 available food doesnít get them to stop- their heads and ***** are itchy.

If you donít want it damaged at all, you definitely need to fence it off.

Alena Mastsianitsa

Alena Mastsianitsa - Belarus

Alessandro Appiani

Alessandro Appiani - Italy

Alessia Iuliano

Alessia Iuliano - Italy

Alex Hua Tian

Alex Hua Tian - china

Diane Jenkyn

Diane Jenkyn - Australia

Wrapping of bales immediately after baling is the optimal technique to avoid air leakage into the bale and thereby reduce the risk of mould growth. Once the wrapping of the bales is finished the bales are placed on a pallet approved for export purpose. By using this unique technique the pressed bale never touches the ground and the risk of soil contamination is eliminated. A good hygienic quality is essential for all fodders given to horses.

Alfonso Striano

Alfonso Striano - Italy

Q: All of the horses at my barn are insured by their owners, so I don`t need CCC coverage, right?

A: Actually you still need this coverage. If one of those horses dies and the insurance company pays the claim but they believe you or your employee were negligent in causing the horse`s death, you can still be sued by the insurance company. If this happens, the CCC policy will pay for your defense and pay claims up to the coverage limits.


Maximillian is a Danish-bred stallion sired by Carnute, who was previously ridden by Sweden`s Anna Olssen before being imported to the UK to be ridden by John Whitaker. Below you can watch John Whitaker and Maximillian in the nation cup competition at St Gallen.

John Whitaker - Maximillian - NC St Gallen 2012


Alvise Cristiani

Alvise Cristiani - Italy

Trimming shaggy hair from under the jaw line and the whiskers from around the muzzle adds definition and a look of refinement to your horse throughout the year. Your horse has hair inside his ears and above his eyes (feelers), and during show season, you may opt to trim them. However, the hair in these areas serves a purpose and should only be trimmed when necessary. Rubbing a damp cloth over the face each time you groom will help to keep your horse looking his best.

Ambra Crociani

Ambra Crociani - Italy

Annie Friant

Annie Friant - France

Your reliable partner for worldwide horse im- an exports by airfreight

We arrange full global service:

Agricon-Logistic GmbH & Co. International Livestock Transport Airport Bremen

Henrich-Focke-Str. 13
28199 Bremen/Germany
Phone: +49 - 421 - 32 72 73 Fax: +49 - 421 - 32 71 64
e-mail: info@agricon-horsetransport.com

Andrian Todorov

Andrian Todorov - Bulgaria

Andrian Datzinski

Andrian Datzinski - Bulgaria

Angelina Dorrian

Angelina Dorrian - New Zealand

Anibal Marianito

Anibal Marianito - PortugalAnibal Marianito

Anna Soriano Lluch

Anna Soriano Lluch - Spain

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Diana Heffron

Diana Heffron - Ireland

After baling, the bale is taken straight to the wrapping table and is wrapped with 10 layers of stretch-film plastics. The quality of the stretch-film is of great importance to keep air from entering the bale. Only high quality stretch-film (Silotite) of white colour is used. All this is done to maintain the quality inside the haylage bale. The white colour reflects ultraviolet radiation from the sun and contributes to keeping the temperature down inside the wrapped bale. It is important to keep the temperature down inside the wrapped bales as the lactic acid bacteria essential for a good fermentation prefer a temperature around 20-25 degrees Celsius. The less-desirable bacteria like temperatures about 35 degrees Celsius.

Ariana Ranui

Ariana Ranui - New Zealand

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Arianna Betti

Arianna Betti - Italy

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Arnaud Briand

Arnaud Briand - France

Forum for Corporate Directors (FCD) is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the highest standards of corporate ethics and best governance practices, create forums for director peer interactions, and enhance director effectiveness through high-quality and timely education and development programs.

