Gypsy Vanner Stallions

Gypsy Vanner Stallions

Fabulous Purebred Gypsy Stallions, Tri Color Tobiano Registered Purebred Gypsy Vanner Stallion - ROMEO / Gypsy Vanner Stallion - Club Ecuestre SM

Gypsy Vanner Stallion - Brackenhill Alfie @Brackenhill GypsyHorses (sired by Hermits Duke) Gypsy Vanner Stallion - Brackenhill Alfie @Brackenhill GypsyHorses
ARCADIAN CAHIRMEE (ALFIE) - GYPSY VANNER STALLION - Cahirmee is an eleven year old piebald Gypsy Vanner Stallion. Standing a little over 14.2 hh with heavy bones and plenty of feather, he possesses excellent conformation and movement. Cahirmee is a proven colour producer and a true gentleman. Cahirmee originated in Ireland and began his travels when purchased at the great Cahirmee Fair in Cork. The fair has been famous over the centuries with two notable horses reputed to have been found and purchased there, Napoleon`s "Marengo" and Wellington`s "Copenhagen". ARCADIAN CAHIRMEE (ALFIE) - GYPSY VANNER STALLION Cahirmee went on to be trained for dressage in England and was considered a good HOYS prospect. This is where he caught our eye and was sold to us, arriving in Australia in early 2004. Cahirmee has been to ridden and led classes at various shows in NSW and is always the centre of attention. He is of outstanding temperament, producing quality, coloured, good moving foals with excellent bone, a good foot and exceptional temperament.

"Sir Royal Excalibur" Melanie Kucera, Gypsy Dance Ranch :- Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion : Mark J. Barrett
Sir Royal Excalibur - Gypsy Vanner Horse Stallion

Meet Taskin. He`s one of the celebrity horses who will be here during BreyerFest, Jul 20-22, to meet his fans. Taskin is owned by June Villa of Villa Vanners. He`s a stunning rare buckskin blagdon Gypsy Vanner stallion. Blagdon refers to a solid coat color with white splashed up from underneath. He also sports "frosting" in his mane and tail, which is common on horses with his coloring. Taskin can drive as well as be ridden both English and western. At the 2011 Feathered Horse Classic he was named the Grand Champion Gypsy Stallion. He is also the inspiration for one of the new Breyer Model Horses. Come and meet him during BreyerFest!Gypsy Vanner stallion

Cheyenne, Gypsy Vanner stallion, with the rare black mane on a coat piebald light Cheyenne, Gypsy Vanner stallion, with the rare black mane on a coat piebald light

Keepsake Gypsy Vanners is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
We own a small selectively chosen herd of Gypsy Vanners/Cobs that focuses on family friendly horses and the magnificent attributes of the Gypsy Vanner/ Cob breed.

Our Gypsy Vanners have been carefully chosen to excel in conformation and temperament which remains true to the Gypsy Vanner breed.

Our mares and future herd sire were imported from respected breeders in Ireland and Wales to maintain the unique qualities that the original Gypsy Vanner and Cob Breeders have perfected over many years of skilled breeding.
Keepsake Gypsy Vanners
We intend to continue this program by carefully selecting only top quality, purebred stallions to breed our mares .

With this goal in mind Keepsake has recently imported our own colt .

Natwest`s The Treasury is a blue -eyed, blue blagdon colt and was sired by the one and only Natwest who is known the world over as an exceptional blue blagdon stallion with near perfect conformation, striking blagdon markings and an unmatched temperament. Treasury is one of only two Natwest colts in North America and was chosen with the guidance and experience of Tom Price. Treasury is well matched to compliment our mare band.
Keepsake Gypsy Vanners
All of our horses and foals are handled on a daily basis and are guaranteed to have exceptional temperaments and to be well suited to any discipline, whether it be as an exceptional family horse, trail partner, driving pony or dressage competitor . We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our horses, breeding program or the breed. Keepsake welcomes visitors at all times. or by phone (519)-878-3292

Natwests The Treasury - Gypsy Vanners StallionNatwests The Treasury - Gypsy Vanners Stallion Color Results: nT , EE , aa ,gg no sabino and no SW1,2 OR 3. Well what can I say -sired by the one and only Natwest , proudly owned by Tom Price. Treasure bears a unique resemblance to his sire. Natwest is known for passing on his near perfect conformation, amazing gentle nature, incredible jagged markings and those ice blue eyes. Treasure was carefully chosen as my future herd sire with Tom`s expertise to compliment my mares. We have great expectations for Treasury.

WYEE ARCHER (ARCHIE) - SHIRE HORSE STALLION : SIRE: WALTON SUPREME - UK Super Supreme Stallion. Height: Standing at 18.2 hands. Colour: Very Dark Bay

Wyee Archer is registered with the Shire Horse Society U.K. "Archie" is of sound, calm temperament. He has excellent confirmation, bone and strength and a very dark, kind eye. He has the manners of a true gentleman. "The Horse to breed with this season!" said a visiting U.K. Shire Horse Society Judge.
Suit breeding to Shire, Clydesdale, and Thoroughbred for a Hunter/Sport Horse. Archie`s magnificent foals are now for sale. Available for hand service as per our Stallion Service Agreement. Frozen semen also available.
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Gypsy Vanner Stallions