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How Many Horse Breeds Are There

How Many Horse Breeds Are There?

Their are many, many different horse breeds all with their own unique charachteristics and histories, The Encyclopedia of the Horse lists 150 different horse breeds while the Breeds of Livestock resource from Oklahoma State University have 217 horse breeds listed. Some of horse breeds can be considered types for example the warmblood horse breed can be split into numerous sub categories (Holstein, KWPN, Selle Francais, Oldenburg etc) below we take a look at some of the different horse breeds, thier histories and charachteristics.
Stunning Akhal Teke Horse @Ekaterina Druz

Akhal Teke Horses

The Akhal-teke horse is one of the oldest of the breeds that have influenced the breeding of many of the other horse breeds over the centuries. The Akhal-teke horse breed that has been bred in the foothills of Kopetdag mountains for thousands of years. Considered the "true horses of the desert," these horses are distinguished by their drought tolerance, thin long legs, delicate and flexible body, reddish-brown color that shines in the sunlight are the unique characteristics of the Turkmen horse. The fact that they win the love of their owners with their intelligence, sensitivity, and temperament, and their loyalty to their owners makes these horses famous. Akhal-teke horses, registered among the most beautiful horses in the world, in beauty contests. It`s their performance that wins top prizes in sports competitions.

The Arabian Horse

An ancient breed of horses bred in the Arabian Peninsula in the IV-VII centuries. The Arabian horse is famous all over the world. They are distinguished by their ability to run for distances of more than 100 kilometers and their resistance to dehydration. The Arabian horse is widely used in horse racing, as a recreational horse, and in sporting events. In addition to the concave head and large eyes, the Arabian horse is distinguished from other breeds by the "rooster" tail, which the horse raises at different speeds. The Arabian Horse

The Orlov Horse

The most famous breed of Russian horses, distinguished by its speed and endurance. This breed was bred by Count Alexei Orlov at the end of the 18th century. With their harmonious character, Orlov horses are popular in chariot races, jumping and beauty contests. The color of the body, the slender long legs, the beautiful body structure are the unique features of this breed.
The Orlov Horse

The Don Horse

A horse breed that originates from the present-day Rostov region of the Russian Federation in the 18th-19th centuries. The foundations of the Don breed are desert-type horses, which have been improved over a long period of time based on eastern breeding methods and brought to their current form. The color of modern representatives of the breed is red and brown, and the tail is often black or golden yellow. Don horses are widely used in showjumping and triathlon competitions, as well as for touring and teaching children to ride. The Don Horse

Holstein Horse

This is one of the oldest breeds of German horses. Originally bred by German farmers, the horse was prized by the military for its strength, reliability, and bravery. Then, on the basis of various selections, a new breed of Holstein horse with good behavior, unique movement, and slender body was created. The Holstein gained popularity as a powerful service horse and troop horse. Because the Holstein breed lacks diversity, its range is not as wide. Holstein horses have gained great popularity in jumping competitions and various show performances. Holstein Horse

Hanoverian Horse

The Hanoverian breed is known worldwide for its brand name, the capital letter "H". The most common warmblood in Europe, this breed was selected in 1735. Hanoverian horses are the decoration of sports competitions and take the leading positions in international shows, jumping and dressage, as well as in many dressage competitions.
Hanoverian Horse

The Iberian Horse

The Iberian Peninsula, which makes up most of Europe, is where the Iberian horse breed originated. Today, there are two types of Iberian horse: Andalusian and Lusitano. Because of their natural beauty, agility, and agility, these horses are often used in various performances, circuses, showing contests, and competitions. The Iberian Horse

Shire Horse (English draft)

Horses of this breed are distinguished by their tall stature and high draft. The Shire horse is one of the oldest English breeds. These horses have a huge body, the average height is 178 centimeters, and the weight reaches 1100 kilograms. The "white nails" on the legs, the long tail, and the graceful gait increase the popularity of Shir horses. The Shire is a common horse breed in England. Shire Horse

Fjord Horse

Bred by Norwegians, Fjord horses are one of the oldest and purest horse breeds in the world. The origin of the seed is thought to be related to the ancient wild names of Asia, Przewalski`s names. The Fjord horse stands at around 150 cm tall and is one of the rare breeds that retains its original character and color. Fjords are known for their endurance, strength, and friendliness. One of the characteristics of the Fjord horse breed is that approximately 90 percent of them are brown. Fjords are widely used in riding schools.
Fjord Horse


How Many Horse Breeds Are There