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Horse Height Conversion Chart

Traditionally a horses height has been measured in hands, 1 hand = 4 inches, so a 17.2hh = 70 inches which equals 178cm. As well as hands people are now referring to their horses height in cm`s. Below we take a look at a horse height conversion chart.
Hands Inches Feet Centimetres
12hh 48 4ft 121.92cm
12.1hh 49 4ft 1 124.46cm
12.2hh 50 4ft 2 127cm
12.3hh 51 4ft 3 129.54cm
13hh 52 4ft 4 132.08cm
13.1hh 53 4ft 5 134.62cm
13.2hh 54 4ft 6 137.16cm
13.3hh 55 4ft 7 139.7cm
14hh 56 4ft 8 142.24cm
14.1hh 57 4ft 9 144.78cm
14.2hh 58 4ft 10 147.32cm
14.3hh 59 4ft 11 149.86cm
15hh 60 5ft 152.4cm
15.1hh 61 5ft 1 154.94cm
15.2hh 62 5ft 2 157.48cm
15.3hh 63 5ft 3 160.02cm
16hh 64 5ft 4 162.56cm
16.1hh 65 5ft 5 165.1cm
16.2hh 66 5ft 6 167.64cm
16.3hh 67 5ft 7 170.18cm
17hh 68 5ft 8 172.72cm
17.1hh 69 5ft 9 175.26cm
17.2hh 70 5ft 10 177.8cm
17.3hh 71 5ft 11 180.3cm
18hh 72 6ft 182.88cm

Why Are Horses Measured In Hands?

The reason that horses are measured are hands date back to the days when rulers were not commonly owned so people used body parts to measure, hence the width of the average hand is around 4 inch`s, this was then standardised for conversion. Other body parts were also used for measuring things for example a foot is around 12 inches. This measurement is taken from the highest point of the withers, roughly in the middle, to the floor.

Horses Large & Small

Miniature Horses Small Horses
Small Horse, Big Horse Small Horse Big Horse
Horse Giant The Biggest Horse In The World
Einstein - The Smallest HorseEinsten - 35.5cmEinstein is one of the smallest horses in the world, 35.5cm which is just over 4 hands in height.
The Tallest and Smallest Horses In The World
She Will Grow Into Him She Will Grow Into Him
Tiny Horses.jpg
Brooklyn Supreme - The Worlds Largest HorseBrooklyn SupremeBrooklyn Supreme is the worlds largest horse weighing 3200 pounds and standing at 19.2hh (converted to 195cm).
Hands to Feet Horses - Horses are measured in hands, one hand = 4 inches so one foot is equal to 3 hands, so a 16.2hh horse is 5 1/2 feet in size. horse hands to feet - horse hands to feet

hands to feet horse

Horse Height Conversion Chart