Equestrian Jackets

Horse riding is a very exciting sport that is usually enjoyed by horse enthusiasts around the world. It is a sport were the rider and the horse work together to accomplish a goal. But it also a very dangerous sport that should be respected. A horse is a very strong animal capable to killing a rider with one stump. If this is the case it is important to have and maintain the necessary riding safety equipment.

Equestrian jackets are typically worn during competitions. They are formal in nature. They are not particularly protective in nature. A equestrian riding jacket should fit in such a way that it doesn’t restrict movement.

There are different equestrian jackets for different types of equestrian events. For example horse jumping events would have a different equestrian jacket than a horse showing events.

Here are are few equestrian jackets

Equestrian Jackets

Malcolm Pyrah

Towerlands Anglezarke (ISH) & Malcolm Pyrah - 1986 King George V Gold Cup | British Olympian Malcolm Pyrah, international showjumper and world cup winner…
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  • Animo


    Animo is a leading Dutch warmblood showjumping stallion who competed at the Barcelona Olympics. Click the link for more info on Animo and watch a video of him in action.
  • Equestrian Life

    Equestrian Life

    Share pics from your equestrian life in the comments below. Embrace the equestrian life, see some pics from around the web from other horse mad people living the equestrian life
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    Cheggers Goes Showjumping

    Watch some classic footage of Keith Chegwin meeting some very young Zara Phillips, Louise Whitaker, Matthew Broome and Ryan Hadley in the Shetland Pony grand national