Grannus is renowned breeding stallion who has been instrumental in European sport horse breeding, progeny of Grannus includes Gran Corrado I (international jumping stallion), Grannush (International showjumper with John Whitaker), Top Gun (International showjumper competed by Nick Skelton). Below you can watch a video of Grannus.

Grannus - Stallion
Grannus produced 540 daughters, of which 46 became state premium mares, among her daughters is the mare Gigantin who was to become the mother of the great jumping stallion For Pleasure who would win two team Olympic gold medals with Lars Neiberg & Marcus Ehning. Below you can watch a video of Grannush (sired by Grannus) with British rider John Whitaker.
Grannush & John Whitaker Grannush - Showjumper

Grannus - Stallion
For PleasureSee videos of Grannus grand son For Pleasure in action
MiltonWatch a video of the first show jumping horse to win one million pounds, the great Milton; competed by John Whitaker


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AS Garry

Grannus x Iveta, -

Bollvorm`s Don`t Touch

Grannus x -, -

Bmc`s Kupido

Grannus x -, -


Grannus x -, - BURSCHIKOSE

Diana H

Grannus x Lagune (V), -


Grannus x -, -

Falcon Internet Gysmo

Grannus x -, -

Galayo La Silla

Grannus x -, -


Grannus x -, -


Grannus x Lu Na Lady, -


Grannus x -, -


Grannus x -, -


Grannus x Polarbraut, - Grannia


Grannus x -, - Granni-GGranni-G


Grannus x Tonga,


Grannus x -, -


Grannus x Piroschka, - Sports Horses International

Gratianus van de Heffinck

Grannus x -, -


Grannus x -, -

Great Point

Grannus x -, -

Gervantus II

Grannus x -, -


Grannus x Winfriede, -


Grannus x -, -


Grannus x Shura, -

Giselle III

Grannus x Nirza, -


Grannus x -, -

Grannus Lady

Grannus x -, - Grannus Lady


Grannus x Pirie, -

Moet Imperial

Grannus x -, -


Grannus x Pamina, -

Pavlova La Silla

Grannus x Weyka, -Pavlova La Silla

Remus Equo

Grannus x -, -

Silwa Grandinus

Grannus x -, -

Skyman L

Grannus x -, -

Gratino La Silla

Grannus x Korby, -
Gratino La Silla


Grannus x -, -

Grand Royal M

Grand Royal M is a sport horse sire sired by Grannus out of the mare Waldgoettin who is a daughter of Watzmann.

Grand Ouvert

Born in 1988 Grand Ouvert is an oldenburg stallion sired by Grannus out of the mare Rieke who is a daughter of Argentinus. Grand Ouvert competed internationally with British rider Ciaran Howley.

Gramento Z

Grannus x Schladix, - Show Jumping Holsteiner Stallions

Gramento Z

L-Grannus M

L-Grannus M sired by Grannus mother of international stallion Pall Mall

Girondelle La Silla

Grannus x Ferna, -

Different Class

sired by GrannusDifferent Class


Grannus x Bilithya, - Kapsones


Grannuschka, who is a full sister to the licensed Gio Granno / Franke Sloothaak. "For a Grannus daughter she was very big-framed, self-confident in character and sensitive, but not fussy. Brannuschka is the dam of Couleur Rubin`s and Couleur Rouge. Grannuschka is the great-granddaughter of the Seifert family mare Chica. The Chronos daughter was Harli Seifert`s jumping, hunting and recreational horse before she became an internationally highly successful eventing horse with Wolfgang Mengers.


Sport horse Elfengrus sired by Grannus

Great Pleasure

Grannus x Zancara, - Equine Services - Stallions At Stud