Helen Langehanenberg

Helen Langehanenberg (* May 21 1982 in Münster ) is a German dressage rider. In 2008 she married Sebastian Langehanenberg (nee Heinze), whom she met in 2000 and with whom she has already made 2003 their own.

With 16 years got Langehanenberg the then seven-year Princeton L , which she shared with Ingrid Klimke and trained with them for the first time the rankings up to the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special and reached its Golden Rider badges earned.

Helen Langehanenberg at the Dressage World Cup in Neumnster

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Helen Langehanenberg
Showjumping Horses For Sale

Her training of riding horses made Helen Langehanenberg with Ingrid Klimke in Munster . Subsequently, she did an internship with Klaus Balkenhol .
With Damon Hill in 2005 she won the world championship for young dressage horses, three horses won in 2007 with three titles at the National Championships and made it into the winter season with Responsible breakthrough to the Grand Prix Special. Then she was appointed to the championship squad 2008th She was also a reservist for the Olympic Games in 2008. In the same year she won with a Responsible and the German team at the Nations Cup in Saumur and was also second in the Grand Prix Special.

In 2010 the stallion Langehanenberg took Damon Hill by Ingrid Klimke. They had already ridden the horse at the World Championships of the five year old horses. In winter 2010/2011 she rode her first full World Cup season and qualified for the World Cup finals in Leipzig .
Helen Langehanenberg since May 2011 Member of the A-squad of the German dressage rider.

Helen Langehanenberg Horses

Damon Hill Nrw
Donnerhall x - (2000 )
Responsible Old
Rohdiamant x - ()
Recognized for Westphalia and Rhineland / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Oldenburg / Berlin - Brandenburg / Saxony-Anhalt / South German Associations / Holstein / Luxembourg and Belgium .BR>BR>DAMON HILL ??NRW a stallion with a remarkable balance of powe
Responsible Old is an Oldenburg mare (Rohdiamant x Freudenprinz) who with her Helen Langehanenberg who achieved several international successes the most recent are the second place in Grand Prix and Freestyle in Odense and the freestyle victory in Ma

