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Horse Gets Scared By Its Own Fart And Sends Rider Flying

Look at this beautiful and graceful horse as it`s human friends try to get it used to carrying weight on their back by softly and patiently adding their weight to that of the tack, reassuring the horse by patting it gently on the neck.

It was all going so well until the poor thing was spooked, as horse owners all know it is not thats hard to spook a horse, the bush moved, there is a plastic bag, there is a dip in the ground, whatever next?

Well this is what next, the loud noise and ripple of this animals OWN FART was enough to spook them and send the poo unsuspecting rider flying and causing the person filming the whole indecent to give out a little chuckle.

Thankfully the rider is unharmed and the horse seems very pleased with its efforts.

Horse Gets Scared By Its Own Fart And Sends Rider Flying

Horse Startled by its Own Fart Sends Rider Flying

Farts are a natural part of life, but one horse`s fart caused quite a ruckus recently when it startled the horse and sent the rider flying. The incident occurred while trying to get on a new horse, where the horse became startled by its own fart and bucked its rider off its back.