Brooklyn Supreme

Meet Brooklyn Supreme "Brookie" who was a red roan Belgian draft horse known for his huge size, standing at a huge 19.2hh weighing a massive 3,200 lb with a girth of 10 ft 2 inches. Born in 1928 Brooklyn Supreme lived till 1938 passing away at the age of 20.
Brooklyn Supreme
Born at the farm of Earle Brown in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Supreme was shown at many state fairs and been grand champion at many of them, later in his life he was owned by Charles Grant Good of Ogden, Iowa who used to charge spectators 10 cents to view the giant draft stallion Brooklyn Supreme

Belgian Draft horses were bred as work horses, with selective breeding over generations to produce huge horses with extreme strength and durability, draft horses are also known to be gentle giants with excellent temperaments. Below you can watch a video of a modern Belgian draft horse Petra with her owner is Stefan Creemers.

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