Helen Langehanenberg Competition Results

4 - Lingen, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 22/05/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
3 - Lingen, GP - Grand Prix - 21/05/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
1 - Lingen, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 21/05/2011 - Responsible Old
3 - Lingen, GP - Grand Prix - 20/05/2011 - Responsible Old
7 - Leipzig, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 30/04/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
5 - Leipzig, GP - Grand Prix - 28/04/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
1 - `S-Hertogenbosch, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 26/03/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
4 - `S-Hertogenbosch, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 26/03/2011 - Responsible Old
3 - `S-Hertogenbosch, GP - Grand Prix - 25/03/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
5 - `S-Hertogenbosch, GP - Grand Prix - 25/03/2011 - Responsible Old
3 - Neumünster, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 20/02/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
5 - Neumünster, GP - Grand Prix - 19/02/2011 - Damon Hill Nrw
6 - Amsterdam, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 22/01/2011 - Responsible Old
4 - Amsterdam, GP - Grand Prix - 21/01/2011 - Responsible Old
4 - Mechelen, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 28/12/2010 - Damon Hill Nrw
3 - Mechelen, GP - Grand Prix - 27/12/2010 - Damon Hill Nrw
6 - Frankfurt, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 19/12/2010 - Responsible Old
6 - Frankfurt, GP - Grand Prix - 18/12/2010 - Responsible Old
6 - Stockholm, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 28/11/2010 - Damon Hill Nrw
11 - Stockholm, GP - Grand Prix - 27/11/2010 - Damon Hill Nrw
4 - Odense, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 24/10/2010 - Responsible Old
4 - Odense, GP - Grand Prix - 23/10/2010 - Responsible Old
6 - Cappeln, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 22/08/2010 - Responsible Old
5 - Cappeln, GP - Grand Prix - 21/08/2010 - Responsible Old
2 - Aachen, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 17/07/2010 - Responsible Old
6 - Aachen, GP - Grand Prix - 14/07/2010 - Responsible Old
4 - Lingen, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 06/05/2010 - Responsible Old
3 - Lingen, GP - Grand Prix - 06/04/2010 - Responsible Old
9 - Dortmund, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 18/03/2010 - Responsible Old
10 - Dortmund, GP - Grand Prix - 18/03/2010 - Responsible Old
5 - Frankfurt - Y World..., GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 18/12/2009 - Responsible Old
6 - Frankfurt - Y World..., GP - Grand Prix - 18/12/2009 - Responsible Old
3 - Hagen, Gp - 22/04/2009 - Responsible Old
4 - Hagen, GPKür - 22/04/2009 - Responsible Old
8 - Dortmund, GP - 26/03/2009 - Responsible Old
10 - Dortmund, GPSpecial - 26/03/2009 - Responsible Old
4 - Saumur, GPKür - 05/01/2009 - Responsible Old
2 - Saumur, GPSpecial - 05/01/2009 - Responsible Old
7 - Saumur, GP - 05/01/2009 - Responsible Old
16 - Stuttgart, GP - 19/11/2008 - Responsible Old
5 - Donaueschingen, Gp - 18/09/2008 - Responsible Old
6 - Donaueschingen, GPSpecial - 18/09/2008 - Responsible Old
4 - Wiesbaden, GP - 05/09/2008 - Responsible Old
7 - Wiesbaden, GPKür - 05/09/2008 - Responsible Old
14 - Hagen, Gp - 23/04/2008 - Responsible Old
8 - Hagen, GPSpecial - 23/04/2008 - Responsible Old
3 - Dortmund, GPSpecial - 13/03/2008 - Responsible Old
2 - Dortmund, GP - 13/03/2008 - Responsible Old
6 - Aachen, GPKür - 07/01/2008 - Responsible Old
8 - Aachen, GP - 07/01/2008 - Responsible Old
Helen LangehanenbergSilberaster ridden by Helen LangehanenbergHelen Langehanenberg Dressage PicturesDressage Helen LangehanenbergDamon Hill NrwResponsible Old and Helen Langehanenberg

Helen Langehanenberg - Germany

Helena Kjessler

Helena Kjessler - Sweden
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Helena Kjessler

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Helena Kjessler

Horse Videos

Helena Kjessler

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Helena Kjessler

Horse Videos

Helena Kjessler

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Helena Kjessler

Horse Videos

Helena Kjessler

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Helena Kjessler

Horse Videos

Helena Kjessler

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Helena Kjessler

Helene Wannerth

Helene Wannerth - Sweden

What Makes Aiken so Special for Equestrians?

Aiken County has been an equestrian destination for well over a century. The "Northerners" discovered Aiken in the 1880`s, and referred the charming town of Aiken as the "Newport of the South." By the 1920`s, the Winter Colony was established, loading boxcars full of polo ponies, fox hunters, steeplechase and driving horses to enjoy the temperate climate and the incredibly forgiving sandy soil for the horses.

Today, we are able to reap the benefits of those "early horsemen", through the "legacy" and preservation they left behind at surprisingly affordable prices. The 2200 acre Hitchcock Woods, adjoining the center of town, is the largest urban forest in America, and welcomes horses, dogs, hikers and nature buffs. Come and experience the 65 mile plus trail system laced with natural jumps, under a canopy of old forest and creeks.

The Training Track has produced many Kentucky Derby contenders, Whitney Polo Field is the oldest polo field in the US that is still in use, as well as numerous professional fields dotting the countryside, drawing players from around the world, which all have open invitations to tailgate and witness some of the best polo in the country in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Eventing season lures competitors of all levels, and we are privileged to be the winter home to Olympic and many International Riders, as well as amateurs from around the country. Top notch International Driving competitions are held nearby, and there are 5 local Fox Hunt clubs that both "drag" and live hunt. The Hunter/Jumper and Dressage World is growing in leaps and bounds.

Yes, it is still a winter haven for many Equestrians of all disciplines, including Western events. Augusta`s World Cutting Futurity is held 20 miles away in neighboring Augusta, and more and more competitive Trail, Ranch Horse, Roping, Reining and Barrel Racing competitions are popping up.

