Equestrian Clothing

At Stableexpress we have three goals:

1. To Provide the best fitting equestrian clothing you have ever had

2. To give you the best quality value for money ever

3. To provide you with great service by our knowledgeable team

We are a company heavily involved in the equestrian industry. Stableexpress has been operating in the UK for over 10 years and is the largest supplier of Custom made horse wear. Stableexpress specialises in the design and fit of our blankets, coolers, show blankets, paddock blankets and boots.

Our blankets don`t move and with our design registered shoulder gussets they don`t rub giving your horse a higher level of comfort. They are made from the best quality fabrics available and everything is made to fit your horse, we don`t have THE ONE SIZE FIT`S ALL attitude here.

Here at Stableexpress we are horse owner so we know what`s important to you. Our delivery time is also prompt so your not waiting for that all important blanket.

Equestrian Clothing