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Arianna Guidarelli

Arianna Guidarelli - Italy - EventingArianna Guidarelli

Arianna Salbego Colletti

Arianna Salbego Colletti - Italy - Showjumping Riders Arianna Salbego Colletti

Ariana Pfaff

Ariana Pfaff - Spain

Ariana Schulte

Ariana Schulte - Canada

Ariana Vargas

Ariana Vargas - Costa Rica

Ariane Altorfer

Ariane Altorfer - SwitzerlandAriane Altorfer

Ariane Americano Freire Alves

Ariane Americano Freire Alves - BrazilAriane Americano Freire Alves

Ariane Bux

Ariane Bux - Germany

Ariane Gallo

Ariane Gallo - Italy

Ariane Gauthier

Ariane Gauthier - Canada

Ariane Koch

Ariane Koch - Switzerland

Ariane Malancon

Ariane Malancon - FranceAriane Malancon

Ariane Muff

Ariane Muff - Switzerland

Arianna Battarra

Arianna Battarra - ItalyArianna Battarra

Arianna Candido

Arianna Candido - ItalyArianna Candido

Arianna Guida

Arianna Guida - Italy

Arianna Pagliai

Arianna Pagliai - ItalyArianna Pagliai

Arianna Valencia Martinez

Arianna Valencia Martinez - Brazil - Horse Vaulting Arianna Valencia Martinez

Diane Kettmann

Diane Kettmann - Luxembourg

12 bales are stocked on to each pallet and are picked up straight from the field to be transported straight to a well prepared storage area (drainage 50 cm under a layer of sand and gravel) to be kept until delivery to the customer. To reduce the risk of puncturing, all direct handling of the bales is avoided. The storage area is prepared with the proper drainage and the bales are covered with birds net to avoid bird or vermin damage.

Diana Al Shaer

Diana Al Shaer - Russia

Edoardo Biancheri

Edoardo Biancheri - Italy

Bernard Papazian

Bernard Papazian - France

Bianka Bakanek

Bianka Bakanek - HungaryBianka Bakanek

Biancamaria Rossi

Biancamaria Rossi - Italy

Bianka Kiss

Bianka Kiss - Hungary

Bianka Tam√£¬ĀS

Bianka Tam√£¬ĀS - HungaryBianka Tam√£¬ĀS

Birthe-Maximiliane Br√£Ňďggemann

Birthe-Maximiliane Br√£Ňďggemann - Germany

Briana Lee

Briana Lee - GuamBriana Lee

Briana Olsen

Briana Olsen - USABriana Olsen

Brianna Zwilling

Brianna Zwilling - USA

Gilberto Sebastian Pirir Soc

Gilberto Sebastian Pirir Soc - Guam - Eventing Gilberto Sebastian Pirir Soc

Gian Paolo Ciani

Gian Paolo Ciani - Italy - Horse Driving Gian Paolo Ciani

Florian H√£‚ÄďRmann

Florian H√£‚ÄďRmann - Germany - Horse Driving / Stable Express Horse Rider Database / Florian H„ĖRmann Horses & Competition Results

Eliana Alvarez

Eliana Alvarez - Puerto Rico

Elisa Turriano

Elisa Turriano - Italy

Emiliana Di Silvestro

Emiliana Di Silvestro - VenezuelaEmiliana Di Silvestro

Domagoj Christian Kindl

Domagoj Christian Kindl is an amateur showjumping rider from Crotia, below you can watch Domagoj Christian Kindl jumping in a 1,10m in Zagrab.

Domagoj Christian Kindl - 1,10 m

Enrico Gugliandolo

Enrico Gugliandolo - Italy

Erwin Kazianka

Erwin Kazianka - AustriaErwin Kazianka

Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh - Ireland

Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson - Ireland Ian Wilson

Ian Vincent

Ian Vincent - UK

Daiana Barneche

Daiana Barneche - Argentina

thousand oaks horse property well, horses like to be outside, im just worried about how he is tied up. He could get hurt really bad from being tied up, especially at a long distance where he could step on the lead rope. If he doesnít seem to be underweight, and he seems happy maybe you could talk to the new owner and tell them to put up a fence. Maybe even convince them to buy grain and hay, cause that would help the horse become well fed. Hope I helped :]

Cristian Petersen

Cristian Petersen - Argentina

The stud is focusing on breeding horses with looks and movement to excel in the show ring and with the temperament and discipline to move easily into competing across disciplines.