Aiken is a sportsman`s dream, with 6 spectacular golf communities, and the Augusta National, where the Maters tournament takes place is only 25 miles away. Aiken is located close enough to the coast to enjoy the water sports, yet not have to worry about hurricanes, and only a few hours to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tennis, bicycling, fishing and kayaking on the local lakes and peaceful waterways is within minutes from town.

There are many festivities in this charming town, including a flourishing Center of the Arts, a wonderful Playhouse, as well as nice restaurants and boutiques in the downtown area. Aiken has wonderful medical facilities with one of the best cardiac care centers available as well as a new cancer center. Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC are less than an hours drive with a variety of medical centers, shopping as well as fine restaurants.

Aiken is simply a great place to retire, or have a 2nd home. Come enjoy the southern hospitality and see for yourself, whether you are looking for a cottage in town, a condominium, a home on the golf course, a small farm, a commercial farm or land to invest in. Aiken has been discovered, yet is still affordable. Allow me help make your next dream house come true.
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Helene Wannerth

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Helene Wannerth

Horse Videos

Helene Wannerth

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Helene Wannerth

Horse Videos

Helene Wannerth

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Helene Wannerth

Horse Videos

Helene Wannerth

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Helene Wannerth

Horse Videos

Helene Wannerth

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Helene Wannerth

Chantal Megchelenbrink

Chantal Megchelenbrink - Holland

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Anna Helena Marquez - Venezuela

Anna-Shari Thelen

Anna-Shari Thelen - Germany

Emilie Helene Oestberg

Emilie Helene Oestberg - Norway

Femke Helene Brasser

Femke Helene Brasser - Panama
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Femke Helene Brasser

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Femke Helene Brasser

Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson - UK

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Helen Bain - New Zealand

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Helene Pontier - France

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Helene Rucheton - France

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Helene Schulze Zurmussen - Germany

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Helene Vignon - France

Helen Rogerson

Helen Rogerson - UK

Tresaison Rolex

Knabstrupper bay leopard colt - born 22nd May 2008

Sire: Rubin Star N (Rubenstein) 16.3hh

Dam: Tilde af Elmegarden KNN Premium graded, 16.2hh

Completely stunning Knabstrupper sport horse colt to make 16.3/17hh. Fabulous uphill athletic paces, with elevation and tremendous elasticity - he is one of those horses that you can`t stop watching! THE most beautiful head and tremendous presence. Plenty of bone, excellent conformation with a sweet temperament. A fantastic dressage prospect with that little `extra`!! Well handled, leads, loads and good with farrier.

His sire, Rubin Star N, is by the hugely influential Rubenstein and out of a dam who was by the renowned show jumping sire RAMINO by RAMIRO. Although he competed in dressage he also has a tremendous jump which he passes to his offspring. He was the champion stallion at his 100 day stallion test, trained to grand prix level and has offspring competing at grand prix level.

RUBIN STAR N also passes onto his offspring his fabulous temperament and trainability, which he scored 10/10 for both in his performance test. While competing he won many dressage championships including the most successful dressage stallion of his age class at the DHV stallion tournament in Euskirchen.

His dam, Tilde af Elmegarden is a PREMIUM graded Knabstrupper (awarded an 8 overall) with several premium graded offspring. She herself has wonderful paces and is a consistent producer of quality foals with size, substance and exceptional movement from a variety of stallions.

Rolex is microchipped, KNN passported and ready to go to that special home!

Due to a change in his prospective purchasers circumstances Rolex is available for sale - a really stunning boy!

