Horse Breeds

Horses come in all types of shapes and sizes, from miniature ponies through to heavy cart horses, each horse breed have their unique characteristics, looks, strengths and weaknesses. Here at stableexpress we have lots of information on the different horse breeds as well as lots of different types of media, such as video`s and pictures to show examples of the different types of horses.

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AbtenauerAbtenauerThe Abtenauer horse breed is a small varient of the Noriker draft horse type. Abtenauer horses come from Austria, but as with many modern draft horse breeds, numbers are dangerously low, with a small amount of breeders trying to keep the breed alive.
Abyssinian Horses
Abyssinian Horses is a breed of horse that originates from Ethiopia. Known for being able to survive in the harsh environment of Africa.
Abyssinian Horses
Akhal-TekeAkhal-Teke Albanian HorseAlbanian Horse
Altai HorseAltai Horse
Alter Real, see LusitanoAltèr Real, see Lusitano
American Cream DraftAmerican Cream Draft
American Indian HorseAmerican Indian Horse
American Paint Horse
A popular western horse breed, the American horse breed combines the pinto colour with American stock horse breeds such as the American Quarter horse.

The paint horse breed is popular for western pleasure riding, reining and cutting. They have a muscular body type common to the American quarter horse, but is often not so tall and have a low center of gravity. Paint horses are very maneuverability with rapid acceleration making them ideal for the western equestrian sports.
American Paint Horse

American Quarter HorseAmerican Quarter Horse
American SaddlebredAmerican Saddlebred
American WarmbloodAmerican Warmblood
Andalusian Horse
The Andalusian Horse is a Spanish horse breed, traditionally used as war horses the Andalusian horse breed still uses these movements for classical dressage.

The Andalusian horse is closely related to the famous Lusitano stallions of the Spanish riding school.
Andalusian Horse

Andravida HorseAndravida Horse
Anglo-Arabo Sardo, see Sardinian Anglo-ArabAnglo-Arabo Sardo, see Sardinian Anglo-Arab
Appaloosa Horses
Appaloosa horses have a stand out recognised spotted colouring. Cave painting have been found depicting the distinctive Appaloosa coat from tens of thousands of years ago.
Appaloosa Horse Breed