Fernando Sebastian Noriega

Fernando Sebastian Noriega - Argentina

Victoria Tower Royalty has returned home and we are so happy with how he has matured and what a pretty boy he is! Having not seen Royalty since he was a yearling, I was very excited when he walked off the truck from South Australia and see how beautiful he was. Just like I remembered :-) Royalty is now at our instructorís home being returned to work. Anikka will play a major role in this, as Royalty will be Anikkaís galloway. We wish for them to bond and learn together, hoping to make a life long partnership together.

Florence Mariande

Florence Mariande - France

Florian Angot

Florian Angot - FranceFlorian Angot

Florian Fritz

Florian Fritz - AustriaFlorian Fritz

Florian Iseli

Florian Iseli - Switzerland
Florian Iseli
Florian Iseli

Florian Stahl

Florian Stahl - Germany

Floriane Imbard

Floriane Imbard - France

Florian Bilquez

Florian Bilquez - FranceFlorian Bilquez

Florian Figarola

Florian Figarola - France

Florian Guerin

Florian Guerin - FranceFlorian Guerin

Florian Held

Florian Held - Germany

Florian K√£‚ÄďNig

Florian K√£‚ÄďNig - GermanyFlorian K√£‚ÄďNig

Florian Wissdorf

Florian Wissdorf - GermanyFlorian Wissdorf

Floriane Freyermouth

Floriane Freyermouth - France

Florian Bazin

Florian Bazin - FranceFlorian Bazin

Floriane Deletang

Floriane Deletang - France

Floriane Mingeonnet

Floriane Mingeonnet - FranceFloriane Mingeonnet

Florianne Dartique

Florianne Dartique - FranceFlorianne Dartique

Frances Dorrian

Frances Dorrian - UK

Florian B√£‚ÄďHner

Florian B√£‚ÄďHner - Germany - Horse Vaulting / Stable Express Horse Website / Information on horse vaulters from around the world.

Francisco Damiao Mariano

Francisco Damiao Mariano - SpainFrancisco Damiao Mariano

Diana Koppel

Diana Koppel - Estonia - Showjumping Rider

Samantha Borthwick


Diane Ballande

Diane Ballande - France - Showjumping Rider

Seb Hughes


Alessandra Fabian

Alessandra Fabian - Italy - Eventing

Shane O`Meara


Briana Burgess

Briana Burgess - Australia - Dressage Rider Briana

Geriann Henderson

Geriann Henderson - USA

Gianfranco Pinna

Gianfranco Pinna - ItalyGianfranco Pinna

Gianluigi Naboni

Gianluigi Naboni - Italy

Gianmaria Leto

Gianmaria Leto - Italy

Gianna Meier

Gianna Meier - GermanyGianna Meier

Giambiattista Bianchi

Giambiattista Bianchi - Italy - Show Jumping Rider / Stable Express Horse Rider Database / Giambiattista Bianchi Horses

Giannina Mammone

Giannina Mammone - Germany - Eventing Rider Giannina Mammone

Gian Battista Ghilardi

Gian Battista Ghilardi - Italy

Gian Mauro Rondinara

Gian Mauro Rondinara - ItalyGian Mauro Rondinara

Gianbattista Gnutti

Gianbattista Gnutti - Italy

Gianni Racca

Gianni Racca - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gianni Racca

Gianleonardo Murruzzu

Gianleonardo Murruzzu - Italy

Gianna Beconcini

Gianna Beconcini - ItalyGianna Beconcini

Gianni Polonio

Gianni Polonio - Italy

Gillian Peat

Gillian Peat - UK - Showjumping RiderGillian Peat

Giorgi Koblianidze

Giorgi Koblianidze - Georgia

Giovanni Marigliano

Giovanni Marigliano - Italy

Giulia Giannoni

Giulia Giannoni - Italy

Giuliana Mazzola

Giuliana Mazzola - Italy

Giuliano Bruno Massa

Giuliano Bruno Massa - BrazilGiuliano Bruno Massa

Giuliano Cadoni

Giuliano Cadoni - ItalyGiuliano Cadoni

Giuliano Paciotti

Giuliano Paciotti - Italy

Giuliano Russo

Giuliano Russo - Italy

Giulio Cacciandra

Giulio Cacciandra - Italy

Giulio Carpigiani

Giulio Carpigiani - Italy

Gloriana Herrera

Gloriana Herrera - Costa Rica

Adriana Lidin-Mercado

Adriana Lidin-Mercado - Puerto Rico

LONG HAUL PRICES from April 2005 will be charged at 40 pence per mile, the hire fee is waived. For example, a 400 mile journey would cost £160.00 plus diesel and is an economical way to collect or deliver a horse from further distances and includes hire for 48 hours to avoid stress!

