Greg Patrick Broderick

Greg Patrick Broderick - Ireland

International showjumping rider Antonia Hartwall from Finland, watch her jumping Watamin a coloured warmblood

Greg Patrick Broderick & Mhs Going Global (ISH) St. Gallen N.C. 2015

Warmblood Foals
Greg Patrick Broderick


Greg Eurell

British showjumping rider James Shore from Cheshire, watch James Shore competing numerous horses on Stable Express …
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Greg Bickerton

Greg Bickerton - New Zealand

Greg Brewer

Greg Brewer - USA

Greg Kuti

Greg Kuti - Canada

Greg Schmid

Greg Schmid - Canada

Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson - Australia

Greg Dickens

Greg Dickens - UK

Greg May

Greg May - Australia

Greg Smith

Greg Smith - Australia

Greg Nowak

Greg Nowak - Australia

Q. Could you give me any tips to help my 10-year-old gelding settle in his new field? He has been taken away from other horses where he had no grass and other unsuitable conditions. He is calm in his new field, eating normally, but paces the boundary and stands in the corner where he can still see other horses.

Horses are herd animals and as such, will always need to be with other horses in order to thrive, to function and behave as horses. The best way of helping your 10-year-old gelding settle in a new field is to get him a companion. Clearly, he is yearning for equine company as he tries to be as near the other horses as he can be.

The fence walking he has started may end up as a permanent affliction (vice) if you do not address his distress at being on his own.

So, bite the bullet, get the poor chap some equine company of his own! He has needs as a horse that can only be met by another horse.

The fact that he can see, but not be with, the other horses, is a bit harsh for him and will serve to reinforce his present need for company. I hope you are soon able to make life nicer for him you obviously care a lot for him or you would not have taken him off the poor grazing he was on before.

Greg Eurell

Born in 1960 in Sydney, Australia Greg Eurell is a man who has been around horses all his life. At the age of 15 Greg started competing in the showjumping arena, at 16 he would go to ride in the USA and would go on to become one of the leading Australian riders. At only 20 years of age Greg was selected to compete at the 1980 Moscow Olympics but a boycott by the Australian team meant he would not attend. 4 years later he again would be selected to represent Australia in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Throughout his career he was often used by race horse trainers for breaking and pre training, in 1987 Greg would become a licences trainer and now is often seen in the winning circle at race tracks around Australia.

Below you can watch Greg Eurell in action riding Mr Shrimpton-1986 Canon Showjumping Grand Prix of Australia.

Mr Shrimpton - Greg Eurell -1986 Canon Showjumping Grand Prix of Australia

Greg Eurell

Greg was born in Sydney in 1960; he grew up around horses and started show jumping when he was 15 years old. He was sent to America at 16 with the Equestrian Federation team and went on to be one of the leading show jumping riders in Australia. In 1979 Greg travelled to Europe to compete and was very successful culminating in his selection aged only 20 to compete at the Olympics in 1980 but due to the Moscow Games being boycotted by Australia he did not attend. He kept at it and was selected and competed at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

With horses in his blood Greg started breaking and pre-training horses for many well known people in the racing industry and took out his trainers licence in 1987.

Over the years the business of Greg Eurell Thoroughbred Training has expanded and there are currently over 160 horses on his books. He has around 40 in full training at any one time and another 45 at his pre-training and breaking in farm.

Greg has consistently finished among the leading trainers in Victoria over the past ten years. He has trained many Black Type winners including the current stable stars Apache Cat and Mic Mac. Most of Greg`s success has come with horses with very modest price tags.

Greg Eurell Horses

Mr. Shrimpton

Greg Eurell Competition Results

29 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1984 - Mr. Shrimpton