Manuel Heleno

Manuel Heleno - Portugal

Marie Helene Desprez Berkowicz

Marie Helene Desprez Berkowicz - France

Marie Helene Blanchet

Marie Helene Blanchet - France

Marie Helene Sabatier

Marie Helene Sabatier - France

Marie Helene Syre

Marie Helene Syre - France

Martha Helena Dormehl

Martha Helena Dormehl - South Africa

Marte Helene Apenã†S

Marte Helene Apenã†S - Norway

Nikolai Schelenkow

Nikolai Schelenkow - Russia
Horse Videos

Nikolai Schelenkow

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Nikolai Schelenkow

Horse Videos

Nikolai Schelenkow

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Nikolai Schelenkow

Horse Videos

Nikolai Schelenkow

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Nikolai Schelenkow

Nina Helen Boren

Nina Helen Boren - Norway
Horse Videos

Nina Helen Boren

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Nina Helen Boren

Horse Videos

Nina Helen Boren

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Nina Helen Boren

Horse Videos

Nina Helen Boren

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Nina Helen Boren

Meike Thelen

Meike Thelen - Germany

Merceds Helena Schmitz

Merceds Helena Schmitz - Germany

Peter Thelen

Peter Thelen - Germany

Helen Marsh

Helen Marsh - UK

Stefaan Van Wichelen

Stefaan Van Wichelen - Belgium

Helen Van Heyningen

Helen Van Heyningen

Helen Van Heynagen was an international showjumper who has represented UK in many competitions around Europe, Helen Van Heynagen spent her early days in the sport training with Geoff Glazzard, beforemoving to her own yard in Solihull with her partner Mennel Watson. Helen Van Heynagen and Mennel Watson now run one of the leading showjumping stud farms in the Yard and have produced international showjumpers from birth.

Helen Van Heynagen and Mennel Watson have 2 sons Shaun Watson and Luc Watson

Helen Van Heyningen Horses

First Knight
- x - (- )
- x - (12/05/1988)
Gitan D`Incoville
Rivage Du Poncel x - (1994 )
Gordons Twist
Weinsender x - (1986 )
Mr Majestic
x Lucky Boy xx (- )

Fleetway is 16.3hh with plenty of quality and substance her competition record is very impressive becoming a grade A very quickly at the age of 5. She was competed by Geoff Glazzard with much success and as a 5 year old she qualified for the Horse of
Born in 1994 Gitan D`Incoville is a fantastic horse capable of jumping ay top county level in 1.40`s or speeds. Competed by Helen Van Heyningen and Mennel Watson on the international circuit Gitan D`Incoville was very successful in the show jumping
Gordons Twist who was competed by Helen van Heyningen had winning in excess of £30,000 she successfully won AIT, Grand Prix and competed at international shows such as Horse of the year show, Olympia, Millstreet, Cavaen etc. etc. in 1995 she become t
Mr Majestic was sired by the famous Concorde, winner of Nations Cups and Grand Prix’s, ridden by Jos Lansik. His pedigree also boasts, Grand Prix sire Voltaire, who was ranked 4th in the BHD Leading Sire rankings for showjumpers BR>BR>His damn

Helen Van Heyningen Competition Results

28 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade C Championship - 16/10/2005 - First Knight
08 - Scope, Grade C Championship - 03/09/2005 - First Knight
08 - Scope, Grade C Championship - 03/09/2005 - First Knight
09 - Scope, Discovery Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2005 - Mr Majestic
14 - Scope, 1.30m Amateur Rider Preliminary Round 2 - 30/08/2005 - Gitan D`Incoville
09 - Vejer de la Frontera (Spanish Sunshine Tour), Week 3 - Two Phase - A - 28/02/2002 - Gitan D`Incoville
01 - South View Equestrian Center, 1.25m - 13/02/1998 - Gordons Twist
3 - Gracelands Equestrian Center, O - 18/10/1997 - Fleetway
4 - SOLIHULL RIDING CLUB SHOW, O - 05/10/1997 - Fleetway
Casablanca - Showjumping MareGordons Twist  International Showjumper

Helen Van Heyningen - Showjumper

Helen McNaught

Helen McNaught is an international showjumping rider with an impressive competition record, below you can watch Helen McNaught riding Caballo in the Sacramento SIHS Grand Prix.