Graziano Servida

Graziano Servida - Italy

Graziano Tazzi

Graziano Tazzi - Italy

Graziano Rodinetti

Graziano Rodinetti - Italy
Graziano Rodinetti
Graziano Rodinetti

Gwenllian Lewis

Gwenllian Lewis - Gwenllian Lewis

Gianfelice D`Agostino

Gianfelice D`Agostino - Italy - Endurance Rider Gianfelice D`Agostino

Gianna Baiocchi

Gianna Baiocchi - Italy - Dressage Rider Gianna Baiocchi

Floriane Robert

Floriane Robert - France - Endurance Rider Floriane Robert

Florian Legrand

Florian Legrand - France - Endurance Rider Florian Legrand

Floriane Sechaud

Floriane Sechaud - France - Showjumping Rider Floriane Sechaud

Ian Sutherland

Ian Sutherland - Australia

Gillian Muirhead

Gillian Muirhead - UK - Eventing Gillian Muirhead

Heinrich Damian Braehler

Heinrich Damian Braehler - Germany

Equestrian Hoodies

Welcome to Stable Express, your premier shop for everything Equestrian. We are here to satisfy your need for Breeches, Riding Boots and all types of riding apparel. From bridals to chaps we aim to provide a means for you to obtain these essentials. We are here to serve so if there is something that you can`t find please drop a comment or note on any matter that you need help with. I personally will search to see if I can find it.

So why even create a site like this. Well, I wanted to share with you some of the finds that I have found here and their.

I would like to be the first to thank you for coming by to see what this site has to offer and I hope that you will find what you are looking for.

Mariana Quintana Rivero

Mariana Quintana Rivero is a dressage rider from Mexico, with the horse Benzema Mariana has represented Mexico at many major championships.


One Time Pepto

Posted by Stable Express

Mariana Quintana Rivero
Showjumping Horses For Sale

Giorgio Bianchi

Giorgio Bianchi - Italy Giorgio Bianchi

Hugo Sebastian Domenech

Hugo Sebastian Domenech - Argentina

Artificial Insemination Centre:

Northern Lights Arabians have been using AI with great success, and have been very lucky to have a veterinary expert who is considered to one of the finest specialists, in Ireland.

The Clinic is just a short drive away, where the artificial Insemination team, have enabled our stud to use the Stallions of, OM EL Arab international, and to be able offer a first class service to our clients.

We will of course be offering an AI Option for our Stallions at a later date.

All our Stallions and mares are DNA Tested.

Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts (born on October 28, 1958 in Victoria, British Columbia) competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics for Canada in eventing. His farm is Dreamcrest Farms, in Port Perry, Ontario, which he owns with his wife, Kelly Plitz, also an Olympic eventing rider. Ian placed 23rd in Rolex in 2006 and 20th in 2007. He represented Canada at the World Equestrian Games in August 2006, but was eliminated in the individual competition. Ian is a graduate of Brentwood College School, located in Mill Bay, British Columbia.

Ioannis Brastianos

Ioannis Brastianos - Greece Ioannis Brastianos

Isaura Kevorkian

Isaura Kevorkian - France Isaura Kevorkian

Mariana Valencia

We need more information on Mariana Valencia, please help by sending additional information to info@stableexpress.

