Equestrian Rubber Matting

Equestrian Rubber Matting

We sell heavy duty, industrial quality rubber matting at very competitive prices. We currently have 2 types of matting; textured & smooth, either 1m or 1.2m widths, both 5mm in thickness. Our previous customers have included
  • horsebox owners, matting used for lorry and trailer ramps
  • dog owners, for lining car boots
  • farmers, for lining feed storage containers
  • charter boat companies as it is an ideal non-slip surface
If you are not local enough to collect we can arrange postal delivery via couriers at an agreed rate.
Equestrian Rubber Matting

Equestrian Rubber Matting
  • Zoe Sleigh

    Zoe Sleigh

    Zoe Sleigh - UK - Dressage Rider / HARTPURY FESTIVAL OF DRESSAGE: Zoe Sleigh and Francisco 51
  • Angus Pimblott

    Angus Pimblott

    Angus Pimblott - UK - Eventing / Damaskus at Oasby in the BE100
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