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Make an impression on your driveway entrance with an impressive custom made driveway gates, if you fit or design driveway gates add yourself to the stableexpress equestrian business directory

Driveway Gates

Custom Driveway Gates

In today`s technological world, The value of master craftsman handcrafting custom doors has been pushed aside for gains in production. While we all enjoy the true genius of the American workforce at large. The tradition of building fine pieces of furniture, doors and windows is a diminishing craft. The art of building and creating pieces to stand the test of time however still remains alive and flourishing at the Scottsdale Art Factory. Our family business has only grown stronger as the decades have passed. We truly believe and encourage others to build as we do, but no one can build better. It`s a belief we stake our reputation on. Our `Forever Warranty` is not a marketing ploy. It is just a simple fact we state confidently. Our warranty seldom sees use, and we don`t add fine print to our warranty.

Henry Ford said `A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassing large.` Mr. Ford was absolutely right. We suffer from devoted customers returning to order from us again and again. Many of our friends and customers have been ordering from us for generations. Our embarrassments are the profits of customers speaking well of us to their friends and colleagues.

Our business is a traditional corporate entity with a conviction to the old traditional ways of building substantial pieces of work. The Scottsdale Art Factory L.L.C. is based in Scottsdale, Arizona USA. As you can imagine we have an extensive depth of knowledge and skill in exotic woods, fine stone, marble, hand forged metals, leather and fine fabrics. All the essential ingredients to build the finest pieces of works available today.

Our Customers come to know us as a `One Stop Shop`.

While many of our clients search us out for one piece of furniture or an entrance door. It is fairly common occurrence to have customers commission additional furniture, doors and windows for every space in their homes after coming to know us. We build not only custom doors, but furniture for every room in your home. Custom gates, garage doors, custom lighting (UL listed), custom hardware, built in cabinets or any item you can imagine when it comes to fine furniture and crafts building.

If you wish to personalize your door with a coat of arms or custom carving our draftsman and master craftsman can tastefully render this for you from a drawing to the completed work of art. We are old fashioned and our Master Black Smiths can add fine detail to mimic texture or smoothness to your unique door hardware. This is done by hand of true American craftsman. We proudly declare our work to be made in the USA. We do not import or out-source. We have complete control that allows us to provided unparalleled quality and to meet your production dates. If you are considering a unique custom piece we are a clear consideration when you begin the process of selecting a custom shop.

The Art Factory, Scottsdale Art Factory L.L.C, 7407 E Greenway Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85260

800-736-0998 toll free

Custom Driveway Gates

Manufacturers of custom gates for 97 years, we have the experience and knowledge to create The finest custom gates available. Since we are the manufacture we sell direct. There is no middle man and you receive the best product available today.

1000`s of Ideas

Arched driveway gate
Arched driveway gate Hand Forged Driveway Gates Created to the Finest Detail

Your Choices are not limited with us. Choose your style and details and our designers and draftsman will work with you to create the the finest gate available.

Custom Wood Driveway Gates.

With literally 97 years of experience behind us. We manufacture the finest custom wood driveway gates on the planet. It is a big statement with nearly a century of skill and a Forever Warranty to back up this claim.

Northern Exotic Cedar

We may suggest using Northern Exotic Cedar for your driveway gate. This beautifully wood is naturally suited for residing outdoors and stands up beautifully to the elements.