Ian Olding

Ian Olding - Ireland

Ilian Iskarov

Ilian Iskarov - Bulgaria


Ilian Iskarov

Posted by Stable Express

Ilian Iskarov

Jacques Friant

Jacques Friant - France

Arianna Focardi

Arianna Focardi - Italy - Showjumping Rider Arianna Focardi

Javier Cebria Soriano

Javier Cebria Soriano - Spain

Javier Bosch Cebrian

Javier Bosch Cebrian - SpainJavier Bosch Cebrian

Ariane Mercier

Ariane Mercier - France

Jessica Kilian

Jessica Kilian - Germany

Jialiang Wang

Jialiang Wang - China

Jillian Byrne

Jillian Byrne - Ireland

Jillian Kemenosh

Jillian Kemenosh - USAJillian Kemenosh

Jillian Pixley

Jillian Pixley - USA

Jillian Terzian

Jillian Terzian - USA

Jillian Bourton

Jillian Bourton - AustraliaJillian Bourton

Jillian Crowley

Jillian Crowley - AustraliaJillian Crowley

Jillian Severn

Jillian Severn - Australia

Jo Lynn Siciliano

Jo Lynn Siciliano - Costa Rica
Jo Lynn Siciliano
Jo Lynn Siciliano

Joffrey Sarkissian

Joffrey Sarkissian - FranceJoffrey Sarkissian

Johanna Christiansen

Johanna Christiansen - Sweden - Showjumping Rider Johanna Christiansen

Johanna Marsian

Johanna Marsian - Germany

Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen

Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen - Norway

Gian Marco Panini

Gian Marco Panini - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gian Marco Panini

Indiana Lynn

Indiana Lynn - USA - Dressage Rider / Indiana Lynn Rider of the dressage pony Ossborne at junior level international dressage

Gillian Elston

Gillian Elston - South Africa - Horse Vaulting Gillian Elston

Gillian Crawford

Gillian Crawford - Ireland - Eventing Gillian Crawford

Gloriana Jacobs

Gloriana Jacobs - Guam - Showjumping Rider Gloriana Jacobs

Gianpaolo Rosi

Gianpaolo Rosi - Italy - Endurance Rider Gianpaolo Rosi

Gianpaolo Mollo

Gianpaolo Mollo - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gianpaolo Mollo

Florian Rizk

Florian Rizk - France - Showjumping Rider Florian Rizk

Beatrice Ottaviani

Beatrice Ottaviani - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Beatrice Ottaviani

Battista Gianni Mura

Battista Gianni Mura - Italy

Show Me Stable is a riding school for kids and adults. Beginners are our Business!

Located at 1235 Manor Road Windsor, PA 17366 (717)246-0311 Ask for Miss Liz

Diane Creech

Diane Creech - Canada

Diana Wilhelm

Diana Wilhelm - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Sarah Winterbottom


Fabiana Corr√£Ň°a De Oliveira

Fabiana Corr√£Ň°a De Oliveira - Brazil
Fabiana Corr√£Ň°a De Oliveira
Fabiana Corr√£Ň°a De Oliveira

Gillian Beechinor

Gillian Beechinor - Ireland - Eventing Gillian Beechinor

Jean-Baptiste Obellianne

Jean-Baptiste Obellianne - France - Showjumping
Jean-Baptiste Obellianne

Dennish Christian

Dennish Christian - INA - Dressage - Rider

Samantha Anne Oliver


Beatrice Bianchini

Beatrice Bianchini - Italy Beatrice Bianchini

Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton - Australia

Auriane Casile

Auriane Casile - France - Showjumping Rider Auriane

Erica Zuliani

Erica Zuliani - Italy - Showjumping Rider Erica Zuliani

Florian Pierre

Florian Pierre - France - Eventing

Ignacio Soriano Tous

Ignacio Soriano Tous - Spain

Ignacio Soriano Tous Horses


Ignacio Soriano Tous Competition Results

08 - Barcelona, Grand Prix - 04/06/2006 - Tresor
09 - Barcelona, 1.45 Against the clock - 03/06/2006 - Tresor
08 - Barcelona, Grand Prix - 11/12/2005 - Tresor
10 - Barcelona, 1.40 Two phases - 10/12/2005 - Tresor

Brianna Albright

Brianna Albright - Canada Brianna

Equestrian Celebrity

Equestrian Celebrity

Cristiana De Vincenzi

Cristiana De Vincenzi - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Hollie Pearce


Celine Krzemianowski

Celine Krzemianowski - France - Showjumping

Yiannis Seprieris

Yiannis Seprieris - Greece

Coralie Speriano

Coralie Speriano - France - Showjumping Rider

Hayley Lorrainne Webster


Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert - UK Ian Gilbert

Ian Wynne

Ian Wynne -

Ian Wynne Horses

Broadstone Destiny, Don Douglas, Kalahari Sunrise, Miss Muberry Hill, Treasure’s Calder Mill
Show jumping horse Kalahari Sunrise competed by Ian Wynne