Helen McNaught

2 Horse Lorry For Sale
Helen McNaught

Helen McNaught and Caballo at the $75,000 Grand Prix of Sacramento SIHS

Helen McNaught

Helen McNaught Horses




In the pedigree of Lexicon, we find five preference stallions in a row, who are all important building blocks that have established the modern sport horse. Father Voltaire made his mark oviously in sport and in breeding. Mother, grandmother and great

Helen McNaught Competition Results

5 - Burbank CA, Competion 1 - 17/11/2010 - Caballo
6 - Burbank CA, Competion 1 - 17/11/2010 - Lariccello
6 - Burbank CA, Fei World Cuptm Comp... - 17/11/2010 - Caballo
10 - Burbank CA, Fei World Cuptm Comp... - 17/11/2010 - Lariccello
2 - Rancho Murieta CA, Gp Of Sacramento - 10/11/2010 - Caballo
9 - Rancho Murieta CA, Gp Of Sacramento - 10/11/2010 - Lariccello
20 - Rancho Murieta CA, Welcome - 10/11/2010 - Caballo
9 - Rancho Murieta CA, Welcome - 10/11/2010 - Lariccello
23 - Las Vegas NV, Las Vegas Jumper Cla... - 03/11/2010 - Caballo
3 - Las Vegas NV, Las Vegas Jumper Cla... - 03/11/2010 - Lariccello
5 - Las Vegas NV, Las Vegas National F... - 03/11/2010 - Lariccello
01 - Thermal CA, Class 1 - 02/03/2010 - Caballo
15 - Thermal CA, Wc - 02/03/2010 - Caballo
2 - Thermal CA, Welcome Classic - 23/02/2010 - Caballo
8 - Thermal CA, Wc - 23/02/2010 - Caballo
3 - Thermal CA, Welcome Class - 11/02/2010 - Caballo
3 - Thermal CA, Wc - 11/02/2010 - Caballo
14 - Thermal CA, Wc - 02/02/2010 - Caballo
16 - Thermal CA, Welcome Stake - 02/02/2010 - Caballo
5 - Burbank CA, Welcome Stake - 11/11/2009 - Caballo
21 - Burbank CA, Wc - 11/11/2009 - Caballo
5 - Rancho Murieta CA, Welcome Stake - 03/11/2009 - Caballo
16 - Rancho Murieta CA, Wc - 03/11/2009 - Caballo
11 - Del Mar CA, Wc - 14/10/2009 - Caballo
32 - Del Mar CA, Welcome Stake - 14/10/2009 - Caballo
6 - Burbank CA, Welcome Stake - 16/09/2009 - Caballo
13 - Burbank CA, Wc - 16/09/2009 - Caballo
4 - San Juan Capistrano ..., Wc - 09/09/2009 - Caballo
11 - San Juan Capistrano ..., Coast Magazine Jumpe... - 09/09/2009 - Caballo
17 - Del Mar CA, Showpark Jumper Clas... - 27/08/2009 - Caballo
26 - Del Mar CA, Wc - 27/08/2009 - Caballo
5 - Thermal CA, Wc - 03/03/2009 - Caballo
13 - Thermal CA, Welcome Stake - 03/03/2009 - Caballo
10 - Thermal CA, Welcome Class - 17/02/2009 - Caballo
10 - Thermal CA, Wc - 17/02/2009 - Caballo
6 - Thermal CA, Wc - 03/02/2009 - Caballo
31 - Thermal CA, Welcome Classic - 03/02/2009 - Caballo
24 - Thermal CA, Wc - 27/01/2009 - Caballo
6 - Thermal CA, Welcome Stake - 27/01/2009 - Caballo
34 - Burbank CA, Lan Welcome Stake - 12/11/2008 - Caballo
19 - Burbank CA, Wc - 12/11/2008 - Caballo
8 - Rancho Murieta CA, Wc - 06/11/2008 - Caballo
33 - Rancho Murieta CA, Equistar Llc Welcome - 06/11/2008 - Caballo
12 - Las Vegas NV, Las Vegas Jumper Cla... - 29/10/2008 - Caballo
15 - Las Vegas NV, Wc - 29/10/2008 - Caballo
4 - Burbank CA, Wc - 17/09/2008 - Caballo
19 - Burbank CA, Welcome Stake - 17/09/2008 - Caballo
8 - San Juan Capistrano ..., Wc - 10/09/2008 - Caballo
30 - San Juan Capistrano ..., Speed Class - 10/09/2008 - Caballo
03 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Queen Elizabeth II Cup - 27/07/2003 - Lexicon

