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Stableexpress is an online equestrian advertising platform offering classified advertisements for horses for sale, trailers, horseboxes and equestrian businesses. If you would like to use stableexpress horse classifieds please email us at

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The Rodeo Shop - The Rodeo Shop is the leading supplier of: Western Wear, Rodeo Equipment, Livestock Trailers, Flat Beds, Round Pens, and more...

Stableexpress is a fully automated horse classifieds website, designed and developed to advertise equestrian goods and services. During its ongoing development one goal has been in mind, to make it as easy to use as possible. "My family has always been involved with horses and I realized the need for a simple, affordable, website to buy and sell horses."

Another aspect of Stableexpress was to make it affordable. Photo ads significantly help to sell your horse, by giving an upfront view of your horse to potential buyers. Photo ads are displayed at the top of all search results, and three random photo ads are on every browse page. A random photo ad is chosen every morning on our home page to show even more people your horse. To show you the number of times your ad is viewed.

The launch of Stableexpress has showed an overwhelming welcome by thousands of horse owners.

Database powered Equine Classifieds :- Making it faster than ever and has room for expansion. It enables lightning fast pages and fast searches through the thousands of ads.

Horse Classifieds

Achal Singh Bhanwar

Achal Singh Bhanwar - UAE

Jack`s (TM) Horse Vitamin E Ointment
Jack`s (TM) Vitamin E Ointment is a soothing protective ointment with wheat germ and lanolin for the care of the horse`s hoof, heel, coronet band and other problems areas. Also excellent for fast healing of cuts and abrasions. 8 oz. jar

Aliaksei Mahilevich

Aliaksei Mahilevich - Belarus

Anja Hermelink

Anja Hermelink - Germany
Horse Necklaces

Anneleen Deckers

Anneleen Deckers - Belgium

Annikka Saarni

Annikka Saarni - USA

Bryan Whitehead

Bryan Whitehead - New Zealand

Wilywood Gold - 2002 Dun Stallion

Wily is an own son of the famous rodeo sire Wilywood. His dam, Triple Abby, was a proven mare that had won saddles, buckles, a trailer, and countless dollars as a head horse and barrel horse. She qualified to the South Dakota High School Finals, the National High School Rodeo Finals, was the South Dakota High School Rodeo Horse of the Year. She is an own daughter of Triple Goldrush, qualifier to the AQHA World Show in 10 events and the Hi-Point Working Cow Horse. Wily is started on cattle and has a soft mouth, excellent trainability, and a lot of cow sense. 2006 BOOK IS LIMITED TO 10 MARES. One year introductory stud fee of $350. So book now while there are a few slots left. Shipped semen available..

Braam Olivier

Braam Olivier - South Africa

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Henrietta Horsley-Gubbins

Henrietta Horsley-Gubbins -

Jovana Pejcic

Jovana Pejcic - Serbia

Kimberley Dean

Kimberley Dean - UK

Lilian Simer

Lilian Simer - France

Ole H. Nielsen

Ole H. Nielsen - Denmark - Horse Driving

Mohammed Rashid Almehles

Mohammed Rashid Almehles - Saudi Arabia

Pavol Hanzen

Pavol Hanzen - Slovakia
Online Dressage

Patricia Quintano Alonso

Patricia Quintano Alonso - Spain - Eventing

Robin Walker

Robin Walker - UK

Todd Bimat

Todd Bimat - USA

Torsten Koalick

Torsten Koalick - Germany
Online Dressage

Josephine Schnaufer

Josephine Schnaufer - Germany - Eventing

Josephine Schnaufer - Bionic Equitana 2015

Ander Mato

Ander Mato - Spain

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Alice Despatures

Alice Despatures - France

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Zara Clithero

Zara Clithero - UK - ShowjumpingZara Clithero

Julie Norman

Julie Norman - USA

NEED A BREAK FROM THIS WINTER? How about green grass, trees budding and daffodils in bloom? And add to that the largest Shire show in the world!

INTERESTED? Call your travel agent and book a trip to England for the 2002 National Shire Show in Peterborough, about an hour and a half north of London on March 18 and 19, 2002. Air fares at this time of the year are less than $375.00 plus taxes round trip from Detroit on Northwest or British Air.

Nigel Bressow

Nigel Bressow - Australia - Horse Vaulting

Mathilda Karlsson

Mathilda Karlsson is a showjumping rider from Sweden below you can watch Mathilda Karlsson and Quantina in Neumunster.

Mathilda Karlsson - Quantina - 1.50 CSI3- Neumnster 2012

Ulf Ebel

Ulf Ebel - Germany
Horse Videos

Ulf Ebel

Posted by Stable Express

Ulf Ebel