Ian Wynne Competition Results

07 - Scope, 1.05m Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - Don Douglas
12 - Scope, 1.05m Preliminary Round Incorporating Discovery Warmup - 29/08/2006 - Don Douglas
10 - Scope, Pairs - 02/09/2005 - Broadstone Destiny
04 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 2 - ii - 31/08/2005 - Kalahari Sunrise
03 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 2 - i - 31/08/2005 - Broadstone Destiny
03 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Championship - 28/08/2003 - Treasure’s Calder Mill
04 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 2 - i - 27/08/2003 - Treasure’s Calder Mill
06 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 1 - ii - 26/08/2003 - Miss Muberry Hill
10 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 1 - ii - 26/08/2003 - Broadstone Destiny
12 - Scope, Pairs - 26/08/2003 - Treasure’s Calder Mill

Iannis Jaber Martinez

Iannis Jaber Martinez - Spain Iannis Jaber Martinez

Adrian Arregui

Adrian Arregui - Argentina - Showjumping
Adrian Arregui

Jens Christian Falkenberg

Jens Christian Falkenberg - Norway

Jens Christian Falkenberg Competition Results28 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1912 - Florida

Jessica Giannitsopoulos

Jessica Giannitsopoulos - Australia - Endurance Rider Jessica Giannitsopoulos

Gustavo Damian Molina Acosta

Gustavo Damian Molina Acosta - Uruguay - Endurance Rider Gustavo Damian Molina Acosta

Gillian Slayter

Gillian Slayter - USA - Eventing Gillian Slayter

Giorgia Sebastiani

Giorgia Sebastiani - Italy - Showjumping Rider Giorgia Sebastiani

Gillian Catlow

Gillian Catlow - Showjumping Rider Gillian

Gillian Catlow Horses

† † † Pretty Woman

Gillian Catlow Competition Results

07 - Scope, Blue Riband 1.20M Champs - 29/08/2003 - Pretty Woman
16 - Scope, Blue Riband Preliminary Round 1 - 26/08/2003 - Pretty Woman

Gillian Webster

Gillian Webster - USA - Eventing Gillian Webster

Ian Youdan

Ian Youdan - UK - Eventing Ian Youdan

Anna Gulaker Christiansen

Anna Gulaker Christiansen - Norway - Showjumping Rider Anna Gulaker Christiansen

Ariane Vauvray

Ariane Vauvray - France - Showjumping Rider Ariane Vauvray

Cristian Clavijo

Cristian Clavijo - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Holly Smith