Helen Bell

Helen Bell - UK

Based in North Yorkshire between Thirsk and Northallerton Helen is an established name in UK Equestrian and Three Day Eventing having been an International rider herself regularly competing at Badminton and Burghley. Helen specialises in producing Event horses and ponies drawing on her many years of experience. Helen has bought produced and sold on many successful Event horses Show Jumpers, Hunters, all rounders, FEI ponies and Pony Club ponies. Helen is a big fan of Irish sport horses Irish Draught horses, Connemara ponies and imports most of her horses and ponies from Ireland .

As a British Eventing Accredited Riding Instructor Helen is very good at sourcing the perfect horse or pony for you providing great trial facilities on the Cross Country Course and arena.

Helen Bell Horses

Helen Bell Competition Results

Helen Bell

Fourth In A Row Win For Boyd Exell - FEI World Cup Driving Round 6- Mechelen (BEL)

Koos de Ronde wins World Cup in Mechelen

Helene Placais

Helene Placais - France

Helena Terberova

Helena Terberova - Czech

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Phone: (608) 655-3216
Email: airgoodacres@verizon.net

Description: Small breeding operation near Madison, WI. We show at a few fairs each year and participate in local parades and holiday events. Ken also operates Airgood Farrier Service in the Madison area.

Helen Mcgrath

Helen Mcgrath - New Zealand

RIP Bella
Bella, our gorgeous little black filly (and a full sister to Diddy) is up in horse heaven today. She sadly suffered a serious accident when she was a away at stud with her Mum Lily last year. Sadly, she never improved and in fact, was going downhill. She was the most adorable little girl - so soft and kind - everyone had a soft spot for her and we shall remember her fondly. No more suffering Bella, you are up there with Millie and Nancy. RIP

Imogen Wins the Junior Bursary at CHAPS
Three children were finalists for the Junior Bursary at CHAPS and Imogen won the top award! Imogen was tickled pink and ran Maggie around the indoor arena in the Gala performance with the hugest grin on her face. She plans to put her bursary money to good use with showing lessons and perhaps a dressage lesson with Carl Hester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen Tredwell

Helen Tredwell is a successful British showjumper Helen Tredwell who had many wins and placings on the county showjumping circuit and internationally. Helen has had many fantastic horses over the years one of her most notable horses is Opportunity B who she won many AIT`s on. Below you can watch Helen Tredwell winning the 2010 Blue Chip grand prix.

Helen Tredwell - Showjumper

Helen Tredwell

Helene Waaler

Helene Waaler - Norway

Pumphouse Livery Stables

During the summer months, turnout can be upto 24 hours or otherwise arranged to suit. Mares & geldings are grazed separately in large fields with a maximum of 8 per field. We pride ourselves on all equines a Pump House being healthy & happy, both mentally and physically.

We offer a wide range of livery to cater for your needs, from full to daily services which can be changed weekly. We offer daily turnout 365 days a year. In 10 years horses at pumphouse have only spent 5 days in due to severe weather conditions.

Here at PHLS we have recently had a full solarium system installed. This system comprises of a wall mounted shower nozle which sprays warm water and is complemented by a overhead solarium unit. This allows owners to give their horses a full bath using warm water, and then dry them off super quick using the heat lamps and hot air fans in the overhead solarium. Great when preparing for a show at short notice or simply more pleasant for your horse in general.

Here at PHLS we have a fully lit building which is split into 2 areas; one end for tack and one end for feeds. The tack room is kitted with a series of sturdy lockable alloy cupboards to keep your tack save and sound should you wish to leave your tack at the yard. The other half of the building is used to store feed. This area is also kitted out with partitioned alloy bins. This keeps feeds organised and eliminates any rodent problems.

