Why Promote Your Business On Facebook

Social Marketing is the way of the future for many forms of advertising. With facebook driving the way we interact with potential clients it is the obvious way to get in front of users- without having to incur large ongoing cost like some other marketing channels. Stableexpress allows you to promote your equestrian business to millions of prospective clients and continually market to them as little or as often as you want!

We are highly specialised in the promotion of horse related businesses via Facebook.

With an equestrian facebook network that reaches millions of horse lovers every week, we give our customers access to a huge new market.

We help our clients with all aspects of adverting of Facebook including promotion via our social media network, campaign management of sponsored advertising as well as consultation and training.

Equine Facebook Network

  • Over 300,000 Followers
  • Average Reach 2.4 Million
  • Over 100,000 Website Clicks
  • Average Post Reach 30,000

Social Media Competitions

  • Grow Your Facebook Page
  • Increase Your Product & Brand Awareness
  • Share Your Competition With Millions Of Horse Lovers Via Our Network

Facebook Consultation

  • Expert Help & Guidance
  • Page Management & Promotion
  • Setting Up & Running Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Training Courses

Equestrian Experts

  • Full Understanding Of The Horse Market
  • Experience Working With Horse Businesses
  • Integrated Online Marketing Strategy
  • Using Facebook To Grow Your Business


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Facebook Advertising

With the decline in traditional forms of advertising and marketing, social media has become one of the fastest growing forms of advertising right around the world. Smart businesses are acknowledging this and are putting in place larger budgets for online social media spending.

So how can your business benefit from Social Media?

Building a fanpage is one of the best ways of communicating your product or service offering to thousands of potential clients. And the best part is you can continually promote new products on a recurring basis- as they are your fans this doesn`t cost you anything! So what are you waiting for? Our fast fan acquisition service can have new fans to your page in days ready to receive your special offers!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Vincent Deller

Vincent Deller - Switzerland - Showjumping Rider / Vincent Deller Sweet Northern Cagnes mars 2016-125A…
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  • Harvey Smith

    Harvey Smith

    British legendary showjumper Harvey Smith father of Robert Smith & Steven Smith
  • Hugo Simon

    Hugo Simon

    Watch Hugo Simon competing Landgrafin & ET - Olympic showjumping rider Hugo Simon was a leading international showjumping rider who jumped for West Germany and Austria
  • The incredible true story behind War Horse - the horses who fought and died in World War One

    The incredible true story behind War Horse - the horses who fought and died in World War One

    The incredible true story behind War Horse - the horses who fought and died in World War One...Horses were drafted in from all walks of life. It`s sad but it was a necessity. Sadly not many returned. They were loyal and brave like the soldiers they served 😢❤️

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

Here is a list of equestrian facebook pages to follow for any horse lover.

Wine & Horses (150,000 followers)
StableExpress (550,000 followers)
High Offley Stud (42,000 Followers)
Equestrian Art & Horse Painting (Geoffrey, Claire, Jess 22000)
Coloured Stallions - (Geoffrey, Claire, Jess,11000 - SEO 1
Equestrian Property - (Claire, Geoffrey, 20,000 Followers)
Follow Horses (Louise, Claire, 13000 Followers)
Equestrian Business Directory (Geoffrey, Jess, Louise 11,000) - SEO 11
Equestrian Furniture (Geoffrey, Louise 22000) - SEO 1
Horse Source (Louise, 3,100)
Stunning Horses (Louise, Claire, 5200) - SEO 1
Horse Heaven (Louise, Jess, Geoffrey, 2800)
Happy Horse & Equestrian Lovers (Louise, Claire, 2845)
Happy Horse & Equestrian Lovers (Claire, 10,000)
Horse Breeding (Louise, Claire 2200)
Hairy Horse (Louise, Claire 2100)
Clydesdale Horses (Louise, Claire 1100)
Ardennes Horses (Louise, 1437) - SEO 3
Moody Mare (Louise, Claire 2000)
Dogs & Horses (Louise, 870)
Horse World (Louise, Geoffrey, Claire, 1093)
Showjumping Hall Of Fame (Jess, Claire, 467)
Everything Dressage (Louise, Claire, 530)

Dogs & Horses (Geoffrey, Louise, Jess, 17)
Percheron Horses (Louise, 186)
Appaloosa Horses (Claire, 365)
Beautiful Friesian Horses (Louise, 446)
Horse Bedding (Geoffrey, 393)
Dressage Tests Online (Geoffrey, 340)
Horse Talk (Claire, 245)
Show Jumping Horses (Louise, 34)
Healthy Horse (Louise, 367)
Shire Horses (Louise, Claire 134)
Horse Theme Gifts (2)
Barock Pinto Horses (Louise, 176)
Akhal Teke Horses (Jess, 190)
Horse Cakes (Louise, 2 )
Indian Marwari Horses (Jess, Claire 93)
Draft Horse Breeds (Jess, Claire 30)
Buckskin Quarter Horses (Louise, 73)
Funny Horse Pictures & Memes (Jess, 72)
Palomino Horse (Claire, 97)
Horse Jewellery (Geoffrey, Claire 170)
Horse Jewellery (Claire, 55)
Heavy Horses (Claire, 48)
Norwegian Fjord Horses (Jess, 69)
Horse Colors (Claire, 79)
Three Day Eventing (Geoffrey, 40)
Horseboxes For Sale (Louise, Jess 24)
Horse Movies (Claire, 15)
Horse Quotes (Claire, 1)
Stable Doors Signs (Claire, 1)
Vladimir Heavy Draft Horses (1)
Horse Riding Lessons Near Me (Claire, 135)
Horse Racing Hall Of Fame (Claire, 2)
Horse Racing Legends (Claire, 2)
Daily Dose Of Horses (Jess, 28) -
Suffolk Punch Horses (Claire, 26)
Dressage Hall Of Fame (Claire, 1)
Fjord Horses (Claire, 6)
Horsebox Builders (6)
Eventing Hall Of Fame (1)
Equestrian Fashion (Claire, 2)
Horse Puns (Claire, 3)
Western Pleasure Horses (Claire, 2)
Palomino Paint Horses (Louise, 7)
Selle Francais Horses (Jess, 7)
We Love Dogs & Horses (Louise, 7)
Pet Portraits (Geoffrey, 4)
Horse Theme Gifts (Louise, 1)
Horse Photography (Louise, 4)
Funny Horse Names (Jess, 8)
Horse Training Videos (Louise, 2)
Horse Hair Braiding (Louise, Jess, 4)
Horse Tattoos (Louise, 0)
Horse Hi Viz (Louise, 0)
American Cream Draft Horses (Louise, 0)