Horse Adventures

Owning a horse can be an adventure, the ups and downs of horse life can give you the biggest buzz in life, below we look at some horse adventures you can take with your horse from horse safari adventures to competing in your first equestrian event, we would love to here your horse adventures please email us

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Horse Adventures


Household Cavalry

Experience the Musical Ride`s first Full Dress Rehearsal of 2018 in immersive 360! This rehearsal gives the Riding Master, and Musical Ride Spurman, an opportunity to identify and iron out any problems prior to the Royal Windsor Horse Show | Watch the equestrian display at the Royal Windsor horse show…
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  • The Accident That Changed My Life Forever

    The Accident That Changed My Life Forever

    Read about the accident Sandie Robertson suffered that nearly ended her riding career, and the story of her recovery to the showjumping arena.
  • Jonathan Asselin

    Jonathan Asselin

    Canadian showjumper Jonathan Asselin, watch them in action at Spruce Meadows with Showgirl
  • Thelma Mavronicola

    Thelma Mavronicola

    Thelma Mavronicola - Cyprus -Showjumping Rider | Video portrait of international showjumper Thelma Mavronicola |