Horse saftey is a top priority at PHLS, so all fields and paddocks are fenced off with top of the range electric fencing. This is wired into a permanent supply so is virtually maintanence free, although it is checked on a regular basis. All fields and paddocks also benefit from havin plumbed in water supplies - no more lugging buckets up and down!

All stables here at PHLS were installed by Monarch Stables, a well respected name when it comes to stabling! These stables are of wood construction with a strong galvanized steel frame to keep your horse secure. All stables are fully lit, and benefit from a plumbed in water supply, feed bowl and hay rack should you choose to use them.

We offer our clients the use of 2 menages (22x45m and 40x40m), a sand paddock with jumps and a 1.5mile farm ride with a variety of jumps which runs along the perimeter of our fields.

We have a full set of working hunter & show jumps on grass arenas which are available for hire in the summer months. Please contact Karen on 07957831356 for rates and bookings. These are also available to clients on the yard at greatly reduced rates.

Helen Webb

Helen Webb -

Helen Millican

Helen Millican -

Helena Persson

Helena Persson - Sweden

Helena Persson

Helena Persson Horses

Bonzai H
Baloubet du Rouet x - (01/01/2000)
Quite Easy x - (01/01/1999)
Classic H
Corrado I x - (21/05/1992)
Hentenaars Clark
Landlord x - (01/01/1995)
Quando H
Quidam De Revel x - (01/01/2000)
Roma H
- x - (- )
- x - (- )
Dammen x - (23/05/1992)
Rastell x Robin I Z (21/05/1993)
SIRE: Baloubet du Rouet Approved: Selle Français, Belgian Warmblood, Holstein and Hannoverc Like his sire, Galoubet, Baloubet du Rouet was first and foremost a star in the competition ring. Galoubet ridden by Gilles-Bertran de Ballanda, was a member

Helena Persson Competition Results

13 - Lummen, International Competition 6 years old Final - 23/04/2006 - Bonzai H
36 - Lummen, International Competition 1.30m Final - 23/04/2006 - Carambole
67 - Lummen, International Competition 1.40m Final - 23/04/2006 - Hentenaars Clark
79 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.40m - 22/04/2006 - Hentenaars Clark
46 - Lummen, International Competition 6 Years Old - 22/04/2006 - Quando H
16 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.40m - 21/04/2006 - Hentenaars Clark
6 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.20m - 21/04/2006 - Carambole
1 - Lummen, International Competition 6 Years Old - 21/04/2006 - Bonzai H
37 - Lummen, International Competition 6 Years Old - 21/04/2006 - Quando H
26 - Mechelen, World Cup Qualifier - 28/12/2004 - Classic H
6 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix - 19/12/2004 - Classic H
12 - Olympia International Horse Show, World Cup Qualifier - 19/12/2004 - Classic H
02 - Stockholm, Grand Prix - 30/11/2003 - Classic H
03 - Stockholm, 1m40 against the clock - 30/11/2003 - Villmer
05 - Stockholm, Mitsubishi Cup - 28/11/2003 - Classic H
02 - Rotterdam, Nations Cup - 29/08/2003 - Classic H
05 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Nations Cup - 28/07/2003 - Classic H
02 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Queen Elizabeth II Cup - 27/07/2003 - Classic H
02 - Stockholm, Grand Prix - 01/12/2002 - Classic H
04 - Stockholm, 1m40 against the clock - 30/11/2002 - Villmer
07 - Stockholm, Mitsubishi Cup - Top Score - 30/11/2002 - Classic H
04 - Stockholm, Grand Prix - 02/12/2001 - Classic H
05 - Stockholm, Mitsubishi Cup - 30/11/2001 - Classic H
06 - Stockholm, Table A 1m40 with one jump-off - 30/11/2001 - Zebastian
8 - The Royal Show, Falsterbo Grand Prix - 11/07/1999 - Roma H
02 - The Royal Show, Nations Cup - 23/08/1993 - Verona