Arabian HorseArabian Horse
Ardennes HorseArdennes Horse
Argentine CriolloArgentine Criollo
Augeron HorseAugeron Horse
Asian wild Horse, see Przewalski`s HorseAsian Wild Horse
wild Horse, see Przewalski"s Horse" width="100%"> Assateague Horse, see Chincoteague ponyAssateague Horse, see Chincoteague pony
Australian Brumby, see BrumbyAustralian Brumby, see Brumby Australian Draught HorseAustralian Draught Horse
Australian Stock HorseAustralian Stock Horse Austrian WarmbloodAustrian Warmblood
Auvergne HorseAuvergne Horse
Azerbaijan HorseAzerbaijan Horse
Daliboz HorsesDaliboz Horses
Danish WarmbloodDanish Warmblood
Danube Delta HorsesDanube Delta Horses
Dole GudbrandsdalDole Gudbrandsdal
Dongola HorsesDongola Horses
Draft TrotterDraft Trotter
Dutch Harness HorsesDutch Harness Horses
Dutch Heavy DraftDutch Heavy Draft
Dutch Warmblood HorsesDutch Warmblood Horses
Dzungarian HorsesDzungarian Horses
Estonian Draft HorsesEstonian Draft Horses
Estonian HorsesEstonian Horses
Ethiopian HorsesEthiopian Horses
Flemish HorsesFlemish Horses
Norwegian Fjord HorsesNorwegian Fjord Horses
Florida Cracker HorsesFlorida Cracker Horses
Foutanke HorsesFoutanke Horses
Frederiksborger HorsesFrederiksborger Horses
Freiberger HorsesFreiberger Horses
French TrotterFrench Trotter
Latvian HorsesLatvian Horses
Lithuanian Heavy DraughtLithuanian Heavy Draught
Lokai HorseLokai Horse
Losino HorsesLosino Horses
Luxembourg WarmbloodLuxembourg Warmblood
Mangalarga MarchadorMangalarga Marchador
Marsh TackyMarsh Tacky
Marwari HorseMarwari Horse
Međimurje HorseMeđimurje Horse
Menorquin HorseMenorquín Horse
Merens HorseMérens Horse
Messara HorseMessara Horse
Mezohegyesi Sport-Horse Mezohegyesi Sport-Horse
Metis TrotterMetis Trotter
Miniature HorseMiniature Horse
Misaki HorseMisaki Horse
Missouri Fox TrotterMissouri Fox Trotter
Mongolian Horse Mongolian Horse
American SaddlebredAmerican Saddlebred
Samolaco HorseSamolaco Horse
Santa Cruz Island HorseSanta Cruz Island Horse
Sarcidano HorseSarcidano Horse
Sardinian Anglo-ArabSardinian Anglo-Arab
Schleswig ColdbloodSchleswig Coldblood
Schwarzwalder KaltblutSchwarzwälder Kaltblut
Sella ItalianoSella Italiano
Selle FrancaisSelle Français
Shagya ArabianShagya Arabian
Shan Horse Shan Horse
Shire HorsesShire Horses
Siciliano IndigenoSiciliano Indigeno
Silesian HorseSilesian Horse
Sokolsky HorseSokolsky Horse
Suddeutsches KaltblutSuddeutsches Kaltblut
Soviet Heavy DraftSoviet Heavy Draft
Spanish BarbSpanish Barb
Spanish Jennet Horse Spanish Jennet Horse
Spanish MustangSpanish Mustang
Spanish-Norman HorseSpanish-Norman Horse
Azteca HorseAzteca Horse
Baise HorseBaise Horse,
Bale HorsesBale Horses
Balearic HorseBalearic Horse
Balikun HorseBalikun Horse
Baluchi HorseBaluchi Horse
Banker HorseBanker Horse
Barb HorseBarb Horse
Bashkir HorseBashkir Horse
Bashkir Curly HorseBashkir Curly Horse
Basque Mountain HorseBasque Mountain Horse
Bavarian WarmbloodBavarian Warmblood
Belgian DraughtBelgian Draught
Belgian Sport HorseBelgian Sport Horse
Belgian TrotterBelgian Trotter
Belgian WarmbloodBelgian Warmblood
Bhutia HorseBhutia Horse
Black Forest HorseBlack Forest Horse
Blazer HorseBlazer Horse
Borana HorsesBorana Horses
Bosnian Mountain HorseBosnian Mountain Horse
Boulonnais HorseBoulonnais Horse
Brabant HorseBrabant Horse
Brazilian Sport HorseBrazilian Sport Horse
Breton HorseBreton Horse
Budyonny HorseBudyonny Horse
Burguete HorseBurguete Horse
Burmese HorseBurmese Horse
Byelorussian Harness HorseByelorussian Harness Horse
Friesian HorseFriesian Horse
Friesian Sport HorseFriesian Sport Horse
Furioso-North StarFurioso-North Star
Galician Pony (Caballo de pura raza Gallega)Galician Pony (Caballo de pura raza Gallega)
Gelderland HorseGelderland Horse
Georgian Grande HorseGeorgian Grande Horse
German WarmbloodGerman Warmblood
Giara HorseGiara Horse
Groningen HorseGroningen Horse
Gypsy Vaneer HorseGypsy Vaneer Horse
Hackney HorseHackney Horse
Hanoverian HorseHanoverian Horse
Heck HorseHeck Horse
Heihe HorseHeihe Horse
Henson HorseHenson Horse
Hequ HorseHequ Horse
Hispano-Arabe also known as Hispano or Spanish Anglo-ArabHispano-Arabe also known as Hispano or Spanish Anglo-Arab
Hungarian WarmbloodHungarian Warmblood
Icelandic HorseIcelandic Horse