Ariana Falck

Ariana Falck - Mexico - Showjumping Rider Ariana Falck

Ariana Velutini

Ariana Velutini - Venezuela - Showjumping Rider Ariana Velutini

Arriana Schivo

Arriana Schivo - Italy - Eventing Arriana Schivo

Diana Roberts

Diana Roberts - Australia - Endurance Rider

Samantha Louise Staples


Ariane De Backer

Ariane De Backer - Belgium - Showjumping Riders Ariane De Backer

Arianna Rigoni

Arianna Rigoni - Italy - Eventing Riders Arianna Rigoni

Arianne Weiss

Arianne Weiss - USA - Dressage Riders Arianne Weiss

Ariane Wischnik

Ariane Wischnik - Germany - Eventing Ariane Wischnik

Arianna Pecorari

Arianna Pecorari - Italy Arianna Pecorari

Cristian Canobbio

Cristian Canobbio - Italy - Showjumping RiderCristian Canobbio

Beatrice Bianco

Beatrice Bianco - Italy - Showjumping
Beatrice Bianco

Chloe Imbrosciano

Chloe Imbrosciano - France - Showjumping


Alexian Duchon

Alexian Duchon - France - Eventing

Will Edwards


Briana Stolley

Briana Stolley - USA - Eventing Briana

Anne Julie Adrian

Anne Julie Adrian - France - Eventing Anne Julie Adrian

Arianna Cappelli

Arianna Cappelli - Italy - Showjumping Rider Arianna Cappelli

Diana Stefanowska

Diana Stefanowska - Poland - Horse Vaulting

Sarah Lundy


Alexander Rodzianko

Alexander Rodzianko - Russia

Alexander Rodzianko Horses


Alexander Rodzianko Competition Results

16 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1912 - Eros

Brianne Link

Brianne Link - USA - Showjumping RiderBrianne Link

Ariane Regina Ermel

Ariane Regina Ermel - Brazil - Showjumping Rider Ariane Regina Ermel

Diana Kasselmann

Diana Kasselmann - Germany - Showjumping Rider Diana Kasselmann

Diane Pardee

Diane Pardee - USA - Eventing Rider Diane Pardee

Anna Luciana Mezzedimi

Anna Luciana Mezzedimi - Italy - Showjumping Rider Anna Luciana Mezzedimi

Arian Theveniaud

Arian Theveniaud - France - Horse Vaulting Arian Theveniaud

Arianna Almeida

Arianna Almeida - USA - Showjumping Rider Arianna

Eva Boyadjian

Eva Boyadjian - France - Showjumping Rider Eva

Gianmaria Morreale

Gianmaria Morreale - Italy - Showjumping Rider Gianmaria Morreale

Gillian Clissold

Gillian Clissold - UK - Eventing

Florian Greget

Florian Greget - France - Endurance RiderFlorian Greget

Florian Kraft

Florian Kraft - Germany - Horse Vaulting

Eliane De Beule

Eliane De Beule - Belgium - Showjumping Rider Eliane

Florian Starzacher

Florian Starzacher - Austria - Showjumping Rider Florian Starzacher

Gillian Higgins

Gillian Higgins - UK - Eventing Gillian

Gillian Jankelow

Gillian Jankelow - South Africa - Eventing Gillian

Jillian Terceira

Jillian Terceira - usa Jillian Terceira

Gillian Greenwood

Gillian Greenwood - Gillian

Filippo Gagliano

Filippo Gagliano - Italy - Endurance Rider Filippo

Heidi Gaian

Heidi Gaian - USA - Dressage Rider Heidi Gaian

Gillian Davison

Gillian Davison - UK Gillian Davison

Johannes Christian Rabie

Johannes Christian Rabie - South Africa - Endurance Rider Johannes Christian Rabie

Giuliana Devoto

Giuliana Devoto - Italy - Showjumping Rider Giuliana Devoto

Giovanni Giuliani

Giovanni Giuliani - Italy - Showjumping Rider Giovanni Giuliani

Gillian King

Gillian King - USA - Eventing Gillian King

Jieh Kiang Lim

Jieh Kiang Lim - Singapore - Dressage Rider Jieh Kiang Lim

Giuliano Franchi

Giuliano Franchi - Italy - Showjumping Rider Giuliano Franchi

Angelo Bianchi

Angelo Bianchi - Italy - Horse Driving Angelo Bianchi

Arianna Hustler

Arianna Hustler - Canada - Eventing Arianna Hustler

Giulia Argenziano

Giulia Argenziano - Italy - Eventing Rider Giulia Argenziano

Gillian Henselwood

Gillian Henselwood - Australia - Showjumping Rider Gillian Henselwood

Alex Fabiano De Oliveira

Alex Fabiano De Oliveira - Brazil - Para Equestrian Dressage

Vicky Laing


Filippo Emanuele Giannini

Filippo Emanuele Giannini - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Filippo Emanuele Giannini

Horse Rider

Filippo Emanuele Giannini Horses

† † † Ariel V (sired by Onatello), Gaillard des Isles (sired by†Vas Y Donc Longane)

Filippo Emanuele Giannini Competition Results

06 - Truccazzano, 1.35 Mixed comp - 07/04/2006 - Gaillard des Isles
18 - Rosà , Grand Prix - 13/06/2004 - Ariel V
05 - Cinzano, 1.30 Two ph. - tab. A/C - 28/06/2003 - Gaillard des Isles
09 - CSI 4* San Patrignano (ITA), Grand Prix - 09/02/2003 - Ariel V
30 - Cinzano, Grand Prix Two rounds - 29/06/2002 - Ariel V

Gillian Quinn

Gillian Quinn - Ireland - Dressage Rider

Chiara Fabbiani

Chiara Fabbiani - Italy