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This lovely 7 year old reg Haflinger gelding @J&S Equine Haflinger Ponies

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Haflinger Ponies

The Avelignese or The Haflinger: is a breed developed in Austria and Italy. Haflinger horses are relatively small height is between 137cm - 152cm, are always chestnut in color, are well-muscled yet elegant. Haflingers have many uses including light draft, harness work and theraputic riding Haflinger Ponies

Shiloh, Haflinger pony owned by Allbright Equestrian Centre Haflinger Ponies
Pony Haflinger. Original from Hafling (Italian name Avelengo), town near Merano. Also known as Haflinger or Hafling Horse or Pony Avelignese. A very ancient breed, although officially born in 1874, with its current characteristics, from the mating of an indigenous mare with the stallion El Bedavi (perhaps Berber). In the past it was very used for agricultural works and although it is still used for these purposes today, it is highly appreciated for farm horseback riding and in many sports disciplines. Saddle horse. In 1971 the National Association of Haflinger Race Haflinger - Italy was officially entrusted with the management of the Genealogical Book from 1977. Today Haflinger is spread throughout Italy, resulting in the Italian Race with the largest Italian Race numerical consistency. It presents a beautiful golden-gilded cape; tuft, mane and tail with abundant, thin, smooth and generally light hair.

Small medium height at withers: male (minimum 137 cm), female (minimum 134 cm).

Docile temperament, good disposition to dynamic activity with a balance between speed of gait and effort power. Harmonic, solid and correct forms. Well-conformed foot, with healthy, resistant hoof. Haflinger Ponies

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The stallion WIRBELSTURM-P from Pony Park Padenstedt at the OHD Hengtschau, showed the audience his amazing mane Haflinger Ponies

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Brenner IK, 2007 German imported Silver classified stallion (Barolo x Luette), owned by Ingrid Krause/Happy Haflinger, Wisconsin. Brenner is one of the very few modern sporthorse B-line stallions in North America, and the first Haflinger stallion in the U.S. to show at Prix St. George, receiving scores in the mid 60s. Haflinger Ponies

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Below you can watch a talented haflinger jumping.

Halflinger Ponies

Halflinger Ponies

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