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America`s Choice bedding is triple screened and virtually dust free to reduce the risk of respiratory problems and naturally eliminates ammonia odor and mold growth. America`s Choice Superior Bedding Pellets provide maximum absorbency, minimal waste, ease of use and excellent value. Be sure to ask your America`s Choice representative about which products are right for you.

America`s Choice Animal Bedding - All natural wood bedding. Kiln dried to to ensure minimum moisture content for maximum absorbency, as well as to kill any bacteria present. Triple screened to remove irritating dust. Ship points from coast to coast.

America`s Choice Premium Bedding - Super absorbent, small sized flake. Convenient stall maintenance and less wasted bedding due to smaller, uniform sized flake. Easy clean, saves time, saves money and dust free! 3.0 cubic foot bag expands to 4.0 cubic feet.

Frank Faehner, Chairman of American Wood Fibers, has been involved with "total wood waste utilization" for over 50 years. In 1966, he incorporated Eastern Wood Fibers in Jessup, Maryland and set out to become the nationís largest supplier of wood flour and wood by-products. In 1988, he achieved this objective and the name was changed to American Wood Fibers to more accurately reflect the depth of our resources and the national scope the company had achieved.

Today, there are American Wood Fiber plants and distribution centers near the majority of our nation`s major timber processors from coast-to-coast. We are also rapidly expanding to include Canada, Mexico and other international markets.

Despite this significant growth and national scope, our focus still remains on family. American Wood Fibers embodies the culture of courtesy, respect and a commitment to customer service that originated with our company founder. Today that same commitment is sustained by the fourth generation of the Faehner family and all AWF employees.

As the nationís largest producer of wood flour, AWF is committed to meeting needs for high quality, cost-effective fillers and extenders for dozens of industrial applications. Our size allows us to constantly monitor the timber industry to ensure an unimpeded supply of raw material. And, because we have access to timber resources across the country and internationally, we can maintain a consistent supply of raw wood materials for our customers.

AWF is also the largest manufacturer and supplier of pet bedding both direct to retailers under our PetsPick and Premier Pet brands and as a private label for some of the nationís finest pet product manufacturers. You can find our pet products in the nationís top specialty pet retailers and national retail chains. Under our Americaís Choice brand, AWF is a leading provider of wood shavings and other products for the equine industry.

Since 1997 American Wood Fibers has been the only company of its type to be recognized with the distinction of ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

Whether it`s the development of wood flour, dust-free animal bedding or our line of safe and effective pet care products one thing is abundantly clear Ė our commitment to quality and customer service.

AWF is also extremely proud of the role we play in the beneficial use of the by-products of wood processing. Our unstinting commitment to successful natural resource utilization ensures the preservation of our nationís forests.

AWF is constantly researching and developing new products for all our brands. In addition to wood fibers we are always on the look out for by-products of our natural resources like corncobs or flax. Our research department is developing new applications with these by-products for industry.

Our Agriculture and Pet Products divisions are developing new and improved products for our nations farm animals and pets. We will continue to partner with our customers, our suppliers of raw material and our private label partners to provide the finest quality products at the most competitive prices now and in the future.

Experience, technical innovation, demanding production controls, integrity, and effective leadership are our foundation. American Wood Fibers - Great Brands. Great Products. Great Company.

American Wood Fibers offers two comprehensive pet product brands to the nation`s pet products retailers. Our Premier Pet product line is available for specialty and other pet retailers. Our PetsPick product line is available for general retailers with pet sections.

American Wood Fibers also manufactures private label products for leading pet distributors. If you would like more information about our private label pet product capabilities

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