Morgan HorseMorgan Horse
Mountain Pleasure HorseMountain Pleasure Horse
Moyle HorseMoyle Horse
Namib Desert HorseNamib Desert Horse
Nangchen HorseNangchen Horse
National Show HorseNational Show Horse
Nez Perce HorseNez Perce Horse
Nivernais HorseNivernais Horse
Nokota HorseNokota Horse
Noma HorseNoma Horse
Nonius HorseNonius Horse
Nordlandshest Nordlandshest
Noriker Horse or PinzgauerNoriker Horse or Pinzgauer
Norman CobNorman Cob
Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian Coldblood Trotter)Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian Coldblood Trotter)
North American Single-footing HorseNorth American Single-footing Horse
North Swedish HorseNorth Swedish Horse
Norwegian FjordNorwegian Fjord
Novoolexandrian DraughtNovoolexandrian Draught
Oberlander HorseOberlander Horse
Orlov TrotterOrlov Trotter
Ostfriesen HorsesOstfriesen
American Paint HorseAmerican Paint Horse
Spanish TarpanSpanish Tarpan
Spanish TrotterSpanish Trotter
Spiti HorseSpiti Horse
Spotted Saddle HorseSpotted Saddle Horse
Suffolk PunchSuffolk Punch
Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish Coldblood Trotter)Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish Coldblood Trotter)
Swedish ArdennesSwedish Ardennes
Swedish WarmbloodSwedish Warmblood
Swiss WarmbloodSwiss Warmblood
Taishū HorseTaishū Horse TakhiTakhi
TawleedTawleed TchernomorTchernomor
Tennessee Walking HorseTennessee Walking Horse
Tersk HorseTersk Horse
Tinker HorseTinker Horse
Tiger HorseTiger Horse
Tokara HorseTokara Horse
Tori HorseTori Horse
Trait Du NordTrait Du Nord
Tsushima HorseTsushima
Tuigpaard (Dutch Harness Horse)Tuigpaard (Dutch Harness Horse)
Calabrese HorseCalabrese Horse
Camargue HorseCamargue Horse
Camarillo White HorseCamarillo White Horse
Canadian HorseCanadian Horse
Canadian PacerCanadian Pacer
Carolina Marsh TackyCarolina Marsh Tacky
Carthusian, see AndalusianCarthusian, see Andalusian
Caspian HorseCaspian Horse
Catria HorseCatria Horse
Cavallo Romano della Maremma LazialeCavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale
Cerbat MustangCerbat Mustang
Chickasaw Horse (Florida Cracker Horse)Chickasaw Horse (Florida Cracker Horse)
Chilean Horse (Chilean Corralero)Chilean Horse (Chilean Corralero)
Choctaw HorseChoctaw Horse
Cleveland BayCleveland Bay
Clydesdale Horse Clydesdale Horse
Colonial Spanish HorseColonial Spanish Horse
Colorado RangerColorado Ranger
Coldblood TrotterColdblood Trotter
Comtois HorseComtois Horse
Corsican HorseCorsican Horse Costa Rican Saddle HorseCosta Rican Saddle Horse
Cretan Horse (Messara)Cretan Horse (Messara)
Criollo HorseCriollo Horse
Croatian ColdbloodCroatian Coldblood
Cuban Criollo HorseCuban Criollo
Cumberland Island HorseCumberland Island Horse
Curly HorseCurly Horse
Czech WarmbloodCzech Warmblood
Indian Country-bredIndian Country-bred
Irish DraughtIrish Draught
Irish Sport Horse or Irish HunterIrish Sport Horse or Irish Hunter
Italian Heavy DraftItalian Heavy Draft
Italian TrotterItalian Trotter
Jaca NavarraJaca Navarra
Jeju HorseJeju Horse
Jutland HorseJutland Horse
Kabarda HorseKabarda Horse
Kaimanawa HorsesKaimanawa Horses
Kalmyk HorseKalmyk Horse
Karabakh Horse Karabakh Horse
Karachai HorseKarachai Horse
Kathiawari HorseKathiawari Horse
Kazakh HorseKazakh Horse
Kentucky Mountain Saddle HorseKentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
Kiger MustangKiger Mustang
Kinsky HorseKinsky Horse
Kyrgyz HorseKyrgyz Horse
Kisber FelverKisber Felver
Kiso HorseKiso Horse
Pampa HorsePampa Horse
Paso FinoPaso Fino
Pentro HorsePentro Horse
Persano HorsePersano Horse
Peruvian Paso (Peruvian Stepping Horse)Peruvian Paso (Peruvian Stepping Horse)
Pleven HorsePleven Horse
Poitevin Horse (Mulassier)Poitevin Horse (Mulassier)
Pryor Mountain MustangPryor Mountain Mustang
Przewalski`s HorsePrzewalski`s Horse
Pura Raza EspanolaPura Raza Espanola
Purosangue OrientalePurosangue Orientale
Quarter HorseQuarter Horse
Racking HorseRacking Horse
Retuerta HorseRetuerta Horse
Rhenish German ColdbloodRhenish German Coldblood
Rhinelander HorseRhinelander Horse
Riwoche HorseRiwoche Horse
Rocky Mountain HorseRocky Mountain Horse
Romanian SportHorseRomanian SportHorse
Rottaler Heavy warmbloodRottaler Heavy warmblood

Russian DonRussian Don
Russian Heavy DraftRussian Heavy Draft
Russian TrotterRussian Trotter
Ukrainian Riding HorseUkrainian Riding Horse
Unmol HorseUnmol Horse
Ventasso Horse (Cavallo del Ventasso)Ventasso Horse (Cavallo del Ventasso)
Virginia HighlanderVirginia Highlander
Vladimir Heavy DraftVladimir Heavy Draft
Vyatka HorseVyatka Horse
Waler or Australian WalerWaler or Australian Waler
Warmblood HorsesWarmblood Horses
Welsh CobsWelsh Cobs
Westphalian HorseWestphalian Horse
Xilingol HorseXilingol Horse
Yakutian HorseYakutian Horse
Yili HorseYili Horse
Yonaguni HorseYonaguni Horse

Horse Breeds

The most weird and wonderful horse breeds from around the World

If you`re a horse lover you properly think you know almost all the breeds out there and could identify them easily, but there are many unusual breeds that you may never have heard of that are beautiful, unique and from all over the globe.

The Akhal-Teke Horse

This horse is stunning and is known for its metallic-y looking coat, something that no other breed exhibits. Because it`s so beautiful, it has been deemed the `supermodel` of the horse world. They originally come from Turkmenistan and still are predominantly in Asia, but that doesn`t mean you can`t find one outside of Asia as well, they`re just a bit rarer.

Akhal-Teke Horse Bashkir Curly Horse

Like its name suggests, the Bashkir Curly horse has a very curly mane that is not just really cool but also very cute. It looks a lot like a poodle and their size varies dramatically, with some as small as miniatures and some as large as drafts.
Bashkir Curly Horse It`s said because of its hair and unique coat the Bashkir Curly horse is hypoallergenic, so it could be a great option for those who may find they`re allergic to most horse breeds.

Black Forest Horse

The Black Forest horse originates from Southern Germany and is so unique looking it`s hard to look away. They have incredibly think and voluminous mane that`s usually quite light in color and then their coat is a very dark brown, near black. It`s so striking and combined with their draft-type physique they`re absolutely stunning and unusual.
Black Forest Horse Konik Horse

The Konik is just as beautiful and unusual as its name, with an equally unusual but fascinating history. Originally from Poland, the Konik was bred to look like a Tarpan, which was a wild horse that went extinct in Europe in the early 20th century. They`re light-colored, somewhere between tan and brown, with dark mane and they look exactly like an ancient breed, even though they`re fairy new.
Konik Horse What`s even more amazing about them is that they`re used for grazing in marshy woodland ecosystems to help maintain and restore the health and balance to an ecosystem that may be suffering. How cool is that?

Marwari Horse

This list wouldn`t be complete without mentioning this horse with the funky ears. This horse gets its name from the Marwar region of India where it was initially bred and was mainly used as a cavalry horse. In modern times though, it`s known for it`s ears that curl either inward at the tops or point outward on the tops.
Marwari Horse These breeds are unusual but elegant and beautiful each in their own ways. There are horses from every corner of the earth that many people have never heard of and it makes all the more fun when you discover them and realize you never even knew a horse could look so beautiful