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Looking for an all rounder, browse through Stable Express equestrian classifieds, for horse able to compete all a variety of equestrian disciplines, horses with good movements, good temperaments, scope and carefulness. Foals For Sale

High Offley Stud, Staffordshire, UK

High Offley Stud is a UK sport horse breeder with a proven track record of breeding and producing horses that excel in show jumping, dressage and eventing. As a breeder High Offley Stud have a wide selection of horses for sale including foals, yearlings, young competition horses, horses for amateur riders through to International grand prix horses. If we have have not have a horse that suits your needs we have a wide network of horse breeder with whom we can help you put in contact with. Please email High Offley Stud at highoffleystud@yahoo.co.uk or call us on 07811 329229
Arturo`s Whisker - is a home bred mare who competed as both a showjumping horse and show hunter.All rounders for Sale
Sold as a young horse Arturo`s Catch was sold as a young horse and went on to jump internationally, winning over £40,000 Arturo`s Catch
Another horse sold as a youngster High Offley Fleur went on to jump internationally before being sold to the USA for a young girl to compete and gain experience on, who later came back to High Offley Stud to import another horse.All rounders for Sale
A dressage mare with an excellent pedigree Sienna was produced by High Offley Stud and represented the UK at under 25 level, Sienna was sold with an excellent future and proved to be a fab mare. Sienna
Please email High Offley Stud at highoffleystud@yahoo.co.uk or call us on 07811 329229

Euro Sport Horse, Solihull, UK

Euro Sport Horse is a well established breeder of show jumping horses and home of two international stallions and many excellent mares, breeding several foals a year they have a wide selection of horses available from foals upwards. The horses bred by Euro Sport Horses have some of the finest bloodlines from across Europe for both showjumping and dressage bloodlines. To arrange a viewing please call 07968 161133 or email h.vanheyningen@gmail.com.
Whisper In The Wind is an international stallion bred by Euro Sport Horse and competed by Mennell Watson. The progeny of Whisper In The Wind have proven to be an excellent sport horse with an excellent temperament. Whisper In The Wind
Euro Sport horse foals and young horses are bred to excel in any equestrian discipline, contact us to arrange a viewing Foals & Young Horses
Whispers Love, bred by Euro Sport and sold as a 3 year old Whispers Love competed in the UK young horse championships as a four year old and is an excitting young horse for the future. Whisper In The Wind
Outcast is a stallion, sired by Olympic stallion Russell, bred at Euro Sport Horse along with Mennell Watson, Outcast was one of the UK`s leading sport horses. Outcast
To arrange a viewing please call 07968 161133 or email h.vanheyningen@gmail.com.
Allrounders Horses For Sale From High Offley Stud, Staffordshire, UK breeder & producer of horses we have available foals through to proven competition horses. highoffleystud@yahoo.co.uk or call us on 07811 329229

Horses - All Rounders

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