Hoverboarding with my Mini Pony Team

Irish Draught FoalsIrish Draught Foals

Hoverboarding with my Mini Pony Team
  • Vladimir Heavy Draft

    Vladimir Heavy Draft

    Native Russian breed the Vladimir Heavy draft horse, view Vladimir Heavy Draft horses online / The Native Russian Heavy Horse Breed - Vladimir Heavy Draft / Vladimir Stallions At Stud / Vladimir Horses For Sale
  • I Never Fall Off, I Just Dismount In Style

    I Never Fall Off, I Just Dismount In Style

    Horses are a great leveler, see some stylish dismounts from novice riders through to show jumping legends, I Never Fall Off, I Just Dismount In Style.
  • Clem Smith

    Clem Smith

    Clem Smith riding Guru Gawler at 2013 World Cup Qalifier / Clem Smith - Australia - Showjumping Rider

Aleisha Collett

Aleisha Collett - New ZealandAleisha Collett

Jonas Bujnoch

Jonas Bujnoch - CzechJonas Bujnoch

Saleh Naji Al-Yaehri

Saleh Naji Al-Yaehri - Qatar

Saoud Abdulaziz A Al-Kuwari

Saoud Abdulaziz A Al-Kuwari - QatarSaoud Abdulaziz A Al-Kuwari

Armin Gigli

Armin Gigli - Switzerland

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Alexandros Zourlas

Alexandros Zourlas -

SOOTY TT STALLION --- HOMOZYGOUS......CLASSIC BLOODLINES... Half brother to Dick Smith`s Stallion. He has an unbeatable calm, quiet, temperament that he passes on to his offspring. He also adds quality, flair, movement, bone and substance, to all mares. Standing at public stud 2011.

He has produced very promising youngstock with tremendous presence with some doing very well in the show ring!

Nik Azni Nik Daud

Nik Azni Nik Daud - Malaysia - Endurance Rider

Alysha Wixon

Alysha Wixon - Australia - Eventing

Willy Verbeek

Willy Verbeek - Belgium - Horse Driving