Shergar was on of the top race horses in the UK, winner of many prestigious events including the Epsom Derby, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes the Irish Derby and many other top results, owned originally by the Aga Khan, he would split the horse into 40 shares and sell 34 shares in Shergar and retain 6 himself creating a syndicate for the future ownership of Shergar valuing him at £10,000,000. Below you can watch a video of Shergar in action winning the 1981 Derby.

Later that year Shergar was stolen by a gang of armed individuals, who would later demand a £2,000,000 ransom for the safe return of Shergar, after a few days communications from the gang ceased and communication and no proof of life was provided, it is believed that Shergar was shot by the gang, although no body was ever recovered and no body was arrested for the kidnapping of Shergar, although the police considered a number of possible perpetrators including the IRA. Below you can watch the video all about the mystery of Shergars kidnapping.


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