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Gregory Wathelet

Gregory Wathelet, Belgium showjumper born 9th September 1980. Represented Belgium at the highest levels of the sport including being part of the 2012 Belgium team at the London Olympics. Below you can watch Gregory Wathelet and Coree winning the prestigious 2017 Aachen grand prix.

At 30 years of age, Grégory is a rising star of show jumping in Belgium and an international level.

Originally from the countryside in the Condruzienne region of Belgium, Grégory has always lived among horses. After starting his work with horses at the family farm until he finished his studies, Grégory independently established and operated his own stables, located near Durbuy on the property of Mr et Mme Liégeois, from 2000 à 2002. After winning the 7 year old young horse championship of Belgium in 2000, Grégory initiated his international career in 2001 thus marking the start of an impressive list of top results at the most beautiful and prestigious shows around the globe.

2001 was the first and last year in which he participated in the young rider circuit, leaving his mark by winning the title of Belgian champion and participating in the European young rider championshipo in Gijon, Spain.

From 2002 to 2005, Grégory held the position of rider for the well known show jumping stable, Haras des Hayettes. During this time, Grégory was able to show at the highest level of the sport and join the Belgian team with horses he himself developed to this level. Grégory further proved himself as a successful trainer and rider of young horses by earning additional titles during these years including the 2002 World Champion 6 year old, 2003 World Champion, French Champion, and Belgian Champion 7 year old, and additionally 2003 French Champion 5 year old. In 2004, Grégory had produced such strong results at the highest level of the sport that he began 2005 ranked within the top 30 riders in the world.

From 2005 to 2007, Grégory joined Team d’Onyschenko, the riding team sponsored by the Ukraine industrial magnate. A condition of the sponsorship was to ride for the Ukraine in international competition… so Grégory changed citizenship. During these years, Grégory was able to maintain his ranking within the top 30 in the world by showing at the best shows in the world, In fact, he approached the elite top ten, ranking as high as 13th in the Rolex rankings for international riders. He participated in the World Equestrian Games Championships at Aachen in 2006, finishing with a 4th place team ranking and also rode in the European Championships in Mannheim in 2007. The experience riding for the Ukraine allowed him to garner much experience and maturity as a rider at the top level.

2008 brought a new direction to Grégory’s career when he decided to establish his own stables with the goal of filling it with competitive horses so as to maintain his status at the highest level of the sport for a long time. After three years of building this business, Grégory has accomplished this goal by forming a nice string of horses as a result of loyal owners who have put their confidence in Grégory, allowing him to reintegrate himself on the Belgian show jumping team and return to the top levels of the sport. Grégory now has a dozen horses in his stables where he employs professional and competent staff. These necessary ingredients, along with his disciplined work ethic and talent, are allowing him to continue on his impressive path.

Gregory Wathelet Horses

Calwaro (Cor D`Almé Z , 1992), Countdown, Gem Of India (Graf Grannus x Calypso II, 1994), Hugo Gesmeray (Rosire x El Toro xx , 1995), Hyades Belmanière , Jacqmotte Of Hayettes (Burggraaf x Aiglon Rouge, 1998), Jarun du val Tibernont (Laroom , 1993)
Lady Des Hayettes (Libero H, 1995)
Leroy Brown (Libero H, 1995), Lord II Z (Landlord x Rebel I Z , 1993), Loriot
, Mozart Des Hayettes (Papillon Rouge x Nimmerdor, 1996), Quarto De La Cour (Major de la Cour , 1993), Quartz Adelheid Z (Quality Touch Z x Zandigo , 1998)
Ulmajor 2000 ( Major de la Cour x Sadenio , 1997)

The career of the 1996 licensed black-brown Gem of India began with the magnificent stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1998. Clearly, he dominated the division jumping. That this was no accident, he demonstrated in the following years, und
Born in 1995 Hugo Gesmeray is a show jumping stallion, with an excellent pedigree, sired by the stallion Rosire out of a El Toro broodmare. Hugo Gesmeray is a proven showjumper with an excellent competition record with British rider Michael Whitaker.

Gregory Wathelet Competition Results

01 - World Equestrian Games, Round 2 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 31/08/2006 - Loriot
04 - World Equestrian Games, Team - 31/08/2006 - Loriot
46 - World Equestrian Games, Round 1 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 30/08/2006 - Loriot
10 - World Equestrian Games, Team and individual Speed and handiness - 29/08/2006 - Loriot
08 - La Coruña, Grand Prix - 30/07/2006 - Loriot
01 - La Coruña, 1.50 Two phases - 29/07/2006 - Hyades Belmanière
08 - La Coruña, 1.55 Mixed comp - 28/07/2006 - Hyades Belmanière
37 - Cannes, Cannes Grand Prix - 10/06/2006 - Leroy Brown
01 - Saint Tropez, 1.40 Speed and handiness - 10/06/2006 - Lord II Z
07 - Saint Tropez, Prix E. Leclerc - 1.50 Mixed comp. - 09/06/2006 - Hyades Belmanière
02 - Saint Tropez, Prix Jaeger Lecoultre - 1.50 Mixed comp. - 08/06/2006 - Leroy Brown
15 - Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden Grand Prix - 05/06/2006 - Countdown
05 - Wiesbaden, Riders Tour - Individuals - 1.55 Two rounds - 04/06/2006 - Loriot
11 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Hickstead Derby - 21/08/2005 - Hugo Gesmeray
7 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Hickstead Derby Vase - 19/08/2005 - Jarun du val Tibernont
1 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Derby Trial - 19/08/2005 - Hugo Gesmeray
8 - Dublin, 1.50 Speed and handiness - 07/08/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
16 - Dublin, Grand Prix - 07/08/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
3 - Dublin, 1.40 Mixed comp. - 06/08/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
10 - Dublin, Six Bar - 05/08/2005 - Ulmajor 2000
3 - Dublin, Nations Cup - 05/08/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
32 - La Baule, Prix PMU - 08/05/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
18 - La Baule, Prix Groupe Lucien Barriere - 08/05/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
1 - La Baule, Derby De La Region Des Payes De La Loire - 07/05/2005 - Hugo Gesmeray
40 - La Baule, Prix Equidia - 06/05/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
2 - La Baule, Prix Ouest France - Table C - 05/05/2005 - Hugo Gesmeray
26 - La Baule, Prix Echo De La Presquile - 05/05/2005 - Mozart Des Hayettes
14 - Mechelen, Sires Of The World - 28/12/2004 - Hugo Gesmeray
23 - Mechelen, World Cup Qualifier - 28/12/2004 - Lady Des Hayettes
8 - World Breeding Championship, 7 Year Old Championship - Final - 26/09/2004 - Ulmajor 2000
3 - World Breeding Championship, Sires Of The World - 25/09/2004 - Hugo Gesmeray
1 - World Breeding Championship, Sires Of The World - Warm Up - 24/09/2004 - Mozart Des Hayettes
1 - World Breeding Championship, 6 Year Old - 1st Qualifier - 23/09/2004 - Quartz Adelheid Z
1 - World Breeding Championship, 7 Year Old - 2nd Qualifier - 16/09/2004 - Jacqmotte Of Hayettes
16 - Olympics, Team - 29/07/2004 - Calwaro
76 - Olympics, Individual - 29/07/2004 - Calwaro
1 - World Breeding Championship, 7 Year Old Championship - Final - 28/09/2003 - Mozart Des Hayettes
5 - World Breeding Championship, Sires Of The World - 27/09/2003 - Hugo Gesmeray
03 - Lummen, Lummen Grand Prix - 04/08/2003 - Jarun du val Tibernont
1 - World Breeding Championship, 6 Year Old Championship - Final - 29/09/2002 - Mozart Des Hayettes
1 - World Breeding Championship, Sires Of The World - Warm Up - 27/09/2002 - Gem Of India
3 - World Breeding Championship, 6 Year Old - 1st Qualifier - 27/09/2002 - Mozart Des Hayettes
6 - World Breeding Championship, 7 Year Old - 1st Qualifier - 26/09/2002 - Hugo Gesmeray
11 - World Equestrian Games, Team - 23/08/2002 - Calwaro
61 - World Equestrian Games, Individual - 23/08/2002 - Calwaro
02 - World Breeding Championship, 7 Year Old - 1st Qualifier - 16/09/2000 - Quarto De La Cour
Gregory Wathelet

Gregory Wathelet

Gregory Wathelet and Quasi Modo Z Win Drammen Grand Prix

Gregory Wathelet claims the Drammen grand prix for Belgium, with four double clears in the jump off, Gregory Wathelet puts on the pressure from second to go in the second round.


An international showjumper Eldorado competes successfully with Gregory Wathelet, below you can watch the pair in action in Monaco jumping on the Global Champions Tour.

Copin van de Broy

Copin van de Broy

Copin Van De Broy has the best of Belgium jump horses breeding as he is a son of the Olympic stallion Darco who had so much success with Ludo Philippaerts, as a breeding stallion Darco sired over 3000 foals many of which went on to have excellent jumping career`s including Sapphire and Parco jumped by Ludo Philippaerts. The Mother of Copin Van De Broy herself jumped internationally by Peter Postelmans in 1.50m classes, she has also bred other successful sport horses that include Casado van `t Gelutt and Eurocommerce Panama (ex. Contrex van de Broy).

As a stallion Copin Van De Broy is approved with both the BWP studbook and the Selle Francais studbook. Copin Van De Broy mother was ridden by was competed by Gregory Wathelet, and showed his quality at a young age, doing well as a seven and eight year old. As a nine year old he won the World Cup qualifying class in Mechelen and was also selected to compete at the European championships.

In 2012 Copin Van De Broy found himself a new rider the great Marcus Ehning, with his new rider he would continue his success in the jumping arena being a member of two winning nation cup teams in Rotterdan and Rome and picking up numerous placings in 1.60m classes around Europe. Copin Van De Broy would change riders once again, this time he would be jumped by American rider Quentin Judge.


Coree is one of the top horses in the world, competed by Gregory Wathelet, Coree has won many classes, one of the biggest vicotries was the 2017 Aachen grand Prix. Coree was bred for showjumping, sired by Cornet Obolensky out of a Liberty Life mare. Below you can watch them at the